Monday, January 31, 2011

Discodeine chart

1/ Conan Mockassin: it's choade my dear
2/Green Velvet: Flash (Jamie Jones remix)
3/Discodeine: Grace
4/Ali Love: Moscow girl
5/Tristesse Contemporaine: Empty Heart
6/Joakim: Newhowlovelife
7/Dj Koze: Blume der nacht
8/Lone: Once in a while
9/Crookers: Royal T (georges Issakidis mix)
10/Lykke Li: I follow rivers (Magician remix)


Lots of people going mental to Laurent Garnier's LBS at the Arches in Glasgow on Freeday.

check this from 2.20...

euphoric i do believe.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

mike dunn

dan beaumont played this at dick&fanny last night.. soo good!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

James Blake

god im in love with him! or at least his music.... wooow.

this makes me smile!

Laurent Garnier LBS number 2 in Mixmag

bone 'the teepee' ep

Press Release
the teepee EP
1. beautiful blue car
2. nightingale and rose
3. falling
4. in the garden
5. i will follow my star
Released February 14th

bone is a two-piece who have journeyed and toured together over the past decade, creating and colliding with many musicians along the way. bones' sound tells a story; here are two very different artists - Mike and Geri bringing beautiful and melodic influences, with the raw and bare - merging to create poetical and visual songs; creating what is bone.

Having recorded their second EP, 'the teepee ep', in London in the summer of 2010, bone enjoyed a summer of fun, playing festivals and gigs in both UK and Ireland.

join the journey that is 'bone'
come along on their audio road trip
which has taken them ... from
Dublin to London to New York
to London to Dublin ...
with many pit stops along the way

Irish soul with a transatlantic flavour
and a touch of Eastern spice
raw, bare and beautiful - down and dirty
whether you are
falling, crawling, walking, running
or just standing still
come inside and enjoy the vibe

ladies and gentlemen -
this is 'bone'

On Wednesday February 16th, bone will perform a showcase at the Wheelbarrow in Camden (55 Camden High Street), London.

for more info, please contact kim booth:

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Darwin Deez - wonky beats

you can get a free mixtape from darwin deez, check here for how:

check this form the tour..

i love this song and video.

stars and clouds are my thing.

Shake It! February 26th

Monday, January 24, 2011

LBS - Laurent Garnier's Live / DJ 2011 dates

Laurent Garnier is bringing his LBS Live / DJ concept to the UK this coming weekend - Circus and The Arches... And Japan, USA, Canada, Belgium Switzerand and Germany between February and April...

It will be the first time Garnier has played in the USA since 2007... he will play LIVE at the Ultra Festival in Miami and Poisson Rouge in NYC after playing Montreal in Canada.

Here are the full tour dates between now and April:

Thursday 27.01 = France / Toulouse / Tour Infernal
Friday 28.01 = UK / Glasgow / The Arches
Saturday 29.01 = UK / Liverpool / Circus @ Masque

Thursday 10.02 = Japan / Tokyo / Air
Friday 11.02 = Japan / Nagoya / JB’s
Saturday 12.02 = Japan / Osaka / Triangle

Thursday 17.02 = Thailand / Bangkok / Bed Superclub
Friday 18.02 = Singapore / Singapore / Zouk
Saturday 19.02 = China / Hong Kong / Volar

Friday 11.03 = Belgium / Anvers / CafĂ© d’Anvers
Saturday 12.03 = UK / Newcastle / Warehouse
Saturday 13.03 = UK / Minehead / Bloc weekend

Thursday 24.03 = Canada / Montreal / Telus Theatre
Friday 25.03 = USA / Miami / Ultra festival
Saturday 26.03 = USA / New York / Poisson Rouge

Thursday 01.04 = Switzerland / Lausanne / D Club
Saturday 02.04 = Germany / Mannheim / Time Warp

Saturday 23.04 = UK / Manchester / Warehouse
Sunday 24.04 = Ireland / Dublin / Tripod

L.B.S - Only three letters but several different meanings: ‘Laurent + Ben + Stephane’/ ‘Live Booth Sessions’ / ‘Loud Bass & Samples’…

"After eighteen months on tour with my musicians, I began to realize that I could get as much pleasure from playing live in a festival as I could from DJing in clubs. Whilst on tour, we developed a very open style of playing: interacting, improvising, and expressing ourselves freely, something that I thought I could only achieve through my DJ sets. It was obvious that after a long period spent touring round some of the biggest festivals, I was going to feel an overwhelming desire to go back to my roots (clubs and records), but the idea of finding myself alone behind two decks was impossible. So why not combine the two? Why not play other people’s records alongside my own tracks, played live? Why not put the two together to make one? After more than twenty years spent DJing, I really wanted to take it a step further. Sometimes, when I see other DJs playing out today I get the feeling that they’re bored, that they don’t get off on what they’re doing anymore. It is very clear to me why the idea behind L.B.S came to life because not only will it give my work a new lease of life, it will also offer a new and very different experience to club goers."

Straight out of the DJ booths of some of the best clubs on the planet, L.B.S offers the best of both worlds by combining the versatility and flexibility of the DJ set with the ability to experiment tracks live. Two decks, a Rhodes, several keyboards and machines will be used to create organic improvised four-hour sets guaranteed to work the dance floor.

"I especially want to carry on creating and exploring whether through Djing or playing live. But also, get even closer to the public than we can in a festival. During the live sections of L.B.S I will be developing and fine-tuning new tracks in front of (and with) the crowd to create the live of the future, but also to test out new tracks. We’ll be taking our time, something that isn’t really the done thing nowadays!! One thing is sure, the dance floor never lies… Alongside Benjamin and Scan X I’ll be creating tracks live for my next tour and for my future releases."

Friday, January 21, 2011

Laurent Garnier interview on Mixmag podcast

Independent piece on Discodeine

Planet-E - 20 F@#&ING Years - We Ain't Dead Yet

Press Release
20 Years of Planet-E
*2011 World Tour, Planet-E ‘Best Of’ Album - '20 F@#&ING Years - We Ain't Dead Yet', Artist album releases, EP releases, Remix packages and more to come...

In 2011, Carl Craig's Planet E will be 20 years old and to celebrate he is taking Planet-E on tour throughout the world for the first time, ever.

Craig will be joined by guests throughout the year including Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos, Dubfire, Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice, Seth Troxler, Psycatron, Paul Woolford, Radio Slave, Chris Liebing and many others. Stage one of the world tour begins March, with March dates including London, Berlin, Miami, Paris, Dublin, Vienna and more. The tour will continue the whole of 2011 and will include USA, Japan, Australia and South America.

Alongside the heavy touring schedule will be album and EP releases on Planet-E from Carl Craig and other Planet-E artists. The first album release of 2011 will be ‘20 F@#&ING Years - We Ain't Dead Yet’ - a best of Planet-E compilation featuring artists including Carl Craig, Recloose, Martin Buttrich, Kenny Larkin and Basic Channel, to be initially released on February 22nd digital only (PE/RA/Beatport/C2 website/PE website/iTunes). Alongside the digital release will be a competition for people to complete a poll and suggest which tracks should be pressed onto a limited edition vinyl box set, to be released in June 2011.

Also starting in March will be a monthly vinyl / digital remix release from the Planet E and Carl Craig back catalogue. Artists including Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos, Dubfire, Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice, Seth Troxler, Kevin Saunderson, Francois K, Mad Mike Banks, Dennis Ferrer, and others have selected their favourite track from the Planet E back catalogue to remix and release. First up will be a Luciano remix of Recloose's 'Can't Take It', and monthly remix releases to follow.

One of the leading electronic music labels in the history of the genre, Planet E, is taking a moment to celebrate and share a bit of its history, before getting back to the business of looking forward to the future.

More release and tour announcements will be made throughout 2011.

For full details of the Carl Craig / Planet E tour and Planet E release news in 2011 go to

First Quarter Releases:

20 F@#&ING Years - We Ain't Dead Yet – Released Feb 22 (digital only) – a limited edition vinyl box set to follow in June (selected by fans).
Recloose ‘Can’t Take it’ Luciano remix – Released March

Mini Q & A with Carl Craig

When and how did planet e start?
Planet E Communications began in 1991 as my desire to control my own musical destiny. I was tired of other people having a say in what I did musically (A&R, partners, etc) so I took the bull by the horns and obtained my independence.

What was the first release?
69 ‘4 Jazz Funk Classics’. I am a big Throbbing Gristle fan.

What does planet e represent for you?
Pure independent vision. If the music is good then let’s release it to the people. Planet-E has been all about music.

Where does the name planet e come from?
There was a documentary on space travel (which had Brian Eno's ‘Apollo’ as the sound track) and I was so entranced by it. I'm an idea man (I should have been in advertising). Planet E is Earth and the communication has a double meaning between the voice communications between the space travelers and NASA, but also the fact that using the word "communications" doesn’t restrict the future possibilities of PE's endeavors.

Tell me about the compilation - 20 years is a long time! How did the name of the compilation come about also..?
It’s a celebration! We never celebrated 10yrs so this it! The name came from the idea "It’s been a fucking long time"…

How do you feel about the artists coming on tour with you? What can people expect from the tour?
They're all geniuses! What can be expected is that we're going to have a great time celebrating the music. No bullshit.

And about your hometown Detroit…
Detroit is musically a magical city. We've had so much wonderful music to come from here; from native Detroiters, who have been influential to so much other music globally. I find that I make much better music when I'm in Detroit. To outsiders the city seem desolate and ominous, but to me the city is so electric!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Carl Craig Top 13

Carl Craig (Planet-E)

Agoria feat Carl Craig “Speechless (c2 RMX)” - inFine
Plastikman “Mind Rewind (c2 RMX)” - M-nus
Paul Woolford “Achilles (Planet E Release)” - Planet E
Dimitri Kneppers “The Kick Off (Orlando Voorn RMX)” - Planet E
Moodymann “Sexy MF (Model 500 Mix)” - KDJ
Tiga “Love Don’t Dance Here Anymore (c2 RMX)” - Turbo Recordings
Mirko Loko “Virgen” - unreleased
Konono #1 “Masikulu Rhythm (Mark Ernestus Mix)” - Congotronics
Jerome Sydenham “Go Deeper” - Ibadan
Anonym “Go Deeper (Kenny Larkin Remix)” - Sushitech
Jerome Sydenham “In the Zone” - Drumcode
2Raumwohnug “Ich Bin Der Regen (Moritz Von Oswald Mix)” - It Sounds
Francesco Tristano “Idiosynkrasia” - inFine

Romboy & Bodzin single of the month in I-DJ

Discodeine's Pilooski

also did this in case you forgot!

Dazed Digital Piece on Discodeine

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

RA newspiece on Planet E 20

Zombie Nation - The Day Of Many - Wednesday 26th January

The day of many - Wednesday 26th January 2011

Facebook event HERE:!/event.php?eid=153966697986629

In early 2010, Zombie Nation conducted the experiment to make an interactive Song with his fans using Facebook and Twitter. The Mind of Many resulted in a Song that was made of 40 sounds that people sent and countless voters. It was a great success and brought joy to everybody involved.

Now it is time to continue and head for new frontiers. The idea is the same, this is the evolution: The "day of many" will be condensed into 90 minutes TV broadcast from the Zombie Studio in munich. A song will be made live from scratch purely from sounds people send during the show. In the chat you will be able to comment and influence decisions and directions. and This has never been done before and there is no test run - expect chaos and sweat to rule the Zombie Studio!

During the session you will also be the first to get a sneak peak of Zombie Nation´s new single "Chickflick" and the Remixes by Boris Dlugosch and Sirius Mo - and you will get to download a free edit of Zombie Nation´s Squeek!

Event: The day of many
Date: Wednesday 26th January 2011

download discodeine on rcrdlbl

Carl Craig's new website is now on the road! - all carl's news and Planet E 20 tour dates are listed..

also check carl out on twitter:

Saturday, January 1, 2011

San Francisco

Today I begin a two week adventure, going to San Francisco, LA and Mexico. Very excited :)