Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I met David Byrne!

He did a talk at Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn last night... No more than fifty people (and loads more outside) packed into a tiny room whilst he stood on a little stage in front of his power point demonstration.

The talk was entitled 'Creation in Reverse' and was circled around how musicians make music tailored for the venue in which it will be heard... i.e. U2 making music that will sound good in stadiums and people making music for clubs (he likes the ideas of repetitive beats and how they work for dancefloors), dancehalls and concert venues. And also Ipods and your home stereo... Brian Eno's 'Music For Airports' comes to mind here.

Of course there are other elements (where the musician is at at that point also influences the feeling of the song/music - otherwise this takes away the creative element to it, i think..? or maybe it's the scientific approach). It was amazing to get his perspective on it all. Massively inspiring talk from one of the best legends ever.


And he signed my book with an exclamation point next to kim!


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