Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Amy Winehouse RIP

I've been so sad since i heard that the little troubled flower that was Amy Winehouse has checked out of hotel earth. may she rest in peace. she left an amazing mark on the world with the music of her soul. i think this sums her up to perfection, the ending especially :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shake It / MTV at Amnesia - Ibiza listings

je suis un rockstar

Pitchfork Paris festival news - October

Mondkopf will play alongside Aphex Twin, Erol Alkan and more at the Festival in October.
Full news here:

Mondkopf 'Rising Doom' - released October on In Paradisum

Check below for the full press release info for Mondkopf's new album 'Rising Doom'.

You can go HERE to download free track 'The Song Of Shadows' from the album and get news on Mondkopf's tour dates - including supporting Aphex Twin at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Paris.

The album has already gained amazing feedback in France - check the bottom of his to see who says what.

Mondkopf - ‘Rising Doom’
CD / Digital
Fool House
Released 3rd October 2011

French electronic-music protégé, Mondkopf, releases his second album ‘Rising Doom’.

Inspired by post-punk, black metal and with the music of Aphex Twin and Autechre always in his head, ‘Rising Doom’ displays an energy du force like no other. Dark, almost Gothic, electronica intertwines with beautiful melodies and beats so heavy they pound deep into your soul; creating a sonic journey to the beautiful darkside.

Defying tradition, in 2009 Mondkopf - originally from Toulouse but now living in Paris - imposed himself as a French electronic revelation with his debut album ‘Galaxy Of Nowhere’. Critical acclaim included a comparison to Brian Eno by Les Inrocks, as well as artistic parallels to Apparat and Modeselektor. He remixed Caribou, The Teenagers, Black Devil Disco Club, Golden Filter, Johnny Cash and picked up the ears of DJs including Busy P, Boys Noize and James Zabiela in the process... His ‘Galaxy of Nowhere’ Live show also began to tour... voted in the top five Live shows of 2010 by Tsugi Magazine in France.

In 2011, and at still only 24, Mondkopf returns with his second album, ‘Rising Doom’, an opus-complete that flows in the true sense of how an album should. ‘Rising Doom’ is an exploration to the depths of Mondkopf’s soul, a connection to his ever-present inner sacred feeling, something he is not afraid to explore and draw creation from. From darkness to light...

Also heavily influenced by the cinematic experience, Mondkopf has merged sound and vision, collaborating with multimedia design agency, Trafik, to conceive a Live show for both the ears and eyes; black and white tension immerses, igniting the sensation of raves, exorcism and a mystical experience... A preview show was held at La Gaite Lyrique in Paris in April:

With a truly unique album, his sensory defying live show, a sound - both in his production and DJ sets - that connects to electronica, indie, dub-step, ‘rave’ and hip-hop sensibilities, Mondkopf ignites and ever growing fascination. ‘Rising Doom’ is album so rich in atmospheric complexity, akin only to the artist himself.

The tension rises... Rising Doom.


Rising Doom, a dark, raw and fascinating album confirms it: Mondkopf is definitely one of the masters of French electro (Les Inrockuptibles. France)

An odyssey with mystical elevations, to which we become tied with an ever-growing fascination. (Magic, France)

An album that will take you by the guts and won't let you go away (Tsugi, France - Mondkopf cover)

"I like it, it's wild" - Boys Noize

"Very accomplished album, I feel a strong coherence which makes it really interesting. All songs are groundbreaking and melodic at the same time. I like very much ‘Deadwood’, ‘Moon's Throat’ & ‘Beyond The Golden Valleys’ but ‘Girls Don't Cry Part II’ is my favorite!" - Brodinski

“This amazing album will probably make it to my top of the year chart“ - Busy P

“Deadwood' is amazing. Can't wait to destroy some rooms with this. Gnarly.” - James Zabiela

“Highly Recommended!” - Skream

Mondkopf ‘Rising Doom’ (Fool House) tracklisting:
1. Intro
2. Deadwood
3. Day Of Anger
4. The Song Of Shadows
5. Moon’s Throat
6. Beyond The Golden Valleys
7. Sweet Memories
8. Girls Don’t Cry Part II
9. Where The Gods Fall
10. My Heart Is Yours
11. Fossil Lights

For more press information contact:
For management contact:
For bookings contact:

Stopmakingme Chart

1) Death In Vegas - Medication (Fearless' Nightcrawler Mix) [Drone]
2) Remain - ZDAK (Daniel Avery Remix) [My Favourite Robot]
3) The Deadstock 33s & Stopmakingme - A Rising Madness [Tigersushi]
4) Levon Vincent - Man Or Mistress [Novel Sounds]
5) Sneaker - You Think You Think [Uncanny Valley]
6) Chamboche - Mi Senti [Tusk Wax]
7) Auntie Flo - Oh My Days [Huntleys & Palmers]
8) Mantra - Work Your Body [Bunker]
9) People Get Real - Unicorn (It's A Fine Line Remix) [Join Our Club]
10) Art Department - We Call Love (DJ Harvey Remix) [Crosstown Rebels]

Justin Robertson aka The Deadstock 33s chart

1.The Deadstock 33s and Stopmakingme-Oscillate-Tigersushi
2.Toddla t and Roots Manuva-Watch Me Dance [Andrew Weaterall mix]-
3.The Whip-Secret Weapon [The Deadstock 33s Drone Disco mix]- Southern Fried
4.Black Belt Andersen - Tyrkisk Pepper - Full Pupp
5.Azari & III - Tunnel Vision-Turbo
6.Recloose-Tecumseh-Rush Hour
7.Freeschool- Ranting and Raving [Time and Space Machine mix]-Nang
8.Andrade-Lles-Poker Flat
9.Mom and Dad-This Joint [Panton and Cyron B remix]-discobelle
10.Moullinex-Modular Jam -Gomma

Friday, July 15, 2011

Hey You Guys

Love Circlesquare longtime.

How good is T.E.E. (Turzi Electronique Experience) 's studio

you could have a lot of fun in here.. (click to enlarge)

T.E.E will release his new album 'Education' on Record Makers France on September 26th


Release date September 16, 2011.
01 Connaissance
02 Connaissance (Black Strobe remix)
03 Connaissance (Sahara remix)
04 Connaissance (Naum Gabo remix)
Record Makers

After A & B, the French pyschedelia virtuoso Turzi has gone solo, back to his original roots, as on his debut album 'Made under authority'.

He recorded his new album 'Education' (to be released Sept 26 2011 on Record Makers) alone in his studio, just after discovering the Yamaha Tenori-On, which allowed him to control as many synths as he had fingers on each hand. This small-scaled digital revolution in the palette of a musician often described as an analog conservative would not stop there. He then encountered a cheap Yamaha DX-27 in a street fair, and started becoming enticed by digital sounds and by MIDI technology, a weapon of mass construction that had so far been prohibited from his arsenal.
Little by little, Yamaha had replaced Roland in his heart!
Turzi felt at ease, and started to sing very intimate lyrics about his upbringing on his newly composed instrumentals.

Then the infamous Pilooski, expert in editing songs, was asked to co-produce the album. Pilooski moved the cursor from layers of arrangements to the core of the songs, and provided them with the directness that will allow them to speak to the body as well as the mind.

The first single taken from the album is 'Connaissance', a track in which Turzi raps deep into his education years on a neo-kraftwerkian type of atmosphere. Versailles is where he grew up, between religious schools and boyscouts brawls.

First to remix was Arnaud Rebotini under his Black Strobe moniker. Him and Turzi share a Kraftwerk obession. Whereas Turzi praises 'Computer world', Rebotini shows respect on his remix to the more recent recordings of the German maestros with a clean vocoded voice reminiscent of 'Aerodynamik'. Add his unique heavybeat touch and you have a killer remix.

Sahara is Turzi remixing himself with the help of Ait Abou. Listening the original version gave Turzi an idea: create a new version which would build a musical bridge between Belgium's New beat and Northern Africa. Ait Abou (a northern saharian tribe's name) sings Turzi's lyrics translated into the Berber language.

Naum Gabo are the scottish remixers known for their anthemic versions of acts such as Hot Chip, MGMT, Franz Ferdinand or Simian Mobile Disco. Their trancey remix develops some sublime hooks that add to the original magic of the tune. Arms up!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beans On Toast film - the meaning of life

Beans On Toast made a film about life on tour for a month... he sang bryan adams in sherwood forest!

The Meaning of Life - A road movie by Beans on Toast and Bobby Banjo from Beans on Toast on Vimeo.

The Joker & The Thief - live sessions from Kings Cross for 'Station Sessions'

Strummerville supported band The Joker & The Thief played the Kings Cross St Pancreas 'Station Sessions' on July 4th. Their debut ep will be released July 25th.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Deadstock 33s and Stopmakingme 'Gravity' (Tigersushi)

Press Release
The Deadstock 33s and Stopmakingme
Gravity EP
Released August 8th

The latest release from Joakim's Tigersushi record label sees The Deadstocks 33s collaborating with Stopmakingme for an EP of 4 lush, sometimes Balearic sounding slabs of proto House dance music. Straight off the back of Crackboy's EP, and Joakim's debut single from the new album, 'Gravity' compounds the summer mood of Dance Music, joining the ranks of artist Gatto Fritto and Soulclap.

For the very few of us in the world that don’t live in London this might be a good moment to talk a little about our artists. Deadstock 33s is the brainchild of Justin Robertson, possibly a living legend in British Dance music. Of his credentials we can find a long serving residency at the Hacienda alongside Sasha and Mike Pickering. Outside of the Hacienda, you could find him doing his bit for Balearic with Most Excellent, a club night that the Chemical Brother’s often cite as their classroom and Justin as their mentor. Never one to stay still Justin formed the group Lionrock combining house music and dub sensibilities, scoring several chart hits, but more importantly remaining at the forefront of what is now known as Progressive House whilst often being cited as an architect of the sound. It is these credentials that justify any-bodies adulation for this artist, let alone Dan from Stopmakingme :

"Justin Robertson was a name I had heard loads about growing up. His name was always cited next to some of my heroes, like Weatherall, who had made names for themselves since the early days of Acid House by playing amazing music from the dustiest corners of their record collection in big clubs. The more I learned about him, the more I realized this guy was the real deal. Skip forward a few years and his Deadstock 33s records are a major staple in my sets. A message from the man himself saying he liked a remix of mine was enough to make me smile for about a week. We got talking and soon realized our tastes crossed over in so many different places. Hawkwind and New Order mean as much to us as Carl Craig or The Emperor Machine. This is what we really wanted to push with the music we started to make together and it is with much excitement that I can play this EP to my friends from home."

Stopmakingme aka Dan Avery is not as green as it might appear when greeted with the fresh-faced young lad that stares back at you from his website. Having started one of London’s most influential Indie-Dance cross over clubs Kill Em All, Let God Sort Them Out and a record label Kill Em All with partners the Filthy Dukes, it is fair to say Dan has cut his teeth with some of the bigger and more respected names in the UK scene. Djing helped inform the art of the remix with Hercules & Love Affair, DFA 1979, Metronomy, Black Devil Disco Club, In Flagranti and Munk some of the artists he has had the opportunity to re-imagine. Dan’s own releases Rattle Gang 12’s and Kill Em All helped catch the attention of some of his piers, not least partner Justin : "one of the best producers around, an adventurer with an open mind. Dan has no qualms in mixing the influences he loves into something beguiling and new, his sound is fresh and yet instantly classic, our times in the studio are frantic with enthusiasm for sounds from psych to elongated electronica , we've tried to capture that joy here, hope you dig"

If all of this seems to be rather grandeurs for a debut PR then simply turn to the music. With the ‘Heavy’ EP this is something that we are not shy on, with 4 tracks of original music, culminating in over 24 minutes of forward-thinking Dance music.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Carl Craig headlining Field Day as 69 - preview on flavourpill

Laurent Garnier interview on Slices

The Joker & The Thief up on NME.COM

DJ Pierre & Green Velvet Vs Phuture Acid Trax 2011 (Afro Acid Digital/Plastik)

DJ Pierre & Green Velvet Vs Phuture
Acid Trax 2011 (Afro Acid Digital/Plastik)
1) DJ Pierre & Green Velvet 2011 remake
2) Kris Menace Remix
3) Angel Alanis dub Mix
4) Angel Alanis Remix
5) Original 86' Mix!
Released: July 18th (digital) / August 1st (vinyl)

Imitations are floating around...but it takes the creators of the original to do justice to a remake of one of the most influential tracks in music history. Mixmag listed Acid Tracks, the original, in their top 25 tracks that has shaped music history in all genres. DJ Pierre, one of the creators, of the original has teamed up with another Chicago Legend of Electronic Green Velvet AKA Cajmere, known for massive hits such as "LA LA Land" and "The Percolator". The result is "Acid Trax 2011", the official revamped release of ACID Trax originally by the masters-Phuture. DJ Pierre and Green Velvet teamed up to totally re-produce this acid anthem. With the old acid re-tweaked, new drums and sound FX added along with a wicked breakdown- Acid Trax 2011 is ready to dominate the new millennia as it did the last.

On the remix tip Kris Menace adds his own high tech German styled Electro Techno to his remix which is absolutely BANGIN!!!! Angel Alanis also adds 2 high quality slammin Tech House mixes for the house head purists.

Also added as a special Bonus track we've included the original mix re-mastered and sped up to meet today's faster bpm standard!

Acid Trax 2011! It's on!!!! ACIIIIEEEEEED!!!!!!!

DJ Pierre, acid house creator and WildPitch innovator, has been re-inventing himself and his art for years. He is best known for his role in the creation of Acid House using the Roland 303 while in the group Phuture.

A few years back he introduced the "afro acid" way of djing which includes all styles of electronica. Building on that he has now introduced a LIVE element to his sets! Pierre is now using the Roland 303, the very instrument that shaped his sound, to create another LIVE dimension to his talent.

This is a new re-work/remake of the Original ACID track by Phuture that started it all. DJ Pierre and Green Velvet teamed up to totally re produce this acid anthem. With the old acid re-tweaked, new drums, added sound FX and breakdowns Acid Trax is ready to dominate the new millennia as it did the last.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Layo & Bushwacka! mix on playfm


I saw Prince for the first time live yesterday - in Kent of all places! Prince is like a mythical creature that I would only expect to see in a weird and wonderful out of this world venue, like an old Lithuanian castle... definitely not in Kent. I love that he did this though - and was so, so, so, so amazing! He is a true artist and performer. Would recommend to see him a million times over!

Purple Rain was my highlight, and... he didn't play all of these (far from it) but here are my top five Prince. oups, six.