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went to the Moma and saw an amazing music exhibition focused on New York.. with people like Blondie, Suzi Quatro, Sonic Youth, Ramones and Richard Hell all prominently featured. Saw the original video to the Laurie Anderson 'O Superman' song also.. so good.. have a moment:

Suzi Quatro...


Monday, December 21, 2009

From The Seat Of Mount Olympus - Greco-Roman - released Feb 2010


GRECO-ROMAN, the London-Berlin label and party collective that take inspiration from olympic wrestling and include JOE HOT CHIP amongst their members, present the first 5 releases in their fearless “International Sonic Wrestling Match” single series together on CD for the first time along with the striking artwork of illustrator LORENZO FRUZZA. Drawing on the sharp and wide-ranging music policy of their legendary, and largely improvised, London parties, this compilation brings together some of the Greco-Roman artists that made their name playing at them.

First up a cult electro banger from DAVID E SUGAR, who went on to release singles on Bric A Brac and Kitsune and now hosts his own weekly show on Ministry Of Sound Radio. Next, a sugary disco gem from GROVESNOR who releases his album on Lo Recordings next year. Next to the wild streets of Angola for a slice of Kuduro ghetto bassquake from BURAKA SOM SISTEMA, who have since released their debut album “Black Diamond”, masterminded a Fabric mix CD and wowed festivals all around the globe with their electrifying, percussive live show. Then back in time for some tail-thumping, Neanderthal 2-step pop from TOTALLY ENORMOUS EXTINCT DINOSAURS, before journeying into the depths of a mad Scotsman’s psyche for the debut EP from the much hyped voodoo rave maestro DRUMS OF DEATH, who releases his debut full length “Generation Hexed” on Greco-Roman in 2010.

Mount Olympus is the roving, wrestIing playground of the Gods situated in the clouds somewhere over East London and East Berlin. Look out for “Return To Mount Olympus” next year.

Disc 1
DAVID E SUGAR “Oi New York This Is London”
1. Original
2. Hot Chip vs. Ragga Twins remix
3. Skream remix
4. Jesse Rose remix

Disc 2
GROVESNOR “Drive Your Car”
1. Original
2. Grovesnor's Rebel Quarter version
3. Hot Chip remix
4. Oliver $ remix

Disc 3
1. Original
2. Hot Chip remix

Disc 4
DRUMS OF DEATH “Steps Into The Ring” EP
1. Breathe
2. Breathe (Drop The Lime remix)
3. Cursed By Magick
4. Midnight Stalker

Disc 5
1. Bournemouth
2. Moon Hits The Mirrorball
3. Sickly Child
4. Moon Hits The Mirrorball (2 Bad Mice remix)

House of House 'Rushing to Paradise' - now with DJ Harvey remix!

Coming in 2010! and the original came in at number 20 in Resident Advisor's top 50 tracks of the year. beautiful house like it should be made.

Press Release
House Of House ‘Rushing To Paradise’ – incl DJ Harvey remix
'White Label'
Digital EP Release Date: February 2009

1. House Of House "Rushing To Paradise (Walkin' These Streets)"
2. House Of House "Rushing To Paradise (DJ Harvey Streets Mix)"
3. House Of House "The rough half (Don't stop)"
4. House Of House "Rushing To Paradise (Radio Edit)"

Throughout time, dance music has been celebrated in singular moments of contained chaos. It is night music, absorbed by "the people" in environments tucked away from mainstream society. To "the people", the 12" and not the LP was king. These were records made to move masses with little more than a kick drum, hi-hat and a bass line. Needles would drop, crowds would rejoice. Simple science, thoroughly tested and assuredly proven.

In early 2009, NYC-based duo House of House honored that rich history by creating and releasing the beast that is the "Rushing to Paradise" 12" through cult label Whatever We Want Records. Instantly coveted and championed by cutting edge DJ's, record collectors and cultural connoisseurs, "Rushing to Paradise" quickly moved up into the upper echelon of "years best" lists, even before the records’ official release date.

When the extremely limited run finally did hit stores, it instantly sold out and became "the" song of many memorable evenings across the globe. Clocking in at 13 minutes and weaving through the highest peaks and deep valleys of human emotion as well as the history of house music, “Rushing To Paradise” became synonymous with the word "epic". Repeated requests followed from eager clubbers, itching to experience the fabled hysteria the track would inspire when played.

As the legend grew, the the scarcity of the 12" itself intensified, disappearing from those select few record shops who managed to initially wrangle a few copies and began fetching upwards of 100 Euro price tags on online auction sites. Due to scarcity, "Rushing to Paradise" was no longer music for "the people".

Fast-forward to present time, House of House let the beast out again . . . and this time, it's stronger. With an accompanying remix from the infamous DJ Harvey (also the first DJ to support House of House), the "Rushing to Paradise" 12" remix package is made for dance floor domination. People, your music has returned.

sun can't compare

love this! reminds me of Paris and parties.

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Teen Witch

I heart the 80's. just watched Teen Witch for first time since i was a chidlet... total genius movie and some top dollar 80's haircuts, clothes and musical actions. check it.

XFM John Kennedy Xposure Hot One for fm Belfast

Wednesday's show. Nice man John. :)

Bjork in New York

she's the best.

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FM Belfast play on Loose Cannons on Kiss

and it dont got the f word in it thanks to the loose cannons' edit :)

Josh Wink interview in Time Out New York

more info on 'when a banana was just a banana remixed and peeled' coming inabit...


Sooo... there is a massive campaign to get Rage Against The Machine to numero uno in the UK.

check this:

FM Belfast did a cover of 'Killing In The Name Of' (entitled 'Lotus' on their album).. you can hear it here:

doing some freebies for it soon!

go rage.

Ben Rymer feature in I-DJ

ben rymer eating pies; suffering for his art.

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this is reet good

Green Velvet....

is amazing. and he has a new album coming bientot. make me wanna partay in my pants.

and cajmere...

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Bryan Ferry interview in The Times

pepping up for the new Hell v Bryan Ferry single...

I met David Byrne!

He did a talk at Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn last night... No more than fifty people (and loads more outside) packed into a tiny room whilst he stood on a little stage in front of his power point demonstration.

The talk was entitled 'Creation in Reverse' and was circled around how musicians make music tailored for the venue in which it will be heard... i.e. U2 making music that will sound good in stadiums and people making music for clubs (he likes the ideas of repetitive beats and how they work for dancefloors), dancehalls and concert venues. And also Ipods and your home stereo... Brian Eno's 'Music For Airports' comes to mind here.

Of course there are other elements (where the musician is at at that point also influences the feeling of the song/music - otherwise this takes away the creative element to it, i think..? or maybe it's the scientific approach). It was amazing to get his perspective on it all. Massively inspiring talk from one of the best legends ever.


And he signed my book with an exclamation point next to kim!


Ben Rymer Mix on Dummymag

Click the link for his excellent mix and Q&A...

Tsugi Newspiece on Retro/Grade