Thursday, November 26, 2009

Retro/Grade first ever live show at Disco Bloodbath - December 5th!

are you ready? Retro/Grade's MODA is still a heavy feature in all good DJ Sets (yes it is), as is their follow-up ZOID... but what else have they got coming? here is your chance to find out..

Check for the full info on RA... as we as the first ever live show, Retro/Grade will be joined by DJ sets from Serge Santiago & Ben Rymer (new Arcobaleno signing), Dan Beaumont, Damon Martin and Ben Pistor.

Good do.

FM Belfast on Les Inrocks podcast

bon bon

Peter Kruder review in Time Out New York

Monday, November 23, 2009


love this guy
here is why

and 'all live but the ending' is amazing. no video, though.

Free download of FM Belfast remix of Mum on rcrdlbl

FM Belfast Francais blog

Ben Rymer Top Ten

Suffering for his art...

1 Big Bang (Channel 83 Lost in Space Edit) - Channel 83
2 The High Wire - Midnight Bell (Disco Bloodbath remix) - CDR
3 Steve Bug - Swallowed Too Much Bass (Joris Voorn remix) - Poker Flat
4 M D 3 - Face the Nation - Underground Records
5 Smoke and Mirrors - Ali Love (Channel 83 loves Ali and
Luca mix) - Backyard
6 Jam Factory - Volume 1 -CDR
7 M - Pop Muzik (todd terje remix) - Echo Beach
8 The Fitzcarraldo Variation - Black Cat (History Clock)
9 Ben Rymer - LA TRINCIATRICE - Arcabaleno
10 Billy No Mates - Channel 83

Guy Gerber Track of the Decade

falling up - theo parris - carl craig remix

so after thinking a lot i realise that it's very hard to choose because unlike songs ,dance music changes constantly and also my taste - so songs that I really liked at a certain time, seem annoying later on ,especially if they were played a i will go with one remix that had everything inside.the production of carl craig is pretty minimalist on that remix and the harmony is very electronic in a sense that it's a bit cold but later comes the fender rhodes that makes everything warmer. it also builds up perfectly until an aamzing peak that fits in any dj set from techno to minimal, from house to electro. it's truly a master piece in it's simplicity.

Laurent Garnier live vids from I LOVE TECHNO

et voila, ici est mon mec préféré de le monde du musique electronique. oui c'est ca. drum n bass in your face.

Radio Slave Resident Advisor podcast

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Annie Mac play of Retro/Grade ZOID

Second play from the lady Mac... you forget how good this is until you listen to it again.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Peaches in New York

Went to see her last night at Terminal Five. One of the best live shows i've seen this year... So much attitude and originality and style and punk energy. she raps, she sings. great outfits. great work with the lazers. great pussy light... she's totally mental in a very amazing and creative way. :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dust And Illusions

went to see this.. so going to the festival next year - and now that i know the history it appeals even more. i see gold.

Damaged Goods

Last Night..

Went to see the XX at the Bowery Ball Room in the NY of C. They were ace and it was rammed.

Loved this...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Rob Da Bank play of Peter Kruder

Rob Da Bank is legend with a long pony tail

do you speak Polish?

I don't, but I'm sure if i did i would think this is a great review... Cheap Thrills is album of the month in DJ Mag Poland.

Radio Slave chart December



Retro/Grade ZOID review on Datatransmission

Friday, November 6, 2009

NME review of Iceland Airwaves

Peter Kruder mix and chart

To use and abuse...

Peter Kruder - mix for Gigolo DOWNLOAD HERE

1. Peter Kruder - 25West 38th St - Gigolo Records
2. Alan Fitzpatrick - Reflections - Bedrock
3. Hell vs Bryan Ferry - U Can Dance (Carl Craig Mix 1) Gigolo Records
4. Monika Kruse meets Mutant Clan - Sancerre - Terminal M
5. Phil Kieran - Don't Look Far Away - Cocoon Recordings
6. Stimming - The Loneliness - Diynamic
7. Skin - Because of you (Michel Cleis Mix) Onelittleindian
8. Peter Kruder - Hard To Find - Gigolo Records

Peter Kruder Top Ten
01.Hell feat Bryan Ferry - U Can Dance (Carl Craig RMX V1) - Gigolo Records
02.Monika Kruse meets Mutant Clan - Sancerre - Terminal M
03.Phillip - Federation - White Label
04.Ed Davenport - Warmathene (MyMy Reduction) - Poker Flat
05.Estroe - Le Flaneur (Kollektiv Turmstrasse WaldundWiesenRehMix - Connaisseur Recordings
06.Danuel Tate - CAREFULLMIND - Wagon Repair
07.XDB - Sense - Wave Music
08.Skin - Because of you (Michel Cleis Remix) - Onelittleindian
09.Jazzanova - Look What You Are Doing To Me_( Christian Prommer Remix) - Universal
10.Agoria - Libellules - InFiné

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Psychonauts – Songs For Creatures - album on Gigolo

Press Release
Psychonauts – Songs For Creatures
Released: January 2010
Gigolo Recordings

‘…Wanting to understand how the music we loved was created, the never ending quest!’ Psychonauts October 2009

Like all good band stories ours begins with the “quest.” The artistic search for understanding is the key to originality. Artists from all walks will readily admit that often their most original work was conceived during the exploration of work from their inspirer. So when DJ Hell released his ubiquitously received ‘Teufelswerk’ album there was a large question as to where such originality came from, in particular the ‘Day’ portion of the double Album. In a conversation with the Psychonauts DJ Hell happily told how their debut album ‘Songs For Creatures,’ had been a big inspiration, joining the likes of James Murphy and Unkle in open praise of the startlingly original album.

The Psychonauts are made up of Pablo Clement and Paul Mogg, whose quest began in Yeovil, Sommerset. Their formative years were spent “crate digging” for the original recordings of their favourite samples, be it Hop Hop or Pop, and then playing these records at their club night. “The big jump forward was when we sent Tim Goldsworthy (DFA) a DJ mix tape we had done. Tim, an old Yeovil friend, was one half of James Lavelle’s UNKLE project. At the time they were both recording in LA with the Beastie Boys and our mix tape became their inspiration“

During this period Unkle was part of the highly influential Mo Wax Records artist roster, where James Lavelle was also head of A&R. In no time he had moved the two to London, gave them a residency at his ‘Dusted’ party and put them to the studio with Kudo from Major Force. “We learnt so much working with Kudo and Tim Goldsworthy. This was how we came into music production.“ From these sessions came the single ‘Hot Blood’ which served as a lynch pin for the album and a track James Murphy cited as a sonic reference for the 1st Rapture album.

By now the hype machine had kicked-in with remixes and DJ appearances impressing all and sundry and a rapidly building fan-base. Among this fan base was Alan Moulder and Flood, the infamous producers behind London’s world class Assault & Battery studio. The two veterans of music production invited the Psychonauts and Kudo to record and mix at their studio. The team set-about working on the album; “9 times out of 10 a song would start with a musical sample and a drum loop and we would start building with instruments or more samples. If we could not satisfy our needs with our primitive playing abilities we would call on friends to come over and jam on ideas until we got what we wanted. It was a similar process with all of the vocalist on the album, all good friends who we invited into the studio to jam on ideas.“

Amongst the collaborators on ‘Songs For Creatures’ you will find James Yorkstone,0 Siobhan Fahey from Swing Out Sister, Sam Graham known for her work with post punk, pre The Rapture legends, Gramme and Zeben Jameson, the lead singer from Mountain of One. Jim Abbiss, the man of several notable moments, pops up with mixing credits too, his most recent work including albums for Jack Penate and Adele!

Since making ‘Songs For Creatures’ Pablo Clement joined James Lavelle as one half of Unkle. Paul Mogg relocated to Berlin where he jumped from project to project finally taking root with his latest outing as ‘Boy Of Girl,’ which itself is born from a previous project introduced late 2007 on the DFA/Super Soul compilation. In the wake of successful albums such as Hells ‘Teufelswerk’ and James Murphy’s ‘43:55’ it felt time to release the record as originally intended. Restoring the lost recording of 'Wild In Your Eyes’ and then repackaging and re-mastering brings the album full circle.

“We always felt like we missed the boat a little. Mo Wax fans were expecting a ‘trip hop’ album and Disco was still a dirty word. Looking back it feels ahead of what was going on.“ One listen to the album in its entirety would leave any music lover leave hard pushed to argue with such a sentiment. The exuberance of two green Yeovillites with too much time on their hands, too many records and a little too much fame is as much fun as it sounds. From the funk drenched opener ‘Circles’ the Kosmiche of ‘Hips for Scotland’ featuring James Yorkston, the Italo arpeggios of ‘Fear is Real,’ the Surf of ‘Distance Between Dreams’ and finally to the album opus ‘Take Control,’ which in the tradition of Hip Hop is all things at once whilst sounding like nothing else out there!

Ben Rymer - ‘La Trinciarice’ - new ep on Arcobaleno

Press Release
Ben Rymer ‘La Trinciarice’
1 – Main Mix
2 – Dream Dub
Released: January 2010

Serge Santiago’s Arcobaleno imprint begins 2010 with an excellent Italo inspired EP from Ben Rymer – one of dance music’s most unique characters.

Formerly part of The Fat Truckers, the Sheffield-born-Brit-electro-clash band who toured with Pulp (wielding light sabres on stage, apparently) and released their album ‘The First Fat Truckers Album Is for Sale’ on Gigolo in 2003 – containing songs about cheap motorbikes, import-export business and multiplex cinemas.

He was also part of Gucci Soundsystem, who have released on Bugged Out and DFA and who promoted the now legendary London club-night Druzzis, which bought guests like James Murphy, 2ManyDJs, Erol Alkan, The Rapture and more to a small and sweaty box in East London. This led to Rymer DJing at Fabric, a residency at Weekend in Berlin, Space in Ibiza, Le Baron in Paris, The Arches in Glasgow and lots more…

Most recently, Rymer has joined the Disco Bloodbath crew, London’s finest connoisseurs of only the best cosmic, Disco influenced music. The collective have remixed Franz Ferdinand, Little Boots, Tommie Sparks, Wolfgang and many more.

And here you have the solo; ‘La Trinciarice’ (meaning ‘The Shredder’) Main Mix is an epic, heavy yet cosmic journey into space. The Dream Dub is a floating dream sequence with mid-way battle and an ending that slowly floats off…

Rymer has also recently started his own label, Channel 83, with Disco Bloodath cohort Damon Martin, their first release is an epic 7-minute edit of Fern Kinney’s ‘Love Me Tonight’ and has been supported by LCD Soundsystem’s main main James Murphy, as well as many others.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

FM Belfast 'Desert Island Disco' on Diesel Radio

Download here:

FM Belfast join the long list of artists to create their very own Desert Island Disco on Diesel:U:Music Radio. The Icelandic band travel to their perfect disco, on their very own desert island - their rules, their party. A midst a land of Marqueritas and giant ipods the band select their favourite tunes to have played on the island, from past and present.

Monday, November 2, 2009

A Journey To The Stars...

Did you know that we're all made of stardust? I went to the 'journey to the stars' exhibition yesterday, at the American Museum of Natural History... it is narrated by Whoopi Goldberg and totally amazing. Magic.

reminded me of this:

Sunday, November 1, 2009

New York

I'm here to get inspired...

"Only Let People See What You Want Them To See" - Andy Warhol