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nofitstate feat Ellen Allien, Simon Baker and Geddes - Friday February 22nd

Press Release
nofitstate feat Ellen Allien, Simon Baker and Geddes
Friday February 22nd 2013
London, Venue TBA
Tickets: £10-15 from,

We’re embarking on 2013 with an unwavering commitment to great music and sound, and an undying love for the dance floor that you’ve come to expect from nofitstate. Our party on February 22nd 2013 will be no exception.

We’re keeping it simple, it’s going to be a small party with a big lineup, in a great venue you haven’t seen before. We know you hear that all the time, but it’s true - this is a brand new space, more details to follow!

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Bpitch Control’s Ellen Allien! That’s right, she was there at the dawn of house and techno in Berlin, she’s at the epicentre of one of the most important music scenes of modern times, DJing around the globe for the last 20 years, she’s is always ahead of the game. This woman is a legend, and she’s as exciting and fresh as she was when it all began. All rise for the first lady of techno.

Next we welcome Simon Baker… the DJ, producer and creator of 2020 Vision is known for offering up infectious dance floor grooves. Baker’s career may have taken him around the world, but it started up North. Influenced by the club scene, a regular at the Hacienda and resident at Asylum, Baker’s background is rock solid. In more recent years he’s worked with Jamie Jones, and we’ve heard whispers of a collaboration with Lee Curtiss in the pipeline. Expect big things of this man in 2013.

And rest assured Geddes, true pioneer of London’s underground scene and creator of nofitstate, will be there... following an amazing year DJing, producing and promoting across the globe, you’d think this man needed a holiday! On the contrary! Fresh from the success of his recent release on Mobilee, he’s straight back on the case to deliver this party. As always he’ll be effortlessly running the show, and playing those deep house tracks we know you love, you’ll happily surrender to the rhythm in your feet …

Remember, this will be a very small party. Make sure you aren’t disappointed.

Join us on facebook:
And twitter: @NFSnofitstate

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Apollonia at Fabric - February 23rd

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check the video of Josh Wink from igloofest Montreal

Danel Steinberg 'Treptow' (Arms & Legs)

Daniel Steinberg ‘Treptow’ (album)
Arms & Legs
Release: April 2013


Distribution: Word & Sound
Cat No CD: A&LCD01
Cat No Vinyl: A&LLP01

Sometimes you need to lose your mind, to regain your musical soul. For Berlin DJ/producer Daniel Steinberg, an intense touring period in the wake the releasing of his debut album ‘Shut Up’ warranted just that. Suffering from a heavy tour comedown and questioning the direction of not just his music, but his ongoing desire to continue as a globetrotting artist, he locked himself in his East Berlin studio for a nine-day period of “self-imposed exile” that ultimately laid the foundations for his latest opus, ‘Treptow’.

“For the nine days I didn't speak to a soul except for the pizza delivery guy and completely lost my mind (in the best possible way) listening to some very obscure experimental music from the likes of Ron Geesin, Mark Shreeve and Trevor Wishart. This time acted as the reset button that inspired me to produce 'Treptow',” he tells.

Long-lauded by Jesse Rose who signed him to his Front Room Recordings label and the likes of Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano and Claude Vonstroke who’ve supported his tunes, ‘Treptow’ speaks of a producer enjoying a deep vein of inspiration. Over fourteen tracks he has crafted a longplayer filled-to-the-brim with rich, personality-laden electronic music, that’s indicative of not just the breadth of his production palette, but his passion and commitments to creating colourful dance music with genuine soul and feeling.

To encase oneself in the world of Steinberg’s ‘Treptow’ is to be taken on a trip through the artist’s kaleidoscopic musical consciousness, which effortlessly swings from the multi-layered bass grooves and low-slung funk of ‘Mechanics’, to the disco-tinged vibes of ‘True Romance’ and ‘Joy & Happiness’, the latter of which received Beatport’s Track of the Day upon release in February last year.

Famed for his love of crate digging, Steinberg’s pet passion is on full display throughout the album with ‘Tomorrow’ deftly combining jackin’ beats with chopped up vintage funk samples, before moving things southwards, with the tropical Latin vibes of ‘Pasilda’.

He also crafts, simple, stunning piano-laden house with aplomb, as album single ‘Can’t Find My Baby’ attests to, while reinforcing his ability to produce punchy, crisp tech house with ‘Let Me Down’ and shimmering ‘Low Rider’, ensuring the longplayer is as well-rounded as it is varied.

A long-time hero of Berlin club scene with regular appearances at Watergate, Tresor and Suicide Circus, as well as the much-loved Fusion Festival held two hours of north of the capital, Steinberg was 13 when the Berlin Wall came down. He has fond memories of slipping out of his bedroom window to visit the then infamous E-Werk and Bunker clubs, immersing himself in the sounds of Strictly Rhythm, R&S, Low Spirit and Bonzai Records.

Such was his passion for the movement that he quickly became the DJ for his school in Treptow making mixtapes for his friends. Years later, it was also in Treptow that he produced his first record in his tiny apartment, and today it’s that very former apartment that is the location for his studio and the site of creation for his latest album, making this a fitting tribute.

Says Steinberg: “My music journey has been fantastic, full of foreign places and unforgettable strangers, the opportunity for which I am hugely grateful. But the one constant throughout my whole life has been Treptow, a place I will always come back to, where my family and friends still live, where my studio has always been and the place I'm so lucky to call home, and so this album goes out to that.”

Album tracklisting:

1. Let Me Down
2. Low Rider
3. Can’t Find My Baby
4. Joy & Happiness
5. Step by Step
6. Mechanics
7. Only You Can Make Me High
8. I Can Be Your Trip
9. Used
10. Tomorrow
11. All Around
12. True Romance
13. Say Yes
14. Pasilda

First Single from album,: Can’t Find My Baby - released March


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Resident Advisor review of Point G

Cocoon Heroes London - Saturday 2nd March - Josh Wink and more

Cocoon Heroes London
Saturday 2nd March - 9pm to 6am
Great Suffolk Street Warehouse, SE1 0NS

Last weeks 1st series of lineup announcements has already caused quite a stir for our next announcement we have Ovum head honcho Josh Wink.

When you’re as iconic a figure as Josh Wink, it’s not so easy to sum up a career in a few words—but there are a couple of terms that might serve to get a handle on the seminal electronic-music producer’s lifework… just two of these would be legendary and pioneering..

Josh Wink live at BPM Festival Mexico

Josh Wink
Extrawelt Live
DJ W!ld
Marcus Fix

+ Artist announcements to follow..

With support from
You-BEhT and Magma; Mark d'Ground, Gavin Rayner, Robbie Linstead

Last remaining Early bird tickets are priced at £17.50 + bf
Standard tickets: £20 and £25 + bf
All Cocoon events have sold out in advance

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lotus 7

Chris Carrier & Hector Moralez – Lotus Seven [Apollonia]

Chris Carrier & Hector Moralez – Lotus Seven
Formats: Vinyl, MP3
Reference: APO05 / APO06
Vinyl Release: 5 March, 2013
Digital Release: 2 weeks after

Less than a year old, the newly formed label Apollonia presents its debut album release
Inviting you on an imaginary journey in their Lotus Seven, a road trip back to ‘90s San Francisco takes Chris Carrier and Hector Moralez on a musical mission, stopping for hip hop style smokes, disco jams and soul-warming joints on the beach; this is an exploration through their colourful inspirations and rhythmic upbringing.

With ‘Lotus Seven’, Chris Carrier and Hector Morale, two of house music’s finest producers create a timeless body of music that goes beyond the tight beats they are known and praised for. Across 14 cuts, house meets hip hop and is infused with everything that comes in between, as the pair’s versatile approach is sewn together with old skool samples and nostalgic vocals.

Cuts like ‘Astronomers Dream’ perfectly demonstrate their hip hop roots given a house twist, intertwining breakbeat with a 4/4 kick, while ‘Keep On Moving’ stays true to the San Francisco sound they have taken much inspiration from when creating classic deep house. Along a similar warm tone but given a soulful groove with an uplifting vocal sample is ‘Island Breeze’, likewise it’s the vocal on ‘Disco Remodel’ that makes the track, with a diva melody over a funky baseline. Not limiting themselves to sampling, Moralez experiments with his own voice to full effect on ‘5000 Watts’, becoming a humorous storyteller on the dance cut. Woven together with substantial interludes, the individual tracks piece together a journey through the pair’s extensive musical tastes and styles.

The duo first met in 2002 through a partiality for fine herbs and an avid love of ‘90s San Francisco house and produced their first EP together shortly afterwards, the hit ‘The Acid’ on Robsoul Recordings.

There’s no doubt that Chris Carrier is one of the most consistent and certainly most driven producers on the underground house scene today, producing more than 500 tracks over the past 18 years, whilst running his label Adult Only releasing the likes of Phil Weeks, Dan Ghenacia, DJ W!LD and Dyed Soundorom. On the other side of the ocean, Moralez has rapidly carved out a reputation of his own, starting off at the renowned Primal Records before partnering up with Phil Weeks under the moniker Fries and Bridges, as well as managing his own imprints Minority Music and The Factory. A move to Paris for Moralez in 2010 meant the pair finally had the time to produce an LP together, and so the indulgent smoky sessions in Carrier’s studio could commence.

‘Lotus Seven’ is the inaugural album release on Apollonia, the house label launched earlier this year by Parisian friends Shonky, Dan Ghenacia and Dyed Soundorom. Citing Chris Carrier as a long term favourite artist, top beat maker, and playing a part in the ignition of his own producing career, Ghenacia felt very in tune with the project and had the tracks on repeat from the first listen. “There is everything on this album; jazz, hip hop, techno, acid, dancefloor tracks to slow interludes. They have managed to achieve all of this, but most importantly in the right balance. As an electronic album it really works because it is something you can easily listen to at home, as well as being loaded with dancefloor weapons.”

Note: Each vinyl includes an A2 poster of the storyboard of the album (Each track is illustrated by a situation)
+ a MP3 download card so purchasers can download the album tracks not included in the vinyl pack (TBC).

Lotus Seven double vinyl packs:
Track 01    5000 WATTS                    6:10    (A1)
Track 04    Disco Remodel                7:01    (A2)
Track 05    Island Breeze                   7:34    (B1)
Interlude 04    Wonki Wonka           1:30    (B2)      

Track 02     Keep it Movin'                7:56    (C1)                
Track 03     Astronomers Dream     6:23    (C2)
Track 08     Lotus Seven                    7:46    (D1)                
Interlude 06    Finger Story              2:20    (D2)

Lotus Seven digital tracklist:

Interlude 01       Blast OFF                                                                                            
Track 01                 5000 WATTS                        
Track 02                 Keep it Movin'    
Interlude 02       Phillies Titan                   
Track 03                 Astronomers Dream         
Track 04                 Disco Remodel                  
Interlude 03       Mystery Streets               
Track 05                 Island Breeze       
Interlude 04       Wonki Wonka        
Track 06                 Rise of the People               
Interlude 05       April's Groove                   
Track 07                 Headband                 
Track 08                 Lotus Seven                     
Interlude 06       Finger Story

For more press info, contact Clare Dickins:

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LWE presents Simian Mobile Disco (LIVE) - Friday 22nd February

LWE presents Simian Mobile Disco (LIVE)
With support from Untold, South London Ordnance, Matt Walsh + more
Friday 22 February, 2013
East London Warehouse
Tickets go to:

Having started off as a four-piece band, Simian (Jas and James’s side project) eventually took them away from the rigid structure of the band to a genre hopping and exciting project now known as Simian Mobile Disco. 

It’s been the pair’s love, dedication and hard earned experience that has helped them build and evolve over the last 7 years. In combination with the understanding of decades of electronic music, SMD have been able to create their own sound and audience.

Often put into the same boat as the ‘electro’ movement with the likes of Ed Banger Records and Erol Alkan, the duo have deliberately shied away from the noisiness and rockism of that scene, with the aim of achieving something deeper, avant-garde and cosmic. Their sound is entirely confident and brings together all their influences in the pursuit of pure sonic pleasure.

Simian Mobile Disco are by far one of the most mesmerizing electronic acts to see performing live, to see them perform such a intimate show in such a great space is rare.

Advanced tickets on sale now
**This is a limited capacity event**
£15 to £20 + BF

More press info contact Clare Dickins on:

LWE & Desolat presents: SIDEXSIDE featuring tINI & Guti (live) - Saturday February 9th

LWE & Desolat presents: SIDEXSIDE featuring tINI & Guti (live) 
With support from Michael Wells
Saturday 9 February, 2013
Shoreditch Warehouse
Tickets go to:

For the first in the series of SIDEXSIDE’s re-launch we have recruited two of Desolat’s most hyped about artists in tINI and Guti.  As a label Desolat has built up a reputation for releasing ground breaking techno and house, so we thought it would be only fitting for two of it’s acts to be paired SIDEXSIDE. This showcase will feature a 1-hour live set from Guti, whilst tINI will provide an extended set, taking you through a journey of experimental house and techno, that will cover every corner and crossover.


In only a few years tINI has risen to being one of Germany’s most highly acclaimed female producers across the house and techno scene.  Her first DJ adventures were through the hip hop scence, but with a deep passion for grunge, wave and new romantics, it was when she first discovered upon Moodymann’s “Amerika”, that her style became more electronic.  In 2003 she started to make an impact in the local clubs of her hometown Munich, and before long she was holding down residencies across the rest of Europe.

By 2008 she had joined the Desolat family, after she caught the attention of Loco Dice when playing at some of his parties. It’s her ability in intuitively know how to enchant a crowd during one of her peak time sets, combined with her distinctive sound that has sealed her reputation. Constantly pushing the tech funk sound forward, the most significant highlight of her unique career was when she released her debut album, ‘Tessa’ on Desolat last autumn.

Guti (live)

It was in the studio of Latin Grammy-nominated producer and friend Leandro Martinez that Guti began experimenting with making house beats and singing on top. And having grown up with music, it didn’t take long before he was banging out several tracks a day. A classically-trained jazz virtuoso and national rock ‘n’ roll hero in Argentina, Guti was born in an exceptionally musical family, which included orchestra directors, saxophone players and pianists. Soaking up his father’s singing up from a young age he is heavily influenced by the folk music of Argentina, which to him is both incredibly intricate and perfectly simple.

In 2010 Guti moved to Düsseldorf to settle down in the studio to concentrate on his techno and house projects. The result was ‘Patio de juegos’ his stunning debut album released on Desolat. Since then the Latin-Düsseldorfer is taking the world by storm, with fulminate live sets and appearances on labels such as Defected (with Luca Bacchetti) and Cadenza (with Cesar Merveille). Although currently based in Düsseldorf, it’s unlikely he will ever leave behind the spirit of the Latin America he knows. “I love Buenos Aires. It’s a huge city... a huge jungle. Really fast, really crazy, dirty, messy. But really creative: amazing musicians. That happens with all the poor countries. We don’t have money, so we play music. We write books.” 

Advanced tickets - £15 to £20 + BF

More info contact Clare Dickins on: