Monday, December 21, 2009

House of House 'Rushing to Paradise' - now with DJ Harvey remix!

Coming in 2010! and the original came in at number 20 in Resident Advisor's top 50 tracks of the year. beautiful house like it should be made.

Press Release
House Of House ‘Rushing To Paradise’ – incl DJ Harvey remix
'White Label'
Digital EP Release Date: February 2009

1. House Of House "Rushing To Paradise (Walkin' These Streets)"
2. House Of House "Rushing To Paradise (DJ Harvey Streets Mix)"
3. House Of House "The rough half (Don't stop)"
4. House Of House "Rushing To Paradise (Radio Edit)"

Throughout time, dance music has been celebrated in singular moments of contained chaos. It is night music, absorbed by "the people" in environments tucked away from mainstream society. To "the people", the 12" and not the LP was king. These were records made to move masses with little more than a kick drum, hi-hat and a bass line. Needles would drop, crowds would rejoice. Simple science, thoroughly tested and assuredly proven.

In early 2009, NYC-based duo House of House honored that rich history by creating and releasing the beast that is the "Rushing to Paradise" 12" through cult label Whatever We Want Records. Instantly coveted and championed by cutting edge DJ's, record collectors and cultural connoisseurs, "Rushing to Paradise" quickly moved up into the upper echelon of "years best" lists, even before the records’ official release date.

When the extremely limited run finally did hit stores, it instantly sold out and became "the" song of many memorable evenings across the globe. Clocking in at 13 minutes and weaving through the highest peaks and deep valleys of human emotion as well as the history of house music, “Rushing To Paradise” became synonymous with the word "epic". Repeated requests followed from eager clubbers, itching to experience the fabled hysteria the track would inspire when played.

As the legend grew, the the scarcity of the 12" itself intensified, disappearing from those select few record shops who managed to initially wrangle a few copies and began fetching upwards of 100 Euro price tags on online auction sites. Due to scarcity, "Rushing to Paradise" was no longer music for "the people".

Fast-forward to present time, House of House let the beast out again . . . and this time, it's stronger. With an accompanying remix from the infamous DJ Harvey (also the first DJ to support House of House), the "Rushing to Paradise" 12" remix package is made for dance floor domination. People, your music has returned.

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