Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Simian Mobile Disco 'Casu Marzu / Thousand Year Egg' - Delicacies

Press Release
Simian Mobile Disco
Casu Marzu / Thousand Year Egg
August 9th – vinyl / August 16th - beatport / August 30th - others

Simian Mobile Disco are back with the second 12” in their Delicacies series.

This time, the release consists of two tracks that fuse disquieting, uncanny lead sounds and textures to rock solid techno beat structures.

‘Casu Marzu’ kicks off proceedings on the A-Side. Named after a cheese infested with maggots that hails from Sardinia that was for a while illegal (the maggots have a tendency to try and eat your face whilst eating the cheese, and your stomach once they've been swallowed). The growling bass inches up the sense of dread, which is fully realised when the unholy clanging bells batter themselves into your brain during the breakdown. The whole experience is disorientating and detaching – probably not unlike the experience of eating Casu Marzu – until the kick drum slams back in to give you an anchor to reality on a morphing dancefloor.

“Thousand Year Egg” continues the theme, at a slightly more mellow pace. The stumbling, bleepy ketaminesque melody evolves slowly, seeming to constantly fall over itself as the track progresses – yet always remaining rooted to the superstructure of the 4/4. The paradoxical clash of movement produces almost a nausea (again, not unlike it's namesake), as brain and body revolt and yet remain entranced by the arrangements. If “Trance” is the sound of E rushes, this is like being spiked with a datura and DXM cocktail.

About Delicacies:
Simian Mobile Disco are releasing a series of 12” singles, on a brand new imprint entitled “Delicacies”, which will be accompanied by a club night – Delicatessen, curated by SMD themselves and happening at venues around the world.

Each track will take the name of an exotic, and often bizarre, delicacy from around the world. Already on the menu are “Aspic” and “Nerve Salad” which was served in late April. And now comes ‘Casa Marzu’ and ‘Thousand Year Egg’.


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