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went to the Moma and saw an amazing music exhibition focused on New York.. with people like Blondie, Suzi Quatro, Sonic Youth, Ramones and Richard Hell all prominently featured. Saw the original video to the Laurie Anderson 'O Superman' song also.. so good.. have a moment:

Suzi Quatro...


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From The Seat Of Mount Olympus - Greco-Roman - released Feb 2010


GRECO-ROMAN, the London-Berlin label and party collective that take inspiration from olympic wrestling and include JOE HOT CHIP amongst their members, present the first 5 releases in their fearless “International Sonic Wrestling Match” single series together on CD for the first time along with the striking artwork of illustrator LORENZO FRUZZA. Drawing on the sharp and wide-ranging music policy of their legendary, and largely improvised, London parties, this compilation brings together some of the Greco-Roman artists that made their name playing at them.

First up a cult electro banger from DAVID E SUGAR, who went on to release singles on Bric A Brac and Kitsune and now hosts his own weekly show on Ministry Of Sound Radio. Next, a sugary disco gem from GROVESNOR who releases his album on Lo Recordings next year. Next to the wild streets of Angola for a slice of Kuduro ghetto bassquake from BURAKA SOM SISTEMA, who have since released their debut album “Black Diamond”, masterminded a Fabric mix CD and wowed festivals all around the globe with their electrifying, percussive live show. Then back in time for some tail-thumping, Neanderthal 2-step pop from TOTALLY ENORMOUS EXTINCT DINOSAURS, before journeying into the depths of a mad Scotsman’s psyche for the debut EP from the much hyped voodoo rave maestro DRUMS OF DEATH, who releases his debut full length “Generation Hexed” on Greco-Roman in 2010.

Mount Olympus is the roving, wrestIing playground of the Gods situated in the clouds somewhere over East London and East Berlin. Look out for “Return To Mount Olympus” next year.

Disc 1
DAVID E SUGAR “Oi New York This Is London”
1. Original
2. Hot Chip vs. Ragga Twins remix
3. Skream remix
4. Jesse Rose remix

Disc 2
GROVESNOR “Drive Your Car”
1. Original
2. Grovesnor's Rebel Quarter version
3. Hot Chip remix
4. Oliver $ remix

Disc 3
1. Original
2. Hot Chip remix

Disc 4
DRUMS OF DEATH “Steps Into The Ring” EP
1. Breathe
2. Breathe (Drop The Lime remix)
3. Cursed By Magick
4. Midnight Stalker

Disc 5
1. Bournemouth
2. Moon Hits The Mirrorball
3. Sickly Child
4. Moon Hits The Mirrorball (2 Bad Mice remix)

House of House 'Rushing to Paradise' - now with DJ Harvey remix!

Coming in 2010! and the original came in at number 20 in Resident Advisor's top 50 tracks of the year. beautiful house like it should be made.

Press Release
House Of House ‘Rushing To Paradise’ – incl DJ Harvey remix
'White Label'
Digital EP Release Date: February 2009

1. House Of House "Rushing To Paradise (Walkin' These Streets)"
2. House Of House "Rushing To Paradise (DJ Harvey Streets Mix)"
3. House Of House "The rough half (Don't stop)"
4. House Of House "Rushing To Paradise (Radio Edit)"

Throughout time, dance music has been celebrated in singular moments of contained chaos. It is night music, absorbed by "the people" in environments tucked away from mainstream society. To "the people", the 12" and not the LP was king. These were records made to move masses with little more than a kick drum, hi-hat and a bass line. Needles would drop, crowds would rejoice. Simple science, thoroughly tested and assuredly proven.

In early 2009, NYC-based duo House of House honored that rich history by creating and releasing the beast that is the "Rushing to Paradise" 12" through cult label Whatever We Want Records. Instantly coveted and championed by cutting edge DJ's, record collectors and cultural connoisseurs, "Rushing to Paradise" quickly moved up into the upper echelon of "years best" lists, even before the records’ official release date.

When the extremely limited run finally did hit stores, it instantly sold out and became "the" song of many memorable evenings across the globe. Clocking in at 13 minutes and weaving through the highest peaks and deep valleys of human emotion as well as the history of house music, “Rushing To Paradise” became synonymous with the word "epic". Repeated requests followed from eager clubbers, itching to experience the fabled hysteria the track would inspire when played.

As the legend grew, the the scarcity of the 12" itself intensified, disappearing from those select few record shops who managed to initially wrangle a few copies and began fetching upwards of 100 Euro price tags on online auction sites. Due to scarcity, "Rushing to Paradise" was no longer music for "the people".

Fast-forward to present time, House of House let the beast out again . . . and this time, it's stronger. With an accompanying remix from the infamous DJ Harvey (also the first DJ to support House of House), the "Rushing to Paradise" 12" remix package is made for dance floor domination. People, your music has returned.

sun can't compare

love this! reminds me of Paris and parties.

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Teen Witch

I heart the 80's. just watched Teen Witch for first time since i was a chidlet... total genius movie and some top dollar 80's haircuts, clothes and musical actions. check it.

XFM John Kennedy Xposure Hot One for fm Belfast

Wednesday's show. Nice man John. :)

Bjork in New York

she's the best.

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FM Belfast play on Loose Cannons on Kiss

and it dont got the f word in it thanks to the loose cannons' edit :)

Josh Wink interview in Time Out New York

more info on 'when a banana was just a banana remixed and peeled' coming inabit...


Sooo... there is a massive campaign to get Rage Against The Machine to numero uno in the UK.

check this:

FM Belfast did a cover of 'Killing In The Name Of' (entitled 'Lotus' on their album).. you can hear it here:

doing some freebies for it soon!

go rage.

Ben Rymer feature in I-DJ

ben rymer eating pies; suffering for his art.

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this is reet good

Green Velvet....

is amazing. and he has a new album coming bientot. make me wanna partay in my pants.

and cajmere...

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Bryan Ferry interview in The Times

pepping up for the new Hell v Bryan Ferry single...

I met David Byrne!

He did a talk at Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn last night... No more than fifty people (and loads more outside) packed into a tiny room whilst he stood on a little stage in front of his power point demonstration.

The talk was entitled 'Creation in Reverse' and was circled around how musicians make music tailored for the venue in which it will be heard... i.e. U2 making music that will sound good in stadiums and people making music for clubs (he likes the ideas of repetitive beats and how they work for dancefloors), dancehalls and concert venues. And also Ipods and your home stereo... Brian Eno's 'Music For Airports' comes to mind here.

Of course there are other elements (where the musician is at at that point also influences the feeling of the song/music - otherwise this takes away the creative element to it, i think..? or maybe it's the scientific approach). It was amazing to get his perspective on it all. Massively inspiring talk from one of the best legends ever.


And he signed my book with an exclamation point next to kim!


Ben Rymer Mix on Dummymag

Click the link for his excellent mix and Q&A...

Tsugi Newspiece on Retro/Grade

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Retro/Grade first ever live show at Disco Bloodbath - December 5th!

are you ready? Retro/Grade's MODA is still a heavy feature in all good DJ Sets (yes it is), as is their follow-up ZOID... but what else have they got coming? here is your chance to find out..

Check for the full info on RA... as we as the first ever live show, Retro/Grade will be joined by DJ sets from Serge Santiago & Ben Rymer (new Arcobaleno signing), Dan Beaumont, Damon Martin and Ben Pistor.

Good do.

FM Belfast on Les Inrocks podcast

bon bon

Peter Kruder review in Time Out New York

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love this guy
here is why

and 'all live but the ending' is amazing. no video, though.

Free download of FM Belfast remix of Mum on rcrdlbl

FM Belfast Francais blog

Ben Rymer Top Ten

Suffering for his art...

1 Big Bang (Channel 83 Lost in Space Edit) - Channel 83
2 The High Wire - Midnight Bell (Disco Bloodbath remix) - CDR
3 Steve Bug - Swallowed Too Much Bass (Joris Voorn remix) - Poker Flat
4 M D 3 - Face the Nation - Underground Records
5 Smoke and Mirrors - Ali Love (Channel 83 loves Ali and
Luca mix) - Backyard
6 Jam Factory - Volume 1 -CDR
7 M - Pop Muzik (todd terje remix) - Echo Beach
8 The Fitzcarraldo Variation - Black Cat (History Clock)
9 Ben Rymer - LA TRINCIATRICE - Arcabaleno
10 Billy No Mates - Channel 83

Guy Gerber Track of the Decade

falling up - theo parris - carl craig remix

so after thinking a lot i realise that it's very hard to choose because unlike songs ,dance music changes constantly and also my taste - so songs that I really liked at a certain time, seem annoying later on ,especially if they were played a i will go with one remix that had everything inside.the production of carl craig is pretty minimalist on that remix and the harmony is very electronic in a sense that it's a bit cold but later comes the fender rhodes that makes everything warmer. it also builds up perfectly until an aamzing peak that fits in any dj set from techno to minimal, from house to electro. it's truly a master piece in it's simplicity.

Laurent Garnier live vids from I LOVE TECHNO

et voila, ici est mon mec préféré de le monde du musique electronique. oui c'est ca. drum n bass in your face.

Radio Slave Resident Advisor podcast

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Annie Mac play of Retro/Grade ZOID

Second play from the lady Mac... you forget how good this is until you listen to it again.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Peaches in New York

Went to see her last night at Terminal Five. One of the best live shows i've seen this year... So much attitude and originality and style and punk energy. she raps, she sings. great outfits. great work with the lazers. great pussy light... she's totally mental in a very amazing and creative way. :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dust And Illusions

went to see this.. so going to the festival next year - and now that i know the history it appeals even more. i see gold.

Damaged Goods

Last Night..

Went to see the XX at the Bowery Ball Room in the NY of C. They were ace and it was rammed.

Loved this...

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Rob Da Bank play of Peter Kruder

Rob Da Bank is legend with a long pony tail

do you speak Polish?

I don't, but I'm sure if i did i would think this is a great review... Cheap Thrills is album of the month in DJ Mag Poland.

Radio Slave chart December



Retro/Grade ZOID review on Datatransmission

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NME review of Iceland Airwaves

Peter Kruder mix and chart

To use and abuse...

Peter Kruder - mix for Gigolo DOWNLOAD HERE

1. Peter Kruder - 25West 38th St - Gigolo Records
2. Alan Fitzpatrick - Reflections - Bedrock
3. Hell vs Bryan Ferry - U Can Dance (Carl Craig Mix 1) Gigolo Records
4. Monika Kruse meets Mutant Clan - Sancerre - Terminal M
5. Phil Kieran - Don't Look Far Away - Cocoon Recordings
6. Stimming - The Loneliness - Diynamic
7. Skin - Because of you (Michel Cleis Mix) Onelittleindian
8. Peter Kruder - Hard To Find - Gigolo Records

Peter Kruder Top Ten
01.Hell feat Bryan Ferry - U Can Dance (Carl Craig RMX V1) - Gigolo Records
02.Monika Kruse meets Mutant Clan - Sancerre - Terminal M
03.Phillip - Federation - White Label
04.Ed Davenport - Warmathene (MyMy Reduction) - Poker Flat
05.Estroe - Le Flaneur (Kollektiv Turmstrasse WaldundWiesenRehMix - Connaisseur Recordings
06.Danuel Tate - CAREFULLMIND - Wagon Repair
07.XDB - Sense - Wave Music
08.Skin - Because of you (Michel Cleis Remix) - Onelittleindian
09.Jazzanova - Look What You Are Doing To Me_( Christian Prommer Remix) - Universal
10.Agoria - Libellules - InFiné

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Psychonauts – Songs For Creatures - album on Gigolo

Press Release
Psychonauts – Songs For Creatures
Released: January 2010
Gigolo Recordings

‘…Wanting to understand how the music we loved was created, the never ending quest!’ Psychonauts October 2009

Like all good band stories ours begins with the “quest.” The artistic search for understanding is the key to originality. Artists from all walks will readily admit that often their most original work was conceived during the exploration of work from their inspirer. So when DJ Hell released his ubiquitously received ‘Teufelswerk’ album there was a large question as to where such originality came from, in particular the ‘Day’ portion of the double Album. In a conversation with the Psychonauts DJ Hell happily told how their debut album ‘Songs For Creatures,’ had been a big inspiration, joining the likes of James Murphy and Unkle in open praise of the startlingly original album.

The Psychonauts are made up of Pablo Clement and Paul Mogg, whose quest began in Yeovil, Sommerset. Their formative years were spent “crate digging” for the original recordings of their favourite samples, be it Hop Hop or Pop, and then playing these records at their club night. “The big jump forward was when we sent Tim Goldsworthy (DFA) a DJ mix tape we had done. Tim, an old Yeovil friend, was one half of James Lavelle’s UNKLE project. At the time they were both recording in LA with the Beastie Boys and our mix tape became their inspiration“

During this period Unkle was part of the highly influential Mo Wax Records artist roster, where James Lavelle was also head of A&R. In no time he had moved the two to London, gave them a residency at his ‘Dusted’ party and put them to the studio with Kudo from Major Force. “We learnt so much working with Kudo and Tim Goldsworthy. This was how we came into music production.“ From these sessions came the single ‘Hot Blood’ which served as a lynch pin for the album and a track James Murphy cited as a sonic reference for the 1st Rapture album.

By now the hype machine had kicked-in with remixes and DJ appearances impressing all and sundry and a rapidly building fan-base. Among this fan base was Alan Moulder and Flood, the infamous producers behind London’s world class Assault & Battery studio. The two veterans of music production invited the Psychonauts and Kudo to record and mix at their studio. The team set-about working on the album; “9 times out of 10 a song would start with a musical sample and a drum loop and we would start building with instruments or more samples. If we could not satisfy our needs with our primitive playing abilities we would call on friends to come over and jam on ideas until we got what we wanted. It was a similar process with all of the vocalist on the album, all good friends who we invited into the studio to jam on ideas.“

Amongst the collaborators on ‘Songs For Creatures’ you will find James Yorkstone,0 Siobhan Fahey from Swing Out Sister, Sam Graham known for her work with post punk, pre The Rapture legends, Gramme and Zeben Jameson, the lead singer from Mountain of One. Jim Abbiss, the man of several notable moments, pops up with mixing credits too, his most recent work including albums for Jack Penate and Adele!

Since making ‘Songs For Creatures’ Pablo Clement joined James Lavelle as one half of Unkle. Paul Mogg relocated to Berlin where he jumped from project to project finally taking root with his latest outing as ‘Boy Of Girl,’ which itself is born from a previous project introduced late 2007 on the DFA/Super Soul compilation. In the wake of successful albums such as Hells ‘Teufelswerk’ and James Murphy’s ‘43:55’ it felt time to release the record as originally intended. Restoring the lost recording of 'Wild In Your Eyes’ and then repackaging and re-mastering brings the album full circle.

“We always felt like we missed the boat a little. Mo Wax fans were expecting a ‘trip hop’ album and Disco was still a dirty word. Looking back it feels ahead of what was going on.“ One listen to the album in its entirety would leave any music lover leave hard pushed to argue with such a sentiment. The exuberance of two green Yeovillites with too much time on their hands, too many records and a little too much fame is as much fun as it sounds. From the funk drenched opener ‘Circles’ the Kosmiche of ‘Hips for Scotland’ featuring James Yorkston, the Italo arpeggios of ‘Fear is Real,’ the Surf of ‘Distance Between Dreams’ and finally to the album opus ‘Take Control,’ which in the tradition of Hip Hop is all things at once whilst sounding like nothing else out there!

Ben Rymer - ‘La Trinciarice’ - new ep on Arcobaleno

Press Release
Ben Rymer ‘La Trinciarice’
1 – Main Mix
2 – Dream Dub
Released: January 2010

Serge Santiago’s Arcobaleno imprint begins 2010 with an excellent Italo inspired EP from Ben Rymer – one of dance music’s most unique characters.

Formerly part of The Fat Truckers, the Sheffield-born-Brit-electro-clash band who toured with Pulp (wielding light sabres on stage, apparently) and released their album ‘The First Fat Truckers Album Is for Sale’ on Gigolo in 2003 – containing songs about cheap motorbikes, import-export business and multiplex cinemas.

He was also part of Gucci Soundsystem, who have released on Bugged Out and DFA and who promoted the now legendary London club-night Druzzis, which bought guests like James Murphy, 2ManyDJs, Erol Alkan, The Rapture and more to a small and sweaty box in East London. This led to Rymer DJing at Fabric, a residency at Weekend in Berlin, Space in Ibiza, Le Baron in Paris, The Arches in Glasgow and lots more…

Most recently, Rymer has joined the Disco Bloodbath crew, London’s finest connoisseurs of only the best cosmic, Disco influenced music. The collective have remixed Franz Ferdinand, Little Boots, Tommie Sparks, Wolfgang and many more.

And here you have the solo; ‘La Trinciarice’ (meaning ‘The Shredder’) Main Mix is an epic, heavy yet cosmic journey into space. The Dream Dub is a floating dream sequence with mid-way battle and an ending that slowly floats off…

Rymer has also recently started his own label, Channel 83, with Disco Bloodath cohort Damon Martin, their first release is an epic 7-minute edit of Fern Kinney’s ‘Love Me Tonight’ and has been supported by LCD Soundsystem’s main main James Murphy, as well as many others.

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FM Belfast 'Desert Island Disco' on Diesel Radio

Download here:

FM Belfast join the long list of artists to create their very own Desert Island Disco on Diesel:U:Music Radio. The Icelandic band travel to their perfect disco, on their very own desert island - their rules, their party. A midst a land of Marqueritas and giant ipods the band select their favourite tunes to have played on the island, from past and present.

Monday, November 2, 2009

A Journey To The Stars...

Did you know that we're all made of stardust? I went to the 'journey to the stars' exhibition yesterday, at the American Museum of Natural History... it is narrated by Whoopi Goldberg and totally amazing. Magic.

reminded me of this:

Sunday, November 1, 2009

New York

I'm here to get inspired...

"Only Let People See What You Want Them To See" - Andy Warhol

Monday, October 26, 2009

download the cosmonauts mix from soundcloud

it's well good

FM Belfast 'How To Make Friends' - debut artist album from Icelandic collective

FM Belfast
How To Make Friends
Morr Music / Kimi Records
Released: Jan 22nd

“Be Who You Are and Say What You Feel Because Those Who Mind Don't Matter and Those Who Matter Don't Mind.” - Dr. Zeuss

FM Belfast are Iceland’s best keep secret; a band with colourful energy that instantly captures your attention. Musically, they create inspiring electro-indie-pop and always put on an explosive, impulsive and unpredictable live show - with anything from 3 to 30 people - always hitting the high notes and always leaving you with a smile.

‘How To Make Friends’ is the debut album from the creative collective… Lyrically it covers everything from the VHS (a stage on from The Buggles), to Love, to a Tropical, Exotic Rocky Island, to Running Down The Street In Your Underwear… And the band do cover versions (re-working Rage Against The Machine and Technotronic) in ways you would least expect… Get ready for Fun…

Beginning as a living-room project with Árni Plúseinn (vocals, computers, lights) and Lóa (vocals, percussion), ‘Pump’ became the first FM Belfast song created - a Christmas present for friends. Their first show, as still only a duo, took place in a cave on The Faeroe Islands, in the summer of 2006. Later in the Autumn came their first official Live Show at the Iceland Airwaves Festival - The annual Iceland Music event which showcases local and international talent to the music industry and beyond. Árni Vil (vocals, drum machine, falsetto) and Örvar (vocals) joined before that show and from here the band became a quartet, with some variations.

FM Belfast have since played the festival every year, with the Airwaves Annual booklet describing them as: “Reykjavik’s masters of public pantlessness have no problem getting a whole room to bust a move. Their shows are consistently high quality, electro-pop ragers. Constant Airwaves favourites.” – from here they got to tour far and wide and have been propped by magazines including Clash, NME, Rolling Stone USA, Telegraph and Q magazine as a must see Live Act.

some links..

The band are inspired by artists including Gary Numan, Toto, Aha, Pavement, Flaming Lips, Smog, Primal Scream, Jóhann Helgason, Biggi Veira from GusGus and many more. Their album’s title ‘How To Make Friends’ is inspired by the many great people the band met when making the album and by a comic book title Lóa was illustrating at the time - ‘How to make friends in summer camp’ (a selection of Lóa’s art works can be found here:

A track by track breakdown by the band themselves…

Frequency: “This song was made after a family gathering where one of us had to be the designated driver for drunk family members. It´s probably an experience most people recognize. It can be awful while it lasts but usually funny afterwards.”|

Underwear: “The song is about boredom combined with the freedom of running down the street in your underwear. It’s about growing up in place where you have to make your own entertainment.”

I Can Feel Love: “When you fall more and more in love with each drink you have - when you are drunk and happy in a cheesy kind of way.”

Tropical: “To some people it sounds like it’s a song about Iceland. Tropical was originally written about the town Gjogv in the Faeroe Islands, about a place that’s almost the opposite of Tropical. Exotic rocky island.”

Pump: “Pump is the first FM Belfast song ever made. It was a Christmas gift for our friends Inga and Bóas. The recording on the album is the original one and the lyrics are borrowed from Technotronic´s Pump up the Jam.”

Par Avion: “One very cold winter day there was an article in the newspaper about an Icelandic girl that had moved to the Caribbean and was renting a house on the beach for a small amount of money. At the time it felt almost ridiculous to live on a frozen island and pay high rent for a tiny apartment. We just wanted to move right away. It helps singing this song, then you can go to the Caribbean for 3 minutes and 47 seconds.”

VHS: “About when formats change and become obsolete. You’ve grown attached to some technology and then someone comes along and changes it ruining your collections. Like a love song to a lost friend.”

Lotus: “A friend of ours said: " Why don’t you do something with the Rage against the Machine?" so we did the best we could. We still don’t know if he was being serious or not.”

Optical: “The joy of getting your vision back by buying a pair of spectacles. Most of us in the band are visually impaired. Some in more denial than others.”

Synthia: “There once was a beautiful synthesizer that was owned by a neglectful man. The song is about poor treatment of synthesizers and our desire to save them.”

President: “It’s a song about a determined person that never gives up.”

‘How To Make Friends’ is released January 22nd on Morr Music / Kimi Records

For more press information, contact Kim Booth

Joe Goddard 'Harvest Festival' - debut artist album for Greco-Roman imprint

Joe Goddard
'Harvest Festival'
Released November

“…and party, and bullshit, and party, and bullshit, and party, and bullshit…”

Joe Goddard is no stranger to clubs. As a member of Hot Chip he’s played more than his fair share, as well as remixing, and being remixed by, the great and the good. As a DJ he’s been around the world on top of masterminding Bugged Out and DJ Kicks comps. And as a founding member of the Greco-Roman collective he’s probably seen things, like Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner, you people wouldn’t believe. No wonder the man’s first solo album sounds the way it does.

Harvest Festival is a celebration of electronic music, pure and simple, in which Goddard brings the objects of his passion lovingly into the 21st century. “I wanted to do things that would feel a little out of place on a Hot Chip album,” he explains, “like having long instrumental passages and loops. I love crafting short songs with Alexis [Taylor] but I wanted to have a go at other forms of electronic music.”

Growing up in London, Goddard found himself at the heart of club culture, and this has undeniably rubbed off on him. “I suppose the record is my comment on dance music here as I have experienced it over the years,” he confesses. “It has traces of all the periods I have gone through clubbing, from drum ‘n’ bass to house, garage, techno, dubstep. There is a polyrhythmic, bouncing and Jamaican element to most London music that comes from jungle and rave that you do not find so much in places like Berlin or New York. I love those elements and often try to find places for them. All of these things feature in Greco-Roman nights as well.”

The Greco-Roman nights of which he speaks are run by a collective of musicians, artists and jilted music-lovers that include Goddard himself. The littlest hobo of the international clubbing circuit, together they have thrown quasi-legal parties in off-kilter venues such as boats, warehouses, railway arches and Spanish restaurants in London, Moscow, New York, Austin, Sydney, Melbourne and their second home of Berlin, as well as troubling festivals such as Bestival, Glastonbury, Bloc, Field Day and the Big Chill under the name Greco-Roman Soundsystem. Their extravaganzas have offered Goddard an invaluable opportunity to study what makes a party work, allowing him to justify their beloved Greco-Roman wrestling and bacchanalian orgies by making them as mind-broadening as they are mind-bending. They have also released singles from Buraka Som Sistema, David E Sugar, Grovesnor, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Drums of Death, while Harvest Festival is a worthy title holder for their first full length release.

“I learn about the different phases that nights go through,” he admits, “and watch the way the crowd responds to different environments, different tunes and the prevailing mood of the night. I learn about what people respond to musically whilst dancing, and the conventions that dance music needs and uses to unite people.” But Greco-Roman has had an even greater influence on his debut. “I wanted to avoid the crushing seriousness that a lot of dance producers seem to feel is essential to making music,” he continues. “So with this music, as well as with Hot Chip, there are moments of contemplation and then playful bits that hopefully will be fun for people to dance to.”

Given that the record is as much a record about dance music as it is a dance music record, Goddard has given it an arc similar to that of an evening out. It opens with ‘Apple Bobbing’, whose playful, woozy sound recalls Aphex Twin’s early ambient work, then works up towards ‘Pear-Shaped’, which “was inspired by Theo Parrish’s music, that insistent, jerky bounce that lots of good Detroit music has that doesn’t let up”. ‘Strawberry Jam’ and the mock-anthemic ‘Go Bananas’ both reveal Goddard’s huge love of UK Garage and pick up the pace even further before ‘Half-Time Oranges’ sees him an unlikely marriage between Brian Eno and J. Dilla. ‘Lemon & Lime (Home Time)’ meanwhile represents a turning point, its lush melancholy – and one of only two vocals on the album – addressing “the moment that the sun comes up and people start to think about getting home.” ‘Sour Grapes’ then continues the Detroit theme before the night winds down with nods to LTJ Bukem and, on ‘Coconut Shy’, a second tip of the hat to Brian Eno.

Harvest Festival is an album that raves about the past while striding imaginatively into the future. But those titles? “Collecting together these songs, some of which are very old, felt to me a bit like when your Mum gave you an old tin of peaches to take into church at Harvest Festival. And when making instrumental dance music, titles are often really meaningless anyway. They’re not exactly what’s on people’s minds when they’re dancing, and that’s what this record is for.” Still, it seems like his work has come to fruition. Ouch. Let that be a lesson.

Greco-Roman Presents: 'From The Seat Of Mount Olympus'

'From The Seat Of Mount Olympus'
A Limited 5x CD single Box-set
Various Artists
Released November 2009

GRECO-ROMAN, the London collective of musicians, artists & DJs that includes JOE HOT CHIP, presents “FROM THE SEAT OF MOUNT OLYMPUS”: a collection of their first 5 singles presented for the first time on CD with the striking artwork of illustrator LORENZO FRUZZA. Drawing on the sharp and wide-ranging music policy of their legendary London parties, this compilation brings together all of the Greco-Roman artists that have played – a cult electro banger from DAVID E SUGAR, sugary disco pop from GROVESNOR, Kuduro ghetto bass from BURAKA SOM SISTEMA, bouncy festival house from TOTALLY ENORMOUS EXTINCT DINOSAURS and the debut EP from the much hyped voodoo rave man DRUMS OF DEATH. The package features the artwork for each single and comes complete with remixes from HOT CHIP, JESSE ROSE and SKREAM.


Disc 1: DAVID E SUGAR “Oi New York This Is London”
1. Original
2. Hot Chip vs. Ragga Twins remix
3. Skream remix
4. Jesse Rose remix

Disc 2: GROVESNOR “Drive Your Car”
1. Original
2. Grovesnor's Rebel Quarter version
3. Hot Chip remix
4. Oliver $ remix

Disc 3: BURAKA SOM SISTEMA “Kalemba”
1. Original
2. Hot Chip remix

Disc 4: DRUMS OF DEATH “Steps Into The Ring” EP
1. Breathe
2. Breathe (Drop The Lime remix)
3. Cursed By Magick
4. Midnight Stalker

1. Bournemouth
2. Moon Hits The Mirrorball
3. Sickly Child
4. Moon Hits The Mirrorball (2 Bad Mice remix)

Clash review of Retro/Grade MODA

The Telegraph review of Airwaves

with a massive big up for fm belfast!

Dazed Digital does Airwaves

Hervé playlist en francais

What's on say acid

they really like the snuff crew album, ja.

Carl Craig at ADE


the model review on datatransmission

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Check out Loa from FM Belfast's art projects

talented not only musically...

Our Shit Jumper Party in Time Out's Critic's Choice!

Our little charity project is on tonight and Time Out has listed it as a Critic's Choice - brilliant! The shittest jumper will win a prize and everything goes to charity.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Q Magazine reaction to FM Belfast

Check FM Belfast at Airwaves

The Glass 'Superhero' (Plant Music)

Plant Music Seed 032
The Glass ‘Superhero’
1) Original
2) Ursula 1000 Remix
3) Luke Solomon Dub
4) Bit Thief Remix
5) Komka Remix
6) Sam Young & I Sancho Mix

New York and Berlin duo The Glass come with the second single from their upcoming album on NYC’s Plant Music label.

In the wake of the summer hit ‘Wanna Be Dancin’’ which had huge support from Club and Radio DJs all over the globe (Pete Tong and Rob Da Bank both banged it on Radio One) vocalist Dominique Keegan (New York) and producer Glen Brady (aka Dj Wool/Berlin) come with ‘Superhero’ a pop leaning dancefloor track with an infectious hook. The boys just came off a three week North American tour and are back out in October with dates in Germany, Switzerland and Norway.

Originally both from Dublin, Ireland, The Glass first reared their heads with 2005’s ‘Won’t Bother Me’ and their collaborations on 2020 Soundsystem ‘No Order’ album as well as their infamous ‘Sound of Young New York’ compilations spawned from Keegan’s now defunct Plant Bar. Having taken a short hiatus they are back with a new look, feel and sound.

‘Superhero’ laments the rise and fall of every lunatic ‘bouncing off the walls’ on a Friday night and the track comes with a slew on sexy remixes by both established and hot up and coming producers.

About the remixers:

ESL Recording’s Ursula 1000 plays up the hip hop elements in the original production with 80s electro feel, shimmering hats and a 90s ravey vibe.

UK’s Luke Solomon, founder of Classic recordings with Derrick Carter, and all round House Music champion. Luke’s mix is an old skool rave dub with pulsing percussion, trippy synths and a wonderful retro bassline.

Newcomer Bit Thief brings an amazing Nu House remix to the table with an incredible conga heavy mix which includes tenor sax honks and much much more…

Brasil’s Komka take a slight Tech House approach with hints of German Minimalism.

London’s Sam Young & I Sancho bring a big room Electro House mix to the floor crushing kicks and a dreamy synth melody.

Peter Kruder 'Hard To Find' (Gigolo)

Press Release
Peter Kruder
1. Hard To Find
2. 25 West 38th St.

Released: November 2009
Gigolo Recordings
Distributed by: NEWS

Peter Kruder returns to the Gigolo Mega-Church to present two new tracks from his recent arsenal of Techno and House dance-floor bombs. Needless to say 2009 has been a good year for Gigolo and Hell with the high times being shared by Peter Kruder. Beginning back in March when we released Peter’s Kruders first 12” in 7 years as part of the CD Eleven release. Followed swiftly by the release of DJ Hells acclaimed ‘Teufelswerk’ album, recorded and produced largely in Peter Kruders Vienna based studio. So as we approach the end of 2009 it gives us great pleasure to announce the latest EP ‘Hard To Find.’

On the a-side you find the title track, which takes in influences from Detroit techno circa the age of UR to North African hooks. The filter sweep towards the end, which serves as the drop/break, is a master-class in restrained modulation that is bound to ignite any dance floor. On the B-side we find ’25 West 38th St.’ a slightly more reserved affair opening with the sound of the ocean air, then swiftly diving into a bass driven groove, which features lush string’s and a piano-led top line creating a track that is as atmospheric as it is rhythmic. The EP itself takes influence from the B-side on two levels, the most immediate being the title of the track, which is the address of the old Nu Groove Records offices. This is Peter Kruder’s homage to a time when dance music served as a momentary escape, an opportunity to make those around happy. It also brings Peter’s relationship with Gigolo Records full circle, having begun in 2004 with his ‘Nu Groove’ remix of Hells ‘Listen to the Hiss.’

Resident Advisor recently alluded to the idea that Peter Kruders finest solo work is coming exclusively through Gigolo Records. It is certainly not beyond the realms of possibility as this latest record goes a long way to proving. With such a statement in mind we invite you to listen to the latest release from Peter Kruder.

Friday, October 16, 2009

If Retro/Grade did Tron...

Hell inbox feature on XLR8R

Retro/Grade interview on the pix zine

Iceland Airwaves hit number 1 - Retro Stefson

They're aged between 17 and 19 and are amazing! Saw them twice yesterday - once at the Naked Ape clothes shop, where they got everyone to sit down and do weird dance moves, and then again later at Karumba. the big show is tomorrow night at NASA...

An extremely tight and fun seven-piece, with melodies and rhythms that take in calypso, pure funk, rock that is soft and so much more, and totally belies their age! ones to watch. The live show gets everyone involved and you know they have so much more to come.

Retro/Grade ZOID

'ZOID' - Released November - VINYL ONLY
Label: Retro/Grade

'ZOID' follows Retro/Grade's massive 'Moda' release, which gained support from Erol Alkan, A-Trak, Trevor Jackson, Riton, Simian Mobile Disco, Brodinski, Ed Bangers, Pete Tong, Annie Mac and many more, with its limited-edition vinyl-only release in September.

'ZOID' is epic italo disco layered in modern way, with emotion that constantly builds as it hits…

The Retro/Grade album 'Motion' is set to follow in 2010.

Inspiration taken from a period between disco and house - the grey zone where synths were first used with disco and when drum machines were used to keep a track in time.

Retro/Grade's sound is a modern day Italo Disco…

Since 2005, Serge Santiago and Tom Neville have been slowly cooking a career-defining album… What came out of the studio sessions was a perfect modern day Italo/Disco sound, straight off the bat… This was the birth of the group Retro/Grade.

For more press info, contact Kim Booth: