Monday, January 14, 2013

mulletover January sale - January 26th - secret warehouse location - Tobi Neumann, Geddes


This year’s mulletover January Sale will take you back like Spinal Tap, an intimate party, at a secret warehouse location in East London.

We welcome Cocoon veteran Tobi - Tobinator – Neumann. Self-named, we promise we wouldn’t give him this title under any other circumstances.

mulletover’s own Geddes making damn sure the party stays true to it’s underground London roots.

BLM, of the fear of flying label, with a surge of critically acclaimed activity this winter, we predict he’s on the verge of something massive.

And rounding off the bill: Rossko, long time resident of Cerca Trova & Fuse, a real master of the intimate shades of house and techno.

We’re inviting all our mates, the crowd that has been gracing our dance floors for the past 10 years, to join us in dancing off those cold January blues. There is a very limited capacity, we are talking 3 figures. Get your tickets, we don’t want the mulletover faithful to be disappointed.

This party is a special one for us, we want to take you back to our humble beginnings. We’re in charge, and rest assured we’re paying meticulous attention to every detail.

So expect big things of our little party. No rabbit in a hat tricks, just the classic mulletover warehouse party.

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