Friday, July 30, 2010

Let's get Tropical

This makes me want to go and dance in a field in the sun, happily spilling cider all over my mates.

Tropical by Rum Shebeen from Rum Shebeen on Vimeo.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Layo & Bushwacka! mix on Annie Nightingale

One hour in! Matthew Bushwacka! having a wee chat with annie also :)

NME Giveaway Pulsar / Rockit bootleg

here you go!
Retro/Grade free giveaway of their Herbie Hancock bootleg on

and check their myspace and facebook

it's another dimension when you play close attention.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Joris Voorn - interview for EQ TV

We Love... Resident Joris interviewed for EQ TV. Suarve garve in the pic!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Strummerville at Secret Garden Party this weekend

Now, I don't know about you, but I think Secret Garden Party looks pretty Magic.

This weekend, from 22nd - 25th July, The Secret Garden Party festival will be taking place around a secret hidden lake in Cambridgeshire.

Strummerville, after two amazing festivals so far - Glastonbury and Lounge On The Farm - will be burning the campfire bright from Thursday night to Monday morning, holding special musical sessions from Strummerville supported bands including:

Rum Shebeen
The Supernovas
Dan Smith
Viv Albertine
Nat Jenkins
Beans On Toast
Nimmo & The Gauntletts
Wild Wolves

AND... Some Very Special Secret Acts we will not be announcing. Who, who, who?

Come and share the love and music around the campfire with us.

Jeff Mills interview on Ibiza-Voice

Strummerville DVD review in Stool Pigeon

Simian Mobile Disco 'Casu Marzu / Thousand Year Egg' - Delicacies

Press Release
Simian Mobile Disco
Casu Marzu / Thousand Year Egg
August 9th – vinyl / August 16th - beatport / August 30th - others

Simian Mobile Disco are back with the second 12” in their Delicacies series.

This time, the release consists of two tracks that fuse disquieting, uncanny lead sounds and textures to rock solid techno beat structures.

‘Casu Marzu’ kicks off proceedings on the A-Side. Named after a cheese infested with maggots that hails from Sardinia that was for a while illegal (the maggots have a tendency to try and eat your face whilst eating the cheese, and your stomach once they've been swallowed). The growling bass inches up the sense of dread, which is fully realised when the unholy clanging bells batter themselves into your brain during the breakdown. The whole experience is disorientating and detaching – probably not unlike the experience of eating Casu Marzu – until the kick drum slams back in to give you an anchor to reality on a morphing dancefloor.

“Thousand Year Egg” continues the theme, at a slightly more mellow pace. The stumbling, bleepy ketaminesque melody evolves slowly, seeming to constantly fall over itself as the track progresses – yet always remaining rooted to the superstructure of the 4/4. The paradoxical clash of movement produces almost a nausea (again, not unlike it's namesake), as brain and body revolt and yet remain entranced by the arrangements. If “Trance” is the sound of E rushes, this is like being spiked with a datura and DXM cocktail.

About Delicacies:
Simian Mobile Disco are releasing a series of 12” singles, on a brand new imprint entitled “Delicacies”, which will be accompanied by a club night – Delicatessen, curated by SMD themselves and happening at venues around the world.

Each track will take the name of an exotic, and often bizarre, delicacy from around the world. Already on the menu are “Aspic” and “Nerve Salad” which was served in late April. And now comes ‘Casa Marzu’ and ‘Thousand Year Egg’.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Art Department 'without you'

Without a doubt my favourite new tune this year.
so sexual.
this is a shite-sound version i found on youtube, but i do believe the real deal is coming on jamie jones' label soon.. and supported by seth troxler et al. huuuuuge. I recommend sitting on or in a speaker with this on so very loud....... :)

Retro/Grade 'MODA' Play on Annie Mac!

Trippy Flamingo

My mate Josh just sent me this of trippy Flamingos :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

FM Belfast in Music Week via Eurosonic Bookings

okay so it's mainly about the XX but FM Belfast came second and got a nice little picture :)

Mr G album review in NME

so soothing

this is one of the best films ever and i find the music so soothing.

The Bloody Beetroots

So I went to the Alive festival in Portugal this weekend (on Tour with the Planet Turbo peeps!) and as well as seeing The XX, The Gossip, Florence And The Machine, Booka Shade, Tiga, Shit Robot, Thomas Von Party, Youthless, Aeroplane and I can't remember who else, I saw The Bloody Beetroots for the first time! loooved them!

They are like heavy metal rave. judging by their youtube hits, I'm slightly behind on the beets(I only know of a few remixes they've done, which aren't actually that mental), so they are Italian and they wear half masks on stage (which makes them very sexy - i did see them without masks and they weren't as fit) and they are totally mental.

steve aoki is one of their breads (they are signed to Dimmak) and they make music like this:

They be cool.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mr G review in Time Out New York

Mr G interview

Mr G's album 'Still Here (get on down)' is out now on rekids... my favourite is 'Space Bassed', i'm listening to it right now as i type this, and i'm typing really fast.

Foamo - free DJ mix and free music on soundcloud

We Love...Space on Sundays resident Foamo has got a free DJ mix on the we Love... website here:
(also follow link to find the dates he is playing for we love...)

and you can check out all his music on soundcloud here:

he ain't foamy, he's my brother.

We Love... Launch Iphone app!

We Love... have launched their own iphone app!

Keep up with the latest news, videos and podcasts from Ibiza on the move, courtesy of We Love...

The official We Love iPhone application is new for Summer 2010, download the free application from the iTunes app store to keep up to date with the full We Love summer line-up - plus all the weekly episodes of We Love... TV, featuring live footage from We Love... Sundays at Space plus interviews with artists and DJ's appearing at We Love. There's also access to the latest We Love... Radio content, a weekly podcast that covers the best bits of the week with exclusive mixes and interviews with top DJs.

you can find it from this link:

We Love... TV week Four

We Love... Space, Sunday July 4th 2010 from We Love on Vimeo.

Sean Rowley's show

well worth listening to! The Joy Of Music indeedy.

Strummerville Film review on lineofbestfit

Sunday, July 11, 2010

happy eclipse day

this is what is going to happen today, July 11.

sadly, in europa, we can't see it, but let's celebrate anyways.

For some reason, this song came into my head this morn:

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mystery Jets - My new Favourite band

I've liked the Jets for a long time... 'Half In Love With Elizabeth', 'Flakes' (so Buckley) and 'Two Doors Down' being my favourites. But their new stuff is blowing me away... I saw them at Glasto and their sound, style and lovely energy is totally special. they deserve to be so massive.

This is beautiful.

I do believe their new album 'Serotonin' is out next week:

Icarus At The Edge Of Time...

wooow. just went to see this at The Southbank. very inspiring! And just what i needed.

Based on Brian Greene's book of the same name and with music scored by Philip Glass (who is pretty prolific... i just checked his website -

Icarus At The Edge Of Time is performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra to a visual spectacular by Al + Al... it tells the story of Icarus, but instead of wings and the sun he is in space and goes in a black hole... All pretty cosmic and scientific, it makes your brain go wonky. the Visuals paired with the music was very special. Recommended!

Friday, July 2, 2010

RETRO/GRADE 'MODA/PULSAR' (Deconstruction)

Released August 2nd

After 500 single A-side vinyls of Retro/Grade’s first production ‘MODA’ sold out in less than a week in the summer of 2009, it picked up the ears of Erol Alkan, - who called it “incredible”, Simian Mobile Disco, A-Trak, Annie Mac, Pete Tong - who made it one of his records of the year, Pedro Winter, Brodinski and so many more. The Guardian proclaimed: “If you asked Soulwax to write you an Italo disco tune, this is exactly what it would sound like”.

A year on and Retro/Grade - the Modern Day Italo Disco duo comprising of Serge Santiago and Tom Neville - are set to give ‘MODA’ the full release it deserves, making it available digitally for the first time and backed and with the double a-side of ‘PULSAR’ - the duo’s massive throbbing synth builder with an organ crescendo, denoting visions of lasers and light.

Recently re-ignited Deconstruction:

– home to Diagram Of The Heart and A&Rd by Mike Pickering (who also signed Happy Mondays, The Ting Tings, Calvin Harris, The Gossip and many more) has signed Retro/Grade for the single and for their debut album, ‘MOTION’, coming early 2011.

“Retro/Grade are probably the most exciting emerging underground artist we have signed to Deconstruction. Really cool and credible Italo House which keeps Deconstruction’s foot in the warehouse, but also has massive potential to crossover next Summer. We couldn’t be more excited to have them on our line-up.” - Mike Pickering

Retro/Grade are LIVE. After only a few select live shows – including Disco Bloodbath and Bugged Out ( )- Retro/Grade have been meticulously inventing and planning a live show to blow all expectations into outer space. Expect lights, LED and lasers, their first full tour will be announced in August 2010.

“We have had the Retro/Grade protect inside us for ages but it takes time to make everything perfect; make it sound vintage but also timeless and fresh. We've taken influences from everywhere - films, artists, computer games - using films like Blade Runner, Tron, even Rocky to help guild us. Writing music to scores is a great way to get your mind focused on different points of the music and how it should all work… Disco legends like Patrick Cowley, Gino Soccio, Goblin and Larry Levan help us keep the energy level up in what we write and keeps it dancefloor without conforming to today’s rules in how you 'should' produce, letting us be much looser with the notes that are being played.” – Retro/Grade

Retro/Grade ‘Moda’ / ‘Pulsar’ is released on Deconstruction on August 2nd

Rekids in Paris this weekend

Ace Mr G review on Resident advisor