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Josh Wink - Time Out Review of Banana


Love this new toon from Ali Love

not sure about the wideo though...

Shit Robot 'I Got A Feeling' (DFA 2245)

Shit Robot
I Got A Feeling
(DFA 2245)
1. I Got A Feeling
2. Norfolk Nights

Shit Robot isn't the sort of name you hear every day and, as a result, Marcus Lambkin's DJ/producer alias isn't one that's easy to forget. But it's Lambkin's music that has truly left an indelible impression on dance music lovers' minds, and his newest release is no exception. On the heels of 2009's "Simple Things (Work it Out)" -- itself the follow-up to 2006's epic successes "Chasm" and "Wrong Galaxy" -- Lambkin has delivered two new tracks that seem to effortlessly set just the right mood for the dance floor.

Side A, "I Got a Feeling," plays like a song in two complimentary acts. In the first half, Lambkin builds slowly from minimal beginnings; in the second, he ups the ante with nods to house and a pleasant easing of prior restraint. In fact, it isn't until almost the exact midway point of the song that vocals -- provided, notably, by Saheer Umar, one half of New York City dance duo House of House -- first appear. From here onward, things really get going, with electro-handclaps, bassy synths, spontaneous buzzings, a driving beat and Umar's echoing vocals all heaped upon each other -- blending enough to give the track depth and weight, but distinct enough that any reveler can appreciate the precise, purposeful placement of each element.

Side B, "Norfolk Nights," quickly lays down a foundation of old-school beats, then gets to work building slow, space-y synths atop. Lambkin resists expectations by dropping the beat and letting things get eerily -- and unexpectedly -- quiet before he starts from scratch and builds from the bottom up all over again, one cosmic synth pattern at a time.

Lambkin grew up in Ireland and spent several years DJ’ing in New York City -- where he met friends and cohorts James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy of DFA -- before moving to his current home of Stuttgart, Germany. This impressive new 12" was recorded in his home studio between constant gigs and endless tours DJ’ing around the world.


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The Crystal Ark 'The City Never Sleeps' (DFA 2241)

The Crystal Ark 'The City Never Sleeps' (DFA 2241)
1. The City Never Sleeps
2. The City Never Sleeps (Instrumental)

After five weeks of performing and traveling around Brazil, long-term DFA stalwart Gavin Russom returned home with not only a love for the music he'd discovered there, but also a newfound source of inspiration for his own meticulously crafted recordings. The Brazilian music driving Russom's sonic explorations included forms as eclectic and varied as Carioca Funk, atabaque drumming, Tropicalia and South American style rave. At the very same time, Russom was working toward a sound in the image of seminal tracks from Praga Khan and Nikki Van Lierop, with special inspiration taken from their Phantasia "Inner Light" and "Violet Skies" 12"s. The material that grew out of these disparate inspirational points – and became The Crystal Ark, Russom's latest project – is a perfect distillation of those varied sounds into infectious, spellbinding dance floor music.

"The City Never Sleeps," The Crystal Ark's first 12" release, is an exercise in musical restraint, tension and release. The single begins – the temptation is to add "innocently enough" – with heart-rattling bass. That naked pulse is intertwined with hissing cymbals, percussion and suddenly distinct handclaps; from there, Russom adds and removes layer upon layer of sonic elements: wiggling electric impulses; shuffling percussion; panting vocals. These sounds roll over and under each other, pushing to the forefront and then disappearing beneath the surface. It's a slow climb to a taut, suspenseful mélange of sound that breaks – finally – into a dizzying rush of spectral vocals, acoustic drumming and driving, repetitive rhythms.

Viva Ruiz, whose vocals figure prominently here in both spoken and sung form, has shaped the track's intense feel with lyrics "found... through dreams and dance." Russom has performed and recorded for DFA extensively – as Black Meteoric Star and in collaboration with Delia Gonzalez on a number of singles and projects. The Crystal Ark continues to establish Gavin Russom's talent as a singular producer as well as recording artist.



Michoacan 'In The Dark Of The Night (DFA 2235)

In The Dark Of The Night
(DFA 2235)

The one-two kick drum beat that starts "In the Dark of the Night" functions as a bit of a tease. Instead of just establishing the languid pace of the track, it has the power of suggestion, and its stark nakedness raises the question of just what will happen when the music fully launches. When, a few seconds later, a punch-drunk, flanging keyboard enters the procession, it's the first clue that we are in for an off-kilter ride; the sauntering bassline that next appears adds a springy, funk bounce. But it's the tripped-out, multi-tracked vocals of Fernando Miranda Rios – a.k.a. Michoacan, the producer behind this slow reveal – that give the song its peculiar, space-y vibe; it's a bit like David Byrne with funk aspirations. Taken altogether – and there is plenty more, including tinkling piano notes; bits of percussion; and electrical washes – there's a vaguely cosmic feel. The song coalesces, using funk to lure you to the dance floor, then intoxicating you to keep you there.

The Side B re-mix – courtesy of Italy's Clap Rules – actually feels like more of a re-build: The song has been taken apart and put back together with all brand new parts. Instead of the more relaxed, dazed funk at the core of the original, it's a glittery, disco ball-splattered track with funk elements scattered here and there, and glossy keys all around.

"In the Dark of the Night" is Michoacan's debut DFA release. He has already created music for Grayhound, Headinghome, Lektroluvv, Smash Hit Music Co., Speak Recordings, Bearfunk and Tiny Sticks.




Ray Mang 'Bullet Proof (DFA 2211)

Ray Mang
Bullet Proof
(DFA 2211)

Ray Mang has never met a great dance beat he hasn't loved or -- thankfully -- eagerly shared. This charitable compulsion has driven Mang -- alter ego of engineer, writer and producer Raj Gupta -- to unselfishly "create, release and spin…disco-centric party music for collectors, dancers, enthusiasts and jocks alike." More than a decade after the release of his first and now highly coveted EP "No. 1," Mang has paired with DFA to deliver a new dancefloor essential.

That single, "Bullet Proof," is a rethinking of George Clinton's original. Club legend, former Dee-Lite frontwoman and heralded solo artist Lady Miss Kier is the hefty, soulful voice at the center of this relentlessly energetic track. Mang has recrafted the song and, instead of stripping it of its funk roots, transformed it -- with finger-in-a-socket electro-funk bursts and deep synth basslines that make the '80s original sound subdued. In procession with Lady Miss Kier's vocals, Mang's production hastens the speed of the Clinton version. The result is a song that's less an invitation to dance than a command.

On the flipside is "Look Into My Eyes," a fluid Mang composition of handclaps, a singularly-minded beat, swirling synths and melodic keys. The track offers hints of familiarity, while simultaneously proffering a newly created, distinct whole.





Black Van brings together the talents and vision of two well-known electronic producers: Kris Menace, whose Discopolis and other releases obtained dancefloor ubiquity, and who has remixed a list of notable names, including Depeche Mode, Royksopp, AIR, Underworld and LCD Soundsystem, and KoweSix, one half of the "all-night-dance-party" DJ duo Moonbootica, whose own remix credits include such diverse names as Mando Diao, Junkie XL and Adam Freeland. This exciting collaboration has yielded an impressive debut single for DFA that combines these two heavyweights' unique musical sensiblities and love of dance music.

"Yearning" takes from both old and new, combining classic, straight-forward electronics in a fresh, new composition. It's all shimmering keys, four-on-the-floor beats and steady bass; the song only stops to take its breath for a few seconds, when all the elements fall out and then slowly rebuild, turning into a sonic supernova of crystalline synths.

Flip the record to hear the Emperor Machine remix that graces Side B. It strips things down, then adds alien lasers, funky guitars and electro-bass, old-skool keys and primal percussion ­ tambourines, cowbells and such ­ to the sound. At its least restless moments, the track settles comfortably into a funk groove and rides it until its natural end before breaking out ­ or breaking down ­ into a percussion-driven rhythm. From Side A to B, the song has been completely transformed and is nearly un-Earthly at its most intense, full-fledged stride.



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How ace is this:

Tracey Emin is a petit icon of mine... her book strangeland is ace... totally all over the place... jumping from poems, to life stories, to pictures.. etc. Just found this in a book and i want one!

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FM Belfast come to London on March 2nd - Hoxton Bar and Kitchen

Iceland’s most prominent band at the moment, FM Belfast, will headline their first gig in London at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen on March 2nd, with support from Not Cool and Moshi Moshi djs. More bands TBA.

Venue: Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen
Date: March 2nd
Doors: 8pm,
Admission: £5 adv, £7 at the door
Address: 2-4 Hoxton Street, London N1 6NU
Get tickets here :

About FM Belfast:

FM Belfast are Iceland's best kept secret; a band with colorful energy that instantly captures your attention. Musically, they create inspiring electro-indie-pop and always put on an explosive, impulsive and unpredictable live show - with anything from 3 to 30 people - always hitting the high notes and always leaving you with a smile.

'How To Make Friends' is the debut album from the creative collective... Lyrically it covers everything from the VHS (a stage on from The Buggles), to Love, to a Tropical and Exotic Rocky Island, to Running Down The Street In Your Underwear... And the band do cover versions (re-working Rage Against The Machine and Technotronic) in ways you would least expect... Get ready for Fun...


Q: Icelandic synth pop with tongue merrily in cheek... a frothy pleasure."
Mixmag: "Lo-fi kitschy wonderment" - Electro Album Of The Month
Gay Times: "If you like your pop served one part naively energetic and one part louche cool, tell them we sent you."
Clash UK: Ones To Watch for 2010:
MUSICOMH - 4/5 review
DROWNEDINSOUND - 8/10 review

Check out more here : http://www.myspace.com/fmbelfast

Psychonauts review on electronique.it


ahh, remember this!

i promoted this... timmmmy! good mamories.

FM Belfast interview in Russian

no idea what it says but the russian peoples like the icelanders...


Resident Advisor Photo Gallery from Shake It! with Layo & Bushwacka!



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favourite techno records ever

inspired by seeing carl craig on Freeday, i've put together a list of my favourite techno records... i know i've forgotten loads but here you go (in no particular order)..

Octave One 'Blackwater'

Theo Parrish 'Falling Up' (Carl Craig remix)

Paperclip People 'The Climax'

51 Days 'Paper Moon'

Underground Resistance 'Transition'

Laurent Garnier 'Crispy Bacon'

Underworld 'Rez'

Paul Jackson 'The Push'

Daft Punk 'Alive'

Josh Wink 'Don't Laugh'

Slam 'Lifetimes'

Plastikman 'Spastic'

Green Velvet 'Flash'- mental

Tomaz v filterhads 'Sunshine'

Laurent Garnier 'Panoramix'

Tobias 'Street Knowledge'

Chemical Brothers 'Battle Weapon 7'

Audion 'Mouth To Mouth'

Pier Bucci 'Hay Consuelo'

Louderbach ' Anxiety'

Heartthrob 'Nasty Girl'

Jeff Mills 'Bells'

Junior Boys 'Like A Child' (Carl Craig remix)

DJ Hell 'Electronic Germany'

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Hard Ton 'Selfish' released March (Gigolo)

best artwork ever?

Press Release
Hard Ton ‘Selfish’
1. Selfish
2. Earthquake
3. Forever No More

Released: March 2010
Gigolo Records
Distributed by: NEWS

"Diamonds, fur coat, champagne" Hard Ton, discussing their musical inspiration!

‘Selfish’ is Hard Ton’s debut EP for Gigolo Records, an artist in the true sense of the word, and one that appears to follow the same lineage as previous label mates Fischerspooner, Tiga et al. For those unfamiliar with this dazzling addition to our roster, then we must turn to his short biog for an excellent introduction ‘What would happen if Divine had been captured by disco aliens and later beamed back to modern day Italy? The answer is closer than you think, and maybe you need look no further than Hard Ton, the biggest disco queen of the XXI Century. With a body that can only remind us of John Waters' muse, a voice that confidently pulls-up to Sylvester falsetto's, all set to soundtrack that hops between accelerated beats and shameless acid sounds. He is omnivorous, feeding from the multilevel outfits of Leigh Bowery and modern pop imagary. With his 150kg Hard Ton is Giorgio Moroder low-fat grooves model, with all points colliding into a heavy weight Chicago-sound queen machine.’

Such a confident description can only come to music and art that is bold in its approach and realized shortly after inception. Recorded and mixed in Bologna and Venice the writing process has no rules ‘we can start from a bass line or a vocal line, but we can also start a track just from thinking of a costume we want to make for a show, or a picture we would love to do, or for a cover for a single or a magazine. Visual, music and lyrics, they all come together.’ Using, exclusively, analogue and vintage gear from the 303, 606, 707, Oberheim DMX, Korg Monopoly, MS20, Prophet V5 the list goes on and is a calling card to any gear-nerd. But the music never becomes stiff or contrived, in fact it always remains fun, as expected when you play with equipment that lives and dies by its own unpredictable rules. ‘Once you start to mess around with it, you never know what's gonna happen.’

The writing process and the instrumentation informs the music, and by now you should have clear idea what to expect; songs, fashioned in a disco style, with a modern approach to the classic Chicago sound as a back drop. With this in mind it comes as no surprise that their musical references range from ‘Arthur Russell, Drexciya, Gaz Nevada, Duran Duran, Justus Khoencke, Moroder, Terre Thaemlitz, Diana Est, Khan, UR, Madonna and early acid house...’ Previous releases on the amazing Dissident records further consolidate both the genesis and existence of this group. But outside of this Hard Ton fronts a heavy metal band and references Rob Halford from Judas Priest and Geoff Tate from Queensrÿche as inspiration. With this in mind we can sit back and listen to music with the comfort that future releases will hopefully be as schizophrenic this story.


House of House number 4 in DJBroadcast NETHERLANDS January issue

If you can read the Dutch, read it. if you can't, know that number 4 is a really good number to be.

FM Belfast New Talent piece on Datatransmission


FM Belfast album review in FHM Spain

bien bien.

Hell & Kris Menace on Samurai.FM

mixing it up like chefs.