Monday, April 14, 2014

Out TODAY: Josh Wink - Are You There (Remixes) [Ovum]

Commencing Ovum’s 20th birthday celebrations, Josh Wink digs into the vaults for a very special piece of the label’s history, presenting three perfect reinterpretations of Wink’s hyperkinetic acid techno classic ‘Are You There’.

Wink explains the history and concept behind the track: “The original version was composed in 1994 - just after ‘Higher States’, ‘I am ready’ and ‘Don't laugh’ - and released in 1996, I can't believe it has been 20 years since it was written! I had a friend, in Cleveland Ohio, who knew I never answered my home phone. So, when he called my house, he believed I was there screening and listening to the calls on my answering machine. Hence, "Are you there". Which was actually taken from my answering machine mini cassette, with his blessing.
Ben Klock contacted us in regard to him using his own remix version for his fabric mix release. We gave him permission, as an exclusive to the mix, with the possibility for Ovum to release it at a later time. A while ago, we at Ovum were talking about releasing certain catalog legacy tracks for the 20 Years celebration, and ‘Are You There’ was one on the top of the list. We decided to release his remix on Ovum in 2014, which we’re very happy about as we are big fans of Ben.
There are ROD remixes by Benny Rodrigues and another great remix by Harry Romero. Both are talented passionate producers who contacted us to ask to remix the original. It's nice to be able to release music close to 20 years old that people are still influenced by. We will be re-releasing both the original and remix versions as part of the 20 years of Ovum celebration.” – Josh Wink

Ben Klock’s remix retains the clattering amen breaks of the original, which sits over a cavernous sub-bass undertow. Harry Romero reinterprets the song as a house groover, with a lo-fi 4x4 shuffle, groovy piano stabs and bass guitar loops peppered throughout. The ROD remix is dangerously stripped back, letting the vocal snippet take precedence against jacking handclaps and skittering hi-hats.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cocoon Ibiza at Amnesia 2014 - Official Teaser

In 2014 the incredible celebratory journey of Sven Väth continues at the home of Cocoon, the club that matters, Amnesia. The heartland..

Cocoon changed the face of music on Ibiza by daring to be different. By making parties that moved your muscles and stayed in your mind. By offering modern majestic music in the best possible setting with the best possible people for company and with unsurpassed production and decoration. Along the way Cocoon introduced behind the decks some of the real giants of today's dance music.

In 2014 Cocoon crank it up yet again, loud and proud.

New visuals and new lighting evolving and revolving around you on the dancefloor.

On the 2nd June 2014 Sven Väth will present the first of 18 explosive Monday nights to rattle your cage and sweat those new shoes.

Welcome to Cocoon 15, our most sonically sensual series of adventures to date. Planned with loving precision for this important teenage year - although in fact anything can happen and probably will. We make parties, we love parties and this year we are shining the light firmly on you.

We present once again the best artists delivering the very best in techno and house music and are thrilled to announce that Luciano returns in 2014 with 8 big shows which will showcase his new concept Origins on the hallowed dancefloors of Amnesia.

The man who started it all Sven Väth will, on the back of a sensational world tour, play 14 nights supported by a scintillating line up representing all that is magical on the dancefloor today and exploring amazing new talent as well as those who have been there done it and now do it better.

Very soon. Dates, DJs, will find them all on :

Origins Ibiza:

We will only be 15 once, join us on the dancefloor.

When you dance we dance

15 Love Cocoon

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