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2011 - 20 Years of Planet-E - A Thank You...

Check below for infos... And also, as an end of year treat... if you are online tomorrow, be sure to check out Carl Craig joining Richie Hawtin and others for a Richie Hawtin and friends Boiler Room special. Link here:

2011 - 20 Years of Planet-E
A Thank you…

In 2011, Carl Craig’s Detroit based Planet-E imprint celebrated its 20th anniversary of existence. Throughout the year, one of the leading electronic music labels in the history of the genre, took a moment to celebrate and share a bit of its history, before getting back to the business of looking forward to the future…

Carl Craig took Planet-E on tour for the first time ever, holding stages at festivals around the world, and parties in some of the most world-renowned clubs. Guest DJs – friends and family of Planet-E - included Luciano, Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, Moodymann, Seth Troxler, Paul Woolford, Kyle Hall and many more. As well as playing live as Trio with Moritz Von Oswald and Francesco Tristano, he also went live under his 69 guise for the first time ever.

Planet-E stepped up the game in releasing music, not only with a ‘Best Of Planet-E album – ‘20 F@#&ING Years - We Ain't Dead Yet’ but also new EPs from the likes of Oliverwho Factory and Ezana Harris, and vinyl / digital remix packages of some of Planet-E’s most desired back catalogue. Artists like Caribou, Luciano, Loco Dice, Dubfire and more chose their favourite Planet-E track to remix and re-release, including Urban Tribe, Recloose Martin Buttrich, Paperclip People and Carl Craig’s very special ‘Sandstorms’ got remixed and re-released.

Carl Craig’s personal highlights include:

“As far as releases are concerned we’ve been able to do some really fantastic music this year it’s great to have artists like Urban Tribe involved to show Planet-E’s diversity but also its legacy of putting out interesting and imaginative music. As well as the newer artists, we’ve released music from like Ezana Harris and Oliverwho Factory, also from Detroit, as well as having remixes from friends and family like Luciano, Caribou, Kirk Del Giorgio, Agoria, Dubfire, Loco Dice and the like.

For the parties, the 69 gigs have been great. I would say Movement in Detroit was a great one, it was also great to host a stage at I Love Techno. Paris was a brilliant show with support from Urban Tribe, to have Kenny Dixon and Richie Hawtin at Extrema Festival was amazing, and Ibiza was great this year, fantastic.

Next year… I plan to focus more on 69 live and will be doing more interesting stuff for next year. And remixes are coming for Friendly Fires, Caribou and some more I don't want to say yet.

A few online Planet-E / Carl Craig highlights for you:

Carl Craig interview with the Independent:

Carl Craig doing a 69 Live mash-up at Boiler Room:

Urban Tribe podcast for Fact Magazine:

Planet-E 20 releases:

‘20 F@#&ING Years - We Ain't Dead Yet’

Psyche - Neurotic Behavior:

Carl Craig - Just Another Day:

No Boundaries - Modular Pursuits(DIGITAL):

No Boundaries - Modular Pursuits (ltd 12"):

Paperclip People - 4 My Peepz rmxs:

Tribe - Where Am I rmxs:

Buttrich - Full Clip(DIGITAL):

Buttrich - Full Clip (12"):

Recloose - Can't Take It rmxs(12"):

Recloose - Cant Take It (DIGITAL):

There are a limited amount of these Carhartt / Planet-E DJ sling bag trolley available:

In January 2011, Planet-E will announce the winner of the Innerzone Orchestra 'Bug in the Bassbin' remix contest on Beatport in the 1st week of the new year. The winning entry will be released on Planet E, check the interview with Carl Craig around the competition here:

"It has been a fantastic year of great music and good friends and family, thank you all for joining us on this journey, all the best for 2012" – Carl Craig

Carl Craig DJ dates:
01 Jan Space of Sound, Madrid
05 Jan Red Zone, Perrugia
06 Jan Grelle Forelle, Vienna
07 Jan Fabric, London

Time And Space Machine 'Pill Party India' EP (Tirk)

The Time And Space Machine
‘Pill Party India’
Released: January 2012

Taken from Time And Space Machine’s second album ‘Taste The Lazer’ - to be released March 2012 on Tirk

When it comes to being a man of many talents, there are few to equal Richard Norris. DJ, producer, musician, audiovisual artist, A&R man, author and journalist... His is a career of many twists and turns which have always seen him at the forefront of pushing new ideas forward and championing diversity and innovation, be it alongside Erol Alkan as part of The Wizard's Sleeve, or gone solo as the acclaimed Time & Space Machine.

Tirk released Richard’s debut long-player as The Time & Space Machine ‘Set Phazer to Stun’ in 2010. With the long awaited second album imminent, we've decided to do a special little single release of one of our faves to precede, alongside a brace of tasty remixes.

'Pill Party In India' is rich with the energetic twang of Americana, carried down a highway of fast-paced bongos and live drums with interludes of blips, wiggles and ghostly soundtrails. Absolutely stunning.

The first remix comes from our pet love, Psychemagik. It's a supurb bit of work by our friends from the cosmic forest; The bass is chunky, mesmerizing sounds fly at you gloriously in superwide stereo and there's some cracking vocal samples added to great effect too!

To clean up, Mojo Filter delivers his 'Om Nama Shiva Remix.' Think squelching acid basslines under traditional plucked Indian instrumentation, with strings and on-point production values and you're about there. This has to be heard to be believed! A sheer joy!

Colours swirl, patterns collide… it’s time to turn on The Time and Space Machine.

For more press info, contact Clare Dickins:

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My Name Is Tiga... BBC 6Music... Tiga on 6 Mix this Sunday

Tiga returns to BBC 6Music this weekend as part of his new bi-monthly residency.

My Name Is Tiga: airs Sunday December 18th: 8pm - 10pm

Having inaugurated his bi-monthly 6 Music residency in inimitable style in October, Tiga is returning for the next installment of his My Name is Tiga show.

The show, which will be broadcast on Sunday 18th December from 8pm to 10pm, will see the Montreal-based producer, DJ, label head and tastemaker continue the exploration of the depths of his record collection to deliver his completely unique view on forward-thinking electronic music. Bringing the flawless selection of music that we have all come to expect from him including plenty of new and exclusive material, listeners will also be treated to Tiga’s individual take on a wid array of subjects with the return of sections like Internet Corner, Tiga’s Mailbag and Football Corner.

One of the most inexhaustibly creative and revered musicians in electronic music, Tiga continues to push the envelope with each of the many new projects he undertakes. The recent release of the debut album from ZZT, his collaborative project with Zombie Nation, garnered widespread critical acclaim serving to further affirm his immaculate track record, and the Turbo Recordings imprint continues to go from strength to strength with an unrivalled stable that includes the likes of Chromeo, Gesaffelstein, Sei A and Boys Noize.

As ever with the My Name Is Tiga show, listeners will be welcomed into the world of one of the defining electronic musicians of our generation.

The show will be broadcasted on Sunday 18th December between 8pm and 10pm, with a repeat airing the following Saturday. The mix will also be available for streaming on the 6 Music website for a week proceeding the show being aired.

Tiga's shows for 2012 scheduled so far are: February 19th and April 22nd

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Turzi Electronique Experience 'Connaissance' video

From Hypnosis To Rave... In Paradisum at La Gaite Lyrique, Paris - December 17th - The Field, Mondkopf, Sandwell District and more...

On December 17th, Paris' most exciting new venue, La Gaité Lyrique, will journey through extremes: from ambient/shoegaze experimentation to radical techno, using the soundsystem and screens of the venue's biggest room to full effect; from a concert setting to the rave.

From Hypnosis ...
Demdike Stare and The Field will showcase their new live show with a hallucinatory visual experience for the first time in Paris as a live band act. Mondkopf will then build the bridge to the second part of the night, slowly bringing more physical rhythms into one of his daring DJ mixes.

... To Rave
The rave according to Sandwell District, one of today's most vibrant techno collective, in direct legacy to the most legendary techno labels, where radical aesthetics and an uncompromising approach shape dark and merciless music. Regis & Function and the label's new signature Rrose will bring this intensity to the party.


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Cubenx 'These Days' video

Cubenx mix on resonance fm

Cubenx interview on electronic

Leo Zero 'Acid Life' (Leo Trax)

Press Release
Leo Zero
Acid life
Leo Trax
Released 30 January 2012

Leo Zero is probably best known for his remixes of global acts like Florence & The Machine, Bryan Ferry & Paul Welller. But prior to this he's spent many years on the underground house scene, running parties, record labels, DJing, and learning the ropes in the studio.

In fact scroll back 20+ years and Leo was there right at the birth of House and Techno... in 1986-87 spending his dinner money on the latest imports from Chicago and Detroit and listening to the first pirate radio shows spawning this brand new sound.

"My mates and I would listen religiously to Jazzy M: 'The Jacking Zone' on LWR... a pirate station we could barely pick up where we lived at the end of the Met tube line in Chesham… you had to try all sorts of ways to get the signal, wiring the radio up to the radiator always worked well ! "

We're talking 1986 here - no internet, no dance music press - House music was evolving out of Boogie and Electro track by track as the sounds got more and more stripped down and futuristic... record shops like Groove, Bluebird, Vinyl Zone and Trax were the only places to buy this stuff, and fanzines like Boy's Own had only just surfaced.

"We were always hunting for the most raw and wild tracks back then - we'd grown up with the electro compilations and DJ culture, and making rudimentary mix tapes - looking back this music was growing up with us - most of the people in the US making it were new to making music themselves, most of the equipment was new - they were just teenagers messing about with drum machines fuelled by passion and energy rather than any musical know how.... a rule book didn't exist, it was just about getting the loudest most futuristic crazy noises out of these beatboxes - I lapped it up - Rhythm is Rhythm, Phuture, Marshall Jefferson, Fingers inc all became heroes - And when Larry Heard, Ron Wilson and Robert Owen's came over to London for the first time to perform live as Fingers inc - I was in the front row - it was a life changing moment for me. My life was all about music from then on."

Two years later, the rest of the country had caught up, Acid House had kicked in, and Leo found himself in Ibiza right in the thick of it all. Cafe Del Mar, Amnesia, Ku, Es Paradis, Glory's, Exstasis, Summum, Angels and a newly opened Space all sowed the seeds for a decade club promoting back in London and all over the world with the legendary Faith and Soulsonic parties, the latter of which saw him host throwdowns for Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen.

Around this time Leo also made his first auspicious waves in the production world, turning heads with his disco edit label Easter Bay, which counted DJ Harvey and Idjut Boys as fans. Leo has since gone on to form Dab Hands with Mark Wilkinson and Richard Searle in 2004, with the trio remixing Lou Reed and David Bowie’s “Satellite of Love” which gave them a top ten smash and a Miami buzz chart no.1. He’s also flexed his musical muscle as a member of psychedelic band A Mountain of One, writing and producing their first album ‘Collected Works’ in 2007.

Leo’s talent hasn’t ever been confined to music, either. He’s been involved in flyer/sleeve art for most of his natural life having worked with Junior Boys Own, Heavenly Records, Electric Stew, Dazed & Confused and Time Out. He has also exhibited at Jam at the Barbican and helped put together books on flyers for Thames & Hudson, among others.

So fast forward to today and Leo's many hours of flying time in various nighteries the world over have given him an instinctive idea of what makes a dancefloor kick. He now has his own boutique label Leo Trax and the first major release is Acid Life - a raw stripped down album made with old friend and Junior Boy's Own / Classic recordings singer Marcel - together they've stuck to what they know and love - good old fashioned house and techno in the traditional Chicago / Detroit style.

Eclectic is a word often used, but not always used in the right context. When referring to Leo Zero aka Leo Elstob ‘Eclectic’ he certainly is – from House to Disco – Boogie to Balearic via, Punk/Funk, and Mash-Up - Leo excels in all areas.

Selection of Remixes (full Discography and Remix list available on request):

Lana Del Rey – Born To Die (Leo Zero Remixes) - Polydor 2012
2 Bears – Warm & Easy (Leo Zero Remixes) – Southern Fried 2012
Foster The People – Don’t Stop ( Colour the walls) (Leo Zero Remix) -Columbia 2011
The Golden Filter – You Kill Me (Leo Zero Remix) - (R.O.M.) 2011
Hard Fi – Bring it On (Leo Zero Remix) – Mercury Records 2011
Lonsdale Boys Club – Gypsy (Leo Zero Remix) – Island Records 2011
Bombay Bicycle Club – Shuffle (Leo Zero Remix) – Island Records 2011
Black Devil Disco Club Feat. Faris Badwan – Distrust (Leo Zero Remix) Lo Recs 2011
Mirrors – Hide & Seek + Write Through The Night (Leo Zero Remixes) – Skint 2011
Patrick Wolf – Time of My Life (Leo Zero Remix) – Mercury – 2011
Bryan Ferry – Alphaville (Leo Zero Remix) Virgin – 2011
Everything Everything – Schoolin’ (Leo Zero Remix) Geffen – 2010
Alphabeat – DJ (Leo Zero Rework) Virgin – 2010
Owl City – Fireflies (Leo Zero Remix) Island – 2010
Paul Weller – No Tears To Cry (Leo Zero Remix) Island – 2010
Sam Sallon - You May Not Mean To Hurt Me But You Do – 2010
Music Go Music – Just Me (Leo Zero Remix) Mercury – 2009
Zarrylade - Eyes above Your Head II (Leo Zero Version) White – 2009
Metronomy - Not Made For Love (Leo Zero Remix) Because Music – 2009
Florence & The Machine - Rabbit Heart / Raise it up (Leo Zero Remix) Island – 2009
Wild Beasts - Hooting & Howling (Leo Zero Remix) Domino – 2009
Jack Penate - Tonight's Today (Leo Zero Remix) XL – 2009
Stricken City - Lost Art (Leo Zero) White – 2009
Ruf Dug - Dirty (Leo Zero Remix) PPF – 2009
Lou Reed & David Bowie - Satellite Of Love ( Dab hands Remix) Sony/BMG – 2005
X-Press 2 - Give It (Dab Hands Remix) Skint Records - 2005

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Luca C and Brigante 'Invisible Cities' (Southern Fried)

Luca C & Brigante present...Invisible Cities
Label: Southern Fried Released: January 2012
Distribution: PIAS Cat no: ECB283

Fresh from their smash club record ‘Different Morals':

Luca C & Brigante are back on Southern Fried Records to present ‘Invisible Cities’, a mesmerizing tide of Balearic disco pop that nestles somewhere between the shoreline and the cosmos.

Comprising six original tracks with collaborations and glowing vocal appearances from partner in crime Ali Love, Zeben Jameson from A Mountain Of One and Findlay Brown, ‘Invisible Cities’ took shape in a haze of romanticism and analog paraphernalia. Recorded while marooned on the White Isle last summer, the collection perfectly embodies the art of undulating psychedelia and the dreamy Balearic sound - soothing soundscapes of drifting island grooves, bathed in melancholia, scattered with cosmic dust and unfolding tales of strays in love.

Versatile Italian (London-based) duo Luca Cazal and Sebastiano Properzi aka Luca C & Brigante are on their way to owning this sound. From echoes of breaking waves, ‘The Beach’ builds into a Fleetwood Mac-esque love song full of expansive melodies, laid-back grooves and the ever-intoxicating voice of Mr. Ali Love. ‘On A Star’, where Ali also features, continues in the vein of a romantic’s oblivion with a soft-focus folk sensibility. The fluid strumming motion of ‘Time’, featuring the retro-pop singer Findlay Brown, is delightful in its simplicity and the tropical ‘Sunrise’ works as a fuzzy, scenic soundtrack to an island at dawn.

‘Morning Sun’ features the vocals of Zeben Jameson, who infuses the sparkling instrumentals with his burning tale of loss and renewal. Luca C himself sings final track ‘Space Lullaby’ - a floating odyssey of dream-like atmospheres, oscillating synths, rising strings and melodies that rock beside a beating heart.

1. The Beach
2. On A Star
3. Time
4. Sunrise
5. Morning Sun
6. Space Lullaby

For more information, contact: