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Fetisch & Me
1. ‘The Calling’
2. ‘Useless Man’
Released: 18 January 2008
Gigolo Recordings
Distributed by: NEWS

Fetisch & Me return to Hell’s Gigolo for their second joint EP release with ‘The Calling / Useless Man’ - techno for the strong / words for the dirty minded.

Fetisch & Me are the production team behind Terranova and more recently The Lotterboys / Girls. The duo have released for labels including R&S, Eskimo, TNT, Island Records and !K7, with their first collaboration EP for Gigolo released early 2008 with ‘Diskotecktonik / Black Palms’. Fetisch (under the name The Cosmonauts Of Innerspace) also independently released the ‘Allergy’ EP on Gigolo previously, as well as working with Gigolo’s Princess Superstar and being a regular member to the Gigolo family.

‘The Calling’ aims directly for the peak dancefloor; they shoot they score. Forward pushing, dubby techo that makes you want to feel the pulse and vibration from all angles.

‘Useless Man’ is a nothing-held-back, sexual, lyrical diss towards the ‘Useless Man’ – originally written for the lesbians that went to the ‘Fist’ club that Leigh Bowery and Minty used to frequent in the UK. Fetisch & Me’s version of ‘Useless Man’ rolls into layered chords and heads-down, musical arrangements that build and drop in all the right places.


Hugo and Daniele Papini
‘Nice To Meet You’ EP
A1: Physical
B1: Arduer
B2: Softuer
Released: DECEMBER
Systematic Recordings (SYST0050)
Distributed by: Intergroove

Time to celebrate! Systematic becomes 50!

After four years, Marc Romboy’s Systematic imprint welcomes the label’s 50th release.

In celebration, Systematic invites two excellent Italian producers that have had a big impact in 2008 – Hugo and Daniele Papini. Hugo caused a massive stir with ‘The Siren’ and ‘The Sloop’ on Tuning Spork whilst Daniele Papini is responsible for ‘Church Of Nonsense’, released on Alchemy earlier this year and one of the hottest techno releases of 2008.

The ‘Nice To Meet You’ EP is a three tracker destined for big floors… ‘Physical’
is a full-on rolling groove to make you dance. ‘Arduer’ is dark and alluring on the border of insane. ‘Softuer’ is insanely dark and slow.

Get 50. - Daniele Papini - Hugo

Hugo Top 10

1. La Pena - Cheesecake - La Pena Records
2. Tinto Bass - porno music - CdR
3. Hugo&Titta - can't punish - CdR
4. Hugo&D.Papini - Physical - Systematic
5. Hugo - trentatretrentini - CdR
6. Sammy - track 4 - CdR demo
7. Hugo - Strobe Revenge - Claque Musique
8. Sammy - fucking cash - Tonimusic
9. Matt Star - khuele fluege (Hugo Remix) - International freakshow
10. Rayzaflo - rewrite the history

Daniele Papini Top 10

1. Hugo & Daniele Papini Arduer Systematic rec
2. Deadbeat Groundation(berghain drum jack) Wagon Repair rec
3. Hugo & Daniele Papini Physical Systematic rec
4. Mathias Kaden Perclue Grubenstrasse Zuerich rec
5. Matt Star Kuehle Fluege (Hugo remix) Cdr
6. Titta Bubufrench Cdr
7. Minilogue Snake Charmer Wagon Repair rec
8. Flug Now Here Ep Alchemy rec
9. Simone Tavazzi Microscopio (Abnormal Boyz Rmx) Suara rec
10. Elianto GV2 Cdr


Cash On Acid
Jaguar (download only)
Released: 25th January (worldwide digital release)
Gigolo Recordings
Distributed by: NEWS

Jochen Heib started as a singer in a band but in 1993 swapped rock for rave when he acquired his first set of turntables and some black plastic called vinyl.

His first production came in 2002 on Kompact sub-label Auftrieb, from here further releases arrived on Kompact Extra, Senior Solution Manager, DNS and Kompact itself.

Now Heib brings his premier release to Hell’s Gigolo with the three-track ‘Jackpot’ EP - an analogue journey into the worlds of the 303 and 808.

‘Jackpot’ embodies Chicago house and electronic elements with a voco-vocale telling you how to jack until you hit the ‘jackpot’… Pure. Dancefloor.

‘Cash On Acid’ builds and builds to a stabbing/ hand-clap acid frenzy… And what comes up must come down.

‘Jaguar’ (digital only release) brings more old skool flavours into the room with a keyed high-end sound effect balanced against a warm and simple rolling bottom groove.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

rebel butterfly on proton radio

this month's mixes are now online!

serge santiago i-d magazine disco podcast

in a style that is Serge Santiago's alone, he gives you a special 1 hour Italo mix for download on the excellent i-d magazine website.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

spencer Parker (REKIDS) TOP TEN

1. Rocha And Lewinger "Popcorn" CDR
      Simple, but effective as ever.

2. Danny Fiddo And Affkt "Points" (Radio Slave Re Edit) CDR
THAT record...

3. Radio Slave "Don't You Know" CDR
      Does he ever sleep....?

4. Salvatore Freda And Volta "Bombolone" Liebe*Detail
Super cool !

5. David K "Happy Birthday" Supplement Facts
Rockin' !

6. Skylark "Talla-Hause" CDR

7. Michel Cleis "Deconstructed" (Kook's Binary Nutcracker Remix) MBF
Mr "La Mezcla" on fire !

8. Spencer Parker "Untitled Head" Liebe*Detail
A new single release on one of my favourite German labels.

9.   Spencer Parker "The Dreamer EP"("The Improvised Minotaur"+"The Girls In Pink") Rekids
      Different, in a good way (i think...).

10.  Akefe Iku "Mirror Dance" (Spencer Parker's A Gun For Hire Remix) CDR
Maybe out soon.... maybe out never... Big from Horse Meat Disco to Panorama Bar.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


REKIDS REVOLUTION – 3 CD compilation album
CD1: Originals / unmixed
CD2: Remixes / unmixed
CD3: Spencer Parker Rekids mix / mixed
Cat: Rekids 004 CD
Released: February 2009

Radio Slave’s Rekids imprint gets busy and brings you a 3-CD compilation of the finest Rekids releases of late – and there are many – as well as some exclusive tracks you can only find here: REKIDS REVOLUTION.

An UNMIXED Disk 1 brings you Rekids Originals. Nine straight-up original Rekids tracks: Radio Slave’s futuristic Block Party ‘Bell Clap Dance’. Kenny Hawkes & David Parr’s ‘Gemini’ – is it summer? Is it 80s B-boy? Is it deep house? It’s all. Mr G’s ‘U Askin’?’ – non-stop analogue driven, bass-heavy tech-funk. Runaway’s ‘Brooklyn Club Jam’ – licensed to DFA in the USA and used on Roberto Carvalli’s recent New York fashion show. Spencer Parker’s ‘Improvised Minotaur’ emobodies what’s classic in a forward thinking way. Viente Tres’ ‘Serpiente Cosmica’ (exclusive) lets the music do the talking (the style is in the name). Spencer Parker’s ‘YOGOTO’ (exclusive) backs relentless techno against a piano riff and chants of ‘You got to move your body!”. Luke Solomon’s ‘Martin, A Cello & Me’, a beautiful track taken from Solomon’s debut artist album ‘The Difference Engine’, released early 2008. And Toby Tobias’ ‘Eleven’ (exclusive version) – taken from Toby’s debut artist album ‘Space shuffle’, released 2008.

An UNMIXED Disk 2 brings you Rekids Remixes. Slam techno-rubs Radio Slave, Andomatt 3000 gets hard and funky with Luke Solomon, Marcel Dettmann works the bare bones of Mr G, Cristian Vogel jacks Jjak Hogan (exclusively here), Dubfire grinds Radio Slave feat. Danton Eeprom, Prins Thomas gets disko with Luke Solomon, Josh Wink gets acidic with Radio Slave, Boola creates mood with Radio Slave (exclusively here) and I:Cube gets cosmic with Toby Tobias.

A MIXED Disk 3 sees Rekids’ signing Spencer Parker expertly segue 12 of Rekids’ most prominent releases into a mix that you will listen to over and over. Get addicted… Radio Slave’s ‘Tantakatan’, taken from Rekids 022 and part of the ‘No Sleep’ series, brings a perfect introduction to the mix; slow, dubbed heaviness, beats and builds as the ‘Grindhouse’ accapella interjects and lets it roll into Veinte Tres’ ‘Serpiente Cosmica’. Next up, an exclusive groove-laden D’Julz remix of Spencer’s ‘Romantic’ leads into Radio Slave’s ‘Bell Clap Dance’, one of the biggest records of 2007. The midway brings one of the biggest dance records of 2006 - Matt O’Brien’s ‘Serotone’ - pure yet unassuming, peaktime grooves designed to trip you sideways, switch into Spencer’s own unreleased and exclusive secret weapon ‘YOGOTO’. The big, hard German influences of Radio Slave’s ‘Secret Base’ bounce into the unmistakable beats of Dubfire’s remix of Radio Slave feat. Danton Eeprom’s ‘Grindhouse’, the biggest release on Rekids yet… From here, the first ever Rekids release from May 2006 - Radio Slave’s ‘My Bleep’ (original) - bleeps up, down, around and leads into a more cosmicated Roman Flugel ‘My Bleep’ remix . And finally, Spencer ends with the excellent I:Cube remix of Toby Tobias’ ‘The Feeling’ - slow electronica lets the melodies play you out.

Spencer Parker’s first Rekids release came in 2006 with the ‘Beautiful Noise’ EP. He since released on other labels including Tsuba, Liebe* Detail, Buzzin Fly, Saved and returned to Rekids in 2008 with the ‘Dreamer’ EP. 2009 steps up a level as Spencer rises to the challenge of mixings Rekids’ rekids into mix perfect for your ears.

REKIDS REVOLUTION is a selected montage of Rekids’ recent and essential releases, as well as a look to the future with unreleased music that you can only find here.

There will also be a REKIDS REVOLUTION Vinyl sampler of exclusive releases:
The Tedd Patterson remix of Runaway’s ‘Brooklyn Club Jam’, Boola’s remix of Radio Slave’s ‘Tantakatan’, Spencer Parker’s ‘YOGOTO’ and the Cristian Vogel remix of Jjak Hogan’s ‘Devo’.


CD1 – Originals / Unmixed

1: Radio Slave – Bell Clap Dance
2: Kenny Hawkes & David Parr – Gemini
3: Mr. G – U Askin’
4: Runaway – Brooklyn Club Jam
5: Spencer Parker – Improvised Minotaur
6: Veinte Tres – Serpiente Cosmica (Revolution edit) [exclusive]
7: Spencer Parker – YOGOTO [exclusive]
8: Luke Solomon – Martin, A Cello & Me
9: Toby Tobias – Eleven (Revolution version) [exclusive]

CD2 – Remixes / Unmixed

1: Radio Slave – Bell Clap Dance (Slam Paragraph remix)
2: Luke Solomon – Space Invaders (Andomat 3000 remix)
3: Mr. G – U Askin’ (Marcel Dettmann remix)
4: Jjak Hogan – Devo (Cristian Vogel’s PMP Engine Remix) [exclusive]
5: Radio Slave featuring Danton Eeprom – Grindhouse (Dubfire Terror Planet remix)
6: Luke Solomon – Spirits (Prins Thomas Disko-Tek Miks)
7: Radio Slave – Screaming Hands (WINK interpretation)
8: Radio Slave – Tantakatan (Boola remix) [exclusive]
9: Toby Tobias – The Feeling (I:Cube remix)

CD3 – Spencer Parker mix / Mixed

1: Radio Slave – Tantakatan
2: Radio Slave featuring Danton Eeprom – Grindhouse (accapella)
3: Veinte Tres – Serpiente Cosmica
4: Spencer Parker – Romantic (D’Julz remix) [exclusive]
5: Radio Slave – Bell Clap Dance
6: Matt O’Brien – Serotone (version)
7: Spencer Parker – YOGOTO [exclusive]
8: Radio Slave – Secret Base
9: Radio Slave featuring Danton Eeprom – Grindhouse (Dubfire Terror Planet remix)
10: Radio Slave – My Bleep
11: Radio Slave – My Bleep (Roman Flugel remix)
12: Toby Tobias – The Feeling (I:Cube remix)

Vinyl Sampler double pack / REKIDS 035

A: Runaway – Brooklyn Club Jam (Tedd Patterson’s 2.6.8#2 remix)
B: Radio Slave – Tantakatan (Boola remix)
C: Spencer Parker - YOGOTO
D: Jjak Hogan – Devo (Cristian Vogel’s PMP Engine Remix)

Rekids forthcoming:


RADIO SLAVE – WORKS! (3CD remix compilation)

MR. G – MAKES NO SENSE (inc Radio Slave remix) – REKIDS 033
SANTE & STEFFEN HERB – SUPERVISION (inc Adam Marshall remix) – REKIDS 034
REKIDS – REVOLUTION (double pack) – REKIDS 035
RADIO SLAVE – NO SLEEP PART SIX (Koma Koma & Sundazed) – REKIDS 036

Friday 27th February 2009 – Rekids Night, Panorama Bar, Berlin
Friday 29th May 2009 – Rekids Night, Panorama Bar, Berlin

For more press information, contact:
Kim Booth: /

DJ Hell on Radio 1 / Berlin feature

click link below and listen!

nokia trend lab's video shoot for josh wink 'stay out all night'

shot in amsterdam.. check below for competition info.

Nokia Trends Lab experiments with Josh Wink
40 Young Talents shot the new Josh Wink music video!

For the third edition on 23 October, Nokia Trends Lab was part of the Amsterdam Dance Event. We teamed up with Ovum Recordings, the label of techno legend Josh Wink, to get a strong line-up together. Josh Wink, Steve Bug, D’Julz and Benny Rodrigues came to the MTV studios, especially for Nokia Trends Lab.

But Nokia Trends Lab wants to be more than a regular club night at an exclusive venue. Throughout all the events we had, mobile technology and experimenting were key.

Through the Nokia Trends Lab website and with help of our media partner MTV, we recruited 40 Young Talents to shoot the music video for the new release of Josh Wink: Stay Out All Night.
On the night of the event at the MTV studios the new music video for Stay Out All Night was shot with mobile phones! Check out the result on

But the experiment doesn't stop here. We invite everyone to visit, where we created a 360° view around the set. You can download all footage of the young talents on this webpage. We challenge everyone to create their own Josh Wink video and send in the result before December 15th. Josh Wink himself will select the winner, who receives a Nokia N96!

Join the experiment!

About Nokia Trends Lab
Nokia Trends Lab is a series of events taking place in Europe. Each event is the culmination of a previous local, mobile and online activity. Artists-mentors inspire open minded people to create original projects, which are later presented to music fans and young artists at the events.
About Nokia
Nokia is the world leader in mobility, driving the transformation and growth of the converging Internet and communications industries. Nokia makes a wide range of mobile devices and provides people with experiences in music, navigation, video, television, imaging, games and business mobility through these devices. Nokia also provides equipment, solutions and services for communications networks.
More Information:

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Pete Tong plays Le Le 'Disco Vraiment'

The fourth play of Disco Vraiment from Le Le on Pete's Radio 1 show.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

DJ PIerre's memory of Acid House on ministry radio


- terry farley loves it


DJ Pierre

*'I've lost control' coming soon on Gigolo


1) I've Lost Control by DJ Pierre AKA Tha Master Blaster - Wild PiTcH Mix/Afro Acid Mix - Gigolo
2) Deadly Grooves by Timo Garcia - Original Mix/DJ M-TRAXXX Deadly Dub - Afro Acid Plastik
3) Control by Dataworx - Original Mix - Dataworx Digital
4) Gotta Have some fun by Steve Mac - Original Mix - Sci+Tech Digital Audio
5) Church Of Nonsense by Daniele Papini - Original Mix - Big In Ibiza (UMM)
6) Edding 850 by Format B - original Mix - Highgrade Records
7) Mystic Eye Ep by Woody Mcbride - Mystic Eye Mix - Decoded Records
8) Focalization by Kozin - Original Mix - Telepathy Digital
9) GrindHouse By Radio Slave Feat. Danton Eeprom - DubFire Terror Planet Remix - Dataworx Digital
10) Rej by AME - ATFC'sTwin Cherry Edit - Defected

Daniele Papini
* Hugo & Daniele 'Nice to meet you' ep coming soon on Systematic - 50th release!

Mathias Kaden Perclue Grubenstrasse Zuerich rec.
Matt Star Kuehle Fluege (Hugo remix) Cdr
Daniele Papini Church of nonsense Alchemy rec.
Hugo & Daniele Papini Arduer Systematic rec.
Roman Flügel & Sven Väth Trashbin Dance Cocoon rec.
Shonky Time Zero (Mathias Kaden vas-y gamin rmx) Freak N Chic rec.
Paul Ritch Split Quartz rec.
Marc Romboy Sonora (Hugo remix) Sytematic rec.
Daniele Papini GV2 Cdr
Hugo & Daniele Papini Physical Systematic rec.
Minilogue Snake Charmer Wagon Repair rec.
Kenny Larkin Dark Disco Rushhour rec.
Martinez Retrospective 3rd Floor rec.
Matt Nortstrom Lucky Drawls - Mark Broom's No Rave Stab Mix Saved
Agaric & Adam Beyer California Gold Drumcode rec.

Luca Bacchetti
*Afrikaans ep out NOW on Ovum

Ryan Crosson | Confiteria del mondo | Wagon Repair
Luca Bacchetti | City Souls | Tenax Recordings
Luca Bacchetti | Afrikaans | Ovum
Mathias Kaden | Purclue | Gs
Reboot | vandong | Below
Uto Karem | trentatre | Sci+Tec
Martin Buttrich | I lost my wallet | Cocoon
Samklang | Ich zeig dir wie Luca Bacchetti remix | Snork Enterprises
Onur Ozer | Eclipse Loco Dice remix | Vakant
Terrence Dixon | Below Mathias Kaden remix | Children of Tomorrow
M.a.n.d.y. Booka Shade | Oh superman Robag Wruhme remix | Get Physical
Luca Bacchetti | El matador | Ovum
Dubfire & Oliver Huntemann | Dios | Coccon

*d-nox and beckers 'son of a pitch' out now on systematic

01 - Anthony Middleton - Underneath The Sky ° Saw Recordings
02 - Soulrack - Go Hamilton (2000 And One & Dave Ellesmere Rmx)° Cray1 Labworks
03 - Daniel Dreier - Horny ° Sender Records
04 - Maetrik - Crawl Machine ° Mothership
05 - Alter Ego - Jolly Joker (Supermayer Remix) ° Toptrax
06 - Freakslum - Quantto ° Bosporus Underground
07 - Sebastian Lutz - La Danca (Broombeck Remix) ° Big City Beats
08 - Paul Ritch - Crazy Madness (Luca Bacchetti Remix) ° SCI & TEC Digital Audio
09 - Ralf Sliwinski - Pox Box (Johnny D Remix) ° Sushitec
10 - Rogue Element - Panic Attacks (King Roc mix 2) ° CD-R
11 -Llario Alicante - Vacaciones en Chile ° Tenax
12 -Alison Marks - Yellow Cherry (Tigerskin Remix) ° Lichen Records
13- Soundexile - Child Of Revolution (Dousk Remix) ° Sprout
14 -DJ Zombi & Astronovio - Anything You Want (Original Mix) ° Sprout

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Serge Santiago - edit edit edit

Serge Santiago gets back on the re-edit tip with his Arcobaleno imprint.

You may remember the 'Atto D'Amore' dub version that the likes of Trevor Jackson, Tiga, Damian Lazarus and Lottie all loved in 2005.. You may have even danced to it on more than one occasion. Now, along with the onslaught of excellent re-edits- including Lama, Thai Break, Easy Going and Droids 'the Force' (see the below video for the original), we get the 'Atto D'Amore' original for Arcobaleno's 10th release, which until now only Santiago has had a copy of. Very sexy inside the right speakers. All amazing 15 minutes of it. Get.Ready.To.Dance.

Droids'The Force' (original)

Also, check Santiago's new ITALO podcast mix on XLR8R.COM


DJ Pierre gets Gigolo with DJ Hell

DJ Pierre ‘I’ve Lost Control’
Track 1: WildPiTcHMix
Track 2: Glenn Underground’s Old School Re-Rub
Track 3: Spastic Meltdown mix (digital only)
Released: November 13th / Gigolo Recordings / Distributed by: NEWS

Back in the day when acid was just a tab, DJ Pierre was holed up in his Chicago bedroom inventing a sound that would impact the music scene forever.

In 1986, the infancy of ‘acid house’ was spawned when DJ Pierre picked up a Roland 303 and created ‘Acid Trax’, released on Trax Records under his Phuture moniker: Acid. He went on to record many of the early Acid House releases on Trax Records under the names Phuture, Phuture Pfantasy Club, Pierre's Pfantasy Club (with Felix Da Housecat) and Phortune, including the release ‘Your Only Friend’ - still a key player today. DJ Pierre has also released on labels including Strictly Rhythm (where he was also A&R for a time), Jive, Emotive, Nervous, Twisted, Ovum, King Street (including his debut mix CD ‘The Afro Acid Project’) his own Afro Acid Plastik imprint, and more.

And now DJ Pierre gets Gigolo with DJ Hell.

‘I’ve Lost Control’ (an ode the Sleazy B / Marshall Jefferson Trax Records release) is already receiving support and props from DJs including Laurent Garnier, Ame, Radio Slave, Phonique, Shinedoe, D’Julz, Alex Smoke and more.

The original WildPiTcHMix mix is heavy analogue designed for only the loudest speakers.. Glenn Underground’s old School Re-rub takes you back to the Music Box in Chicago and into the record boxes of the pioneers he was inspired by (Ron Hardy, Larry Heard, Lil’ Louis). The ‘I’ve Lost Control’ Spastic Meltdown mix is reminiscent of… guess… Here you have a little history of house music in one package.

DJ Pierre chart

1) I've Lost Control by DJ Pierre AKA Tha Master Blaster - Wild PiTcH Mix/Afro Acid Mix - Gigolo
2) Deadly Grooves by Timo Garcia - Original Mix/DJ M-TRAXXX Deadly Dub - Afro Acid Plastik
3) Control by Dataworx - Original Mix - Dataworx Digital
4) Gotta Have some fun by Steve Mac - Original Mix - Sci+Tech Digital Audio
5) Church Of Nonsense by Daniele Papini - Original Mix - Big In Ibiza (UMM)
6) Edding 850 by Format B - original Mix - Highgrade Records
7) Mystic Eye Ep by Woody Mcbride - Mystic Eye Mix - Decoded Records
8) Focalization by Kozin - Original Mix - Telepathy Digital
9) GrindHouse By Radio Slave Feat. Danton Eeprom - DubFire Terror Planet Remix - Dataworx Digital
10) Rej by AME - ATFC'sTwin Cherry Edit - Defected

London's New Cube - London's new venue where you can dance for free

Tabernacle Basement, 55-61 Tabernacle Street, Shoreditch, EC2A
9pm – 2am
Free / fRee / frEe / FreE = £0

Hello, we have a new London venue for you to dance in for free: Cube.

Cube is an intimate space with a dancefloor and lighting that competes with that of Studio 54 (NY) and Paris Paris (guess where). It has music and DJs that you really want to listen and dance to and it's free to get in - always.

Fridays are hosted by the best femme DJs around (including the first bi-weekly residency from East London duo Lou and Nova). Saturdays are hosted by infamous London promoters Crispin Dior and Ben Rymer, giving you only the finest Disco and Leftfield Dance DJs that London and the world have to offer.

And it's always free to get in. Yes.


The finest collection of femme DJs that London has to offer will be in and out each Friday. Including the first bi-weekly residency of superhot duo Lou and Nova – the all singing, all sewing answer to Wendy and Lisa will be combining band duties (Lou is keyboardist in New Young Pony club), fashion duties (Nova was recently named one of Grazia magazines top 30 coolest people for her clothing line) and playing the biggest party sets in London.


Crispin Dior and Ben Rymer, the pair behind legendary London party Druzzis, reunite to launch a Saturday night with the finest Disco and leftfield dance DJs that London and the world have to offer. With promotions such as Adventures in the Beetroot Fields, releases on record labels such as DFA, and DJ gigs across the globe, the pair aim to use all their musical knowledge and experience to create another legendary London night out.

Tabernacle basement
55-61 Tabernacle Street
Tel 0207 253 5555
Thursday – Saturday
9pm till 2am
Always Free Entry

Steve Bug presents ‘Bugnology 3’ - Poker Flat Recordings

The Bug is back.

Following on from the pioneering and heralded Bugnology mix in 2004 and the equally outstanding ‘Bugnology 2’ in 2006, ‘Bugnology 3’ is now with us. The mix presents a detailed, mesmerising journey through Bug‘s current musical addiction, and also takes a snapshot of a very exciting time in dance music, where genres and barriers are continually being broken, in the name of exciting, forward thinking and free-flowing house music.

Like its earlier brothers, Bugnology 3 is a genuine masterpiece in next generation DJ mixes. Not only did Steve carefully select each track featured here - no doubt club-tested and dancefloor approved - but there was a unique process of editing, looping, stretching or shortening involved, to ensure the whole mix flows like no other. Like Steve‘s outstanding DJ performances, this mix strikes a subtle balance between the dangerously cool and the deliciously funky.

Opening with the dense atmospheres of Anton Zap‘s ‘Captain Storm’, and building steadily through tracks from Federico Molinari, Tigerskin and Moodymanc, the surging melodies and rising synths of Santigo Salazar‘s ‘Materia Obscura’ on Rush Hour bring the first wave of elation to the mix. Riding the first waves of euphoria, Bug brings things back down and deep with Two Armadillos’ ‘Hamlin’, from his own Dessous imprint. From here on in it‘s depth and energy all the way as more big-room synths are brought into play by George Kagais, and Stimming‘s smooth phasing remix of Manuel Tur‘s ‘Vabanque‘.

Keeping things grooving past the half way maker with Pigon and Peace Division‘s deep, driving overlapping beats, the mix rolls on with underground intensity, and a wonderful and bizarre slice of deep funk is introduced in the shape of Lee Jones‘ ‘Weisses Kaninchen’. The Per Eckbo Orchestra‘s samba-party ‘Kodo Verano’ is another highlight at this point, followed quickly by the tingling melodies of Schatrax‘s stunning remix of Daso & Pawas‘ ‘Det‘. Percussion and horns galore fill the spectrum as Sven U.K & Andomat 3000‘s workout ‘O Moresi’ carries on the party, crossing paths with a crazy collaboration between Ripperton and Alex Attias.

Trendsetter extraordinaire Damian Schwartz‘s ‘1568 Drexel Ave‘ is next in line as Steve picks up the intensity even more, mixing into the grinding heavy weight beats of Ben Klock‘s ‘Steady Plus’, before taking things down a more cerebral route. Rising N.Y.C. star Adultnapper‘s ‘Madeleine’ is a tripping late night journey track that fits perfectly with Matthias Meyer‘s beautiful and sultry ‘Tout Va Bien’.

As if it Steve couldn‘t resist one last intense moment, Kink & Neville Watson‘s rising acidic masterpiece ‘Inside Out’ is the penultimate adventure of the mix, rocking the system before October‘s wonderfully tripped-out ‘Invitation’ leads off us into the realm of the senses...

It’s another sensational and cutting-edge mix from Steve Bug, displaying his love for such a variety of sounds and sensations and his one-of-a-kind intuition as a DJ... we really are in the presence of a master!


Le Le 'Flage' - new album on Magnetron Music

Le Le – pronounced Le French way.

Champagne – the province in the northeast of France best known for the drink that bears the region’s name – is the imaginary hometown of unique and quirky Amsterdam trio Le Le.

“In the mind we are all based in the region of champagne... It's all about making due with what's around us. There's a-holes and douchebaggery and fuckboy music and culture everywhere everyday, probably even in the Champagne area, but it's all about making it happen in the mind. It’s about mixing and matching.. Otherwise every day is another day.”

Le Le comprises of band members Serge Fabergé (lyrics/vocals), Pièt Parra (production / graphic design) and Rimer London (production / synthesizer obsession). The band formed two years ago after meeting in the quintessential bars of Amsterdam.

“We like to drink wine and look at pictures of Bridget Bardot and the first stuff we recorded was a bunch of French songs, so we naturally wanted a French name for the band. ‘Le’ is the most French word that everybody knows, so we went along with it: Le Le.

‘Flage’ is the debut artist album from the group who doesn’t let language confine them to a single genre; a creation of their own style of musical genius that portrays their ability to adapt and bend the rules of music as a whole. “Our collective genius doesn’t let us restrict ourselves… We make our own brand of magic called “Esperantology” - it’s a science within a musical galaxy. We write songs in English, Dutch, German and French. And that’s just so far.” The album has already entered in the Dutch national charts in the top 30.

Inspired by Disco, Nu Wave, Italo, Electro, House, Techno, Pop, cliché gangster rap, synthesizers and 60s Glamour magazines. Le Le is a unique force: Musically, vocally, their imagery (imagery and videos all designed by Pièt Parra) and their attitude: “ A lot of songs on ‘Flage’ were inspired by the rich attitude – people with a lot of gold on, sailing around on big boats; no taste but lots of money and ugly Versace shirts. We also all have a deep love of old, old Playboy magazines; they inspire us every day.

About Flage: From the opener ‘Flage’ – the introductory dramatic synth driven slow-jam, all about introducing Le Le. ‘Show Monaco’ – a full on disco-chopped up-tempo filter song about turning the dancefloor into a boatshow, Riviera style. ‘International Pants’ a song about pants in Dutch and English. ‘Sachen’ - a minimal German synth house stomper, with lyrics rooted in 80's materialism. ‘Captive (de ton chiffre)’ – a haunting French song about being obsessed with ones numbers. ‘Beautiful People’ - Get with the program and join the Beautiful People Club; lose weight and Jump like the Mario Brothers… ‘Breakfast’ – check the lyrics - nothing else needs to be said. ‘Kickstart Le Brommer’ - another disco chop, with a vocoder vocal acting also as bassline. ‘Jean Pierre Le Douche’ – a Scritti Politti homage, about French a-hole. ‘Human Garbage’ - Electro/Italo-jam about people basically being wasted - great for taking Drugs. ‘Ich Clack Dich’- Wavy/Electro tune about everything photography related, sung, of course, in German because that’s where the real photography is from. ‘Hard’ – a Dutch song about coming Hard and all things hard. ‘Drunk With Power’ – uncompromising Chicago track. ‘Grand Mechant Look’ - First Le Le song recorded, ever. Crazy garage-chop with French vocals about, food. And the finale – ‘La Bouche’ - a 90's carnival track.

Says Faberge on the multi-language lyrics: ”It depends on the music, some stuff is really French sounding or in need of a French theme. Or, we make a beat and add the synth and it will sound cooler and different - maybe German sounds - so we would add German lyrics. Then there is ‘Breakfast’ – talking about sex to a woman in English but using some crazy words that don’t make a lot of sense. It’s the way that the music communicates with me which decides which language to use.”

Serge Fabergé (real name Pepyn) not only the front man and vocalist of Le Le, is also the front man and vocalist of the Dutch rap-electro crew de Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig (Youth of Today) aka DJVT. Their first single ‘Watskeburt’ (Wathappened) went to number 1 in Holland and Belgium and stayed there for eight weeks – becoming the biggest selling record of 2005 in BENELUX (Belgium/ Netherlands / Luxembourg). They followed with album ‘Parels Voor De Zwijnen’ (Pearls For the Swines) – widely acclaimed as the best Dutch Hip-Hop album ever made, winning uncountable awards in the process (Dutch Emmy, MoBo and many more). Their second album De Machine ("The Machine") was released earlier in 2008 and the band have headlined many festivals including Lowlands and Pukklepop.

Rimer London is the magical producer of Le Le – playing every instrument imaginable. Rimer is also a well known music producer in the add world (Renault, Nissan, Lays, Nike), but he's best known in the underground as part of the Electro Duo ‘Comtron’. Their album ‘Follow The Money’ caused a storm in the electro world and was even picked up by Kraftwerk - who asked them to support them on several tour dates – as did Faithless and The Scissor Sisters.

Parra is a non-stop world on his own. He started out as pro-skateboarder in the late 80s/early 90s, but was forced to retire early due to injuries. Coming from a family of painters and poets, he has been drawing since an early age and soon took up graphic design. He has worked for every multinational company imaginable and designed shoes for Nike, Etnies and Alife, as well as more exciting projects yet to be disclosed. He also runs his own clothing-line; ‘Rockwell’. With Le Le, Parra masters the beats and alongside Rimer works in the studio to re-build / fuck-up to create a new track.

Le Le ‘s live performances are exclusive to ensure the band only perform at the best shows. Not to be missed, previous high-light gigs include festivals Lowlands and Pukklepop and venues including Paradiso and 11 in Amsterdam and Doorroosje in Nijmegen – with future performances scheduled for Paris fashion week (at club Regine on 28th September) and Culture Club in Ghent. On stage Rimer is the master of the music, Parra makes live drawings and communicates with the audience and Serge is the front-man who likes to rap, sing and sip the champagne.

Tracklisting: - Le Le - Flage (album CD/digital)
1. Flage
2. Show Monaco
3. International Pants
4. Sachen
5. Beautiful People
6. Breakfast
7. Kickstart Le Brommer
8. Jean Pierre Le Douche
9. Human Garbage
10. Ich Clack Dich
11. Hard
12. Drunk With Power
13. Le Grand Mechant Look
14. La Bouche

Youtube links to videos:

Skinny Jeans
La Bouche

The first single to be released from the album will be ‘Breakfast’ – released October 1st and including remixes from Staygold and Aardvarck.

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