Monday, November 25, 2013

Not long until Cocoon in London... check out this fantastic new mix from Andre Galluzi!

OUT NOW: Redshape - Wires (Present Recordings)

Present Recordings 
Release date: 25/11/13 
Catalogue number: PRESENT12 

Redshape brings us his first single-sided EP since the highly acclaimed "Dog Day" on Millions Of Moments in 2007. Although both tracks were produced during "fun, not too serious" studio sessions, the similarity ends there. Whilst the breakbeat heavy "Dog Day" harked back to the halcyon days of early UK hardcore, "Wires" takes a complete different route, aligning itself with the darker minimal techno sounds of the mid-to-late 90s. Even though this isn’t one you might typically associate with Redshape’s trademark sound, he was still very keen to get this release out into the wider world. 

Also included is his recent EP, ‘Made Of Steel’, which was released on vinyl last month on Present Recordings. Expect the digital version to hit the web around the same time as “Wires” does on vinyl.‎‎‎

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Joseph Capriati: King of Techno

Spotlight’s Lydia Laws catches up with Joseph Capriati about Music On, spirituality and how his new album ‘Self Portrait’ is set to revolutionise the techno typecast.

Vicious Magazine gives Discodeine 8/10

Discodeine prepare second album

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

This Is Bass Culture - mixed by D'JULZ

This is Bass Culture: 4 years of Bass Culture Records mixed by D'Julz

Over the past four years D'Julz has established his Bass Culture label as a reputable source of high quality house music. The overarching ethos has been one of staying true to the roots of the music, encapsulating D'Julz's vision of house – encompassing its many different styles with driving, groovy bass always present at the very core of each release. In fact coming from a dub influence, it’s that bottom-heavy focus, the low-end rhythm, that D’julz considers to be crucial to his label’s output.

Before it became a label, Bass Culture started as D’julz own residency at Paris Rex Club and is still today the  longest running night at the Paris's most famous venue, Rex Club, and for that reason there remains a very close bond between the two. In fact, the very spirit of Bass Culture night; its electrifying atmosphere, its supporters and extended family are embedded in the foundations of Bass Culture, feeding into its very own spirit and helping to shape the label into what it has become today.

Bass Culture is now widely recognised as one of the most reliable house music labels out there, just as D'Julz himself is highly regarded as both a DJ and producer – the label has found favour with many of the industry's most respected tastemakers, both new and old. With this in mind, Bass Culture's first compilation consolidates its past, present and future into one must-have collection that represents house music at its very best and illustrates exactly what the label is all about.

On this carefully curated selection of Bass Culture releases you'll discover a variety of styles, from house and techno stalwart Mr.G's ridiculously infectious 'Got That Swing' with its pumping kicks and absorbing vocal, to the grumbling darkness of the gravely bass and languid percussion of Joel Alter's 'Rules Of Love', which features the haunting vocals of Eric D Clark, a total contrast to the jaunty nature of Oleg Poliakov's 'Besides'. Other tracks come from such talents as Alex Picone, Rio Padice, The Analogue Cops, Franco Cinelli, Mr Tophat & Art Alfie.

Not forgetting the bossman D'Julz himself who contributes one of his own compositions, 'Da Madness (2013 Mix)', stamping his mark on the collection and letting everyone know that, as well as being an expert selector, he can also roll out the kind of house music that makes even the most ardent connoisseurs go weak at the knees. This comes accompanied by a collaboration with one of the queens of house and techno, the inimitable Cassy – taken from the duo's forthcoming EP.

A little while back, a French journalist once misinterpreted the name of the label, confusing 'Bass' with 'Basse'. Funnily enough though, 'basse' translates to 'sub' in English – something which D'Julz could only find amusingly coincidental, for 'Sub Culture' could also be the perfect name for his label. It's underground and uncompromising in its stance, supporting only the most sincere house and techno.

This pure sound is the throbbing heartbeat of Bass Culture and you can expect to find it in each and every track that has been chosen to appear on the compilation... This Is Bass Culture.

 D'Julz -  This is Bass Culture 

'4 years of Bass culture records mixed by D'Julz'

1) Kasper - Jaia (Fred P. Remix) BCR034
2) Joel Alter - Rules Of Love (DJ Qu Remix) BCR020*
3) Joel Alter - Silence Is Golden BCR013
4) Rio Padice - Deeptstation BCR009*
5) Mr Tophat & Art Alfie - Ressle's Restroom BCR039
6) John Jastszebski - Work BCR028*
7) Franco Cinelli - Home BCR017
8) Chris Simmonds - The Way U Want 2 B (instrumental mix) BCR038
9) Anonym - Lov Is Easy (D'Julz Edit) BCR006*
10) Cassy & D'Julz - What U See in Me BCR040
11) D'Julz - Da Madness (2013 mix) - BCR033*
12) The Analog Cops & Alex Picone - Out Of Passion BCR029
13) Mr G - Got That Swing BCR019*
14) Mr G - Sunday Blues (Kasper Remix) BCR010*
15) Oleg Poliakov - Besides BCR007*

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Marc Romboy November 2013 Chart....

1.) Machinedrum "Eyes don´t lie" (Ninja Tune)
2.) OCH "Soul burner" (Systematic Recordings)
3.) Marc Romboy "Set me free" (Gruuv)
4.) Tigs Vs. Audion "Let´s go dancing" (Maya Jane Coles Remix) (Turbo)
5.) &Me "Blitz" (Saved)
6.) Jovonn "This thing is jammin´" (Clone)
7.) Foamo "Without you"
8.) Prince Of Denmark "Cut02"
9.) Ion Ludwig "Antimass" (Ugold Series)

10.) ZDS "Bang the box" (DBR)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Check the video of Aydin - from Discodeine's forthcoming album on Pschent

Cocoon London - Building Six: 30/11/13

Cocoon London
Sat 30th November: 10pm to 6am
Building SIX, The O2 Peninsular Square, London, SE10 OAX

Sven Vath
Joris Voorn
Mathew Jonson live 
Andre Galluzzi 

With support from Magma + Apogee
Mark D'Ground, Michael Scullion, You-Beht, Mick Foley, Ron E, Kag + Gearo

Cocoon return to London for their biggest event since 2010, with Sven and co's unrivalled flow certain to leave you dreaming of Balaeric sunrises.  After yet another incredible summer in Ibiza under the watchful eye of Es VedrĂ , Cocoon have been drawn back to the North Greenwich peninsula and back to the space now known as Building Six.  Bringing some of the magnetism from that mysterious rock with them, this one's certain to draw out London's party people.

Sven Vath... Still as forward leaning as ever in his outlook continues to dazzle crowds with his gripping dj sets. Creating a sense of timelessness through his ability to manipulate the floor, each second is a second properly lived when in a room where he's playing. He'll be joined by Joris Voorn who's killer productions embrace everything that is great in house and techno, whether it's Detroit or Chicago, soft or hard he has the taste for every moment. With a ridiculous back catalogue of tracks, the sounds of Joris Voorn are peppered throughout the sets of club and bedroom DJs across the globe.

Finishing off in room 1 we have a live performance from Matthew Jonson who has developed one of the most distinctive styles in electronic dance music. When you hear one of Jonson's tracks, you almost immediately know it's his; and yet there's no mistaking any given track for another.

For room 2  WE PLAY VINYL and ARAS music's talisman Andre Galluzzi will spearhead the musical journey, extracting all the experience he's had from over 20 years at the forefront of Europe's house and techno scene.  A true purist when it comes to technology, his 'turntablistic' mentality is refreshing to see in the age of the laptop DJ.

In association with Mixcloud. 

Advanced Tickets: £15 - £25 + bf