Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Laurent Garnier Live in Paris

From Laurent...

On Saturday 13th March I played a once in a lifetime concert at the legendary Salle Pleyel in Paris. Alongside my own musicians on stage, I was joined by the amazing Anthony Joseph as well as Birdy Nam Nam's turntablist Crazy B and the percussionist Xavier Dessandre. It was an unforgettable moment, full of emotion. The concert can be viewed for the next month on:

Perhaps this was the best night of my career.
I hope you enjoy it.

Bjork Bjork... chanson pour le weekend...

FM Belfast April/ May Tour Dates

The Joy returns...

30.4.2010 Winnipeg (CA) Nuna Festival
1.5.2010 Gimli (CA) Nuna Festival
4.5.2010 Berlin (DE) Magnet Club
5.5.2010 Prague (CZ) Roxy
7.5.2010 Vienna (AT) B72
8.5.2010 Saltzburg (AT) Yeah! Club@Rockhouse
9.5.2010 Munich (DE) Crux
10.5.2010 Regensburg (DE) Heimat
12.5.2010 Amiens (FR) La Lune Des Pirates
13.5.2010 Rennes (FR) Rock & Solex Festival
14.5.2010 Den Haag (NL) Walk the Line Festival
16.5.2010 Brussels (BE) Les Nuits Botanique Festival
18.5.2010 London (UK) White Heat@Madame Jojo's
21.5.2010 London (UK) Stag and Dagger Festival
22.5.2010 Aarhus (DK) SPOT Festival
23.5.2010 Hamburg (DE) Haus 73
25.5.2010 Frankfurt (DE) Das Bett
26.5.2010 Neuchatel (DE) Case รก Chocs
27.5.2010 Zurich (CH) Hive
28.5.2010 Burgdorf (CH) Cupola Festival
29.5.2010 Neustrelitz (DE) Immergut Festivaluy

Gavin Russom / Crystal Ark (DFA) Top Ten

Mad Mike, "Base Camp Alpha 808", UR
Diamond Vampires, "Friday Nights" (Telephones Remix), Amateur Recordings
Fania All Stars, "Congo Bongo", Fania
Laurent Garnier, "Back To My Roots" (Afrodiziac Mix), Innervisions
Medio Mutante, "Corre Corre", Cititrax
Angus Maclise, "Chumlum", Counter Culture Chronicles
Levon Vincent, "Double Jointed Sex Freak", Novel Sound
Delia Gonzalez and Gavin Russom, "El Monte", DFA
Moon and Sun, "Hunt", Oscillatone
Exuma, "Obeah Obeah O", Kama Sutra

Time And Space Machine interview in Blow Up Italy

Four pages of Italian for you... An interview with Richard Norris, which also talks about his work with The Grid and Beyond The Wizards Sleeve (with Erol Alkan). Richard's first solo album 'Set Phazer To Stun'(Tirk), under the alias The Time And Space Machine, is coming very soon!

Shangay Express (Spain) interview with Hard Ton

and don't forget the video of Hard Ton in action...

Robert Babicz interview in I-DJ

going on from the synths docu

Carl from Carl Craig high-lighted to me on what a character Throbbing Gristle's Genesis P-orridge is..

"genesis is the crazy one! was an elf in the 80's now a she-man"

I've since gone on a little youtube hunt of Genesis footage and got the below. Amazing, crazy... And intense. I want to have a cup of tea with him/her!

and in performance once more (quite interesting to listen to when you first get up)...

Monday, March 29, 2010

i love your synth action

just watched the BBC Synth Britannia docu on bbc i player. it's very good!

a few more days left...

some highlights - from kraut to industrial to the fun stuff with loads of eyeliner...

and of course...

and Retro/Grade - the modern day italo disco lovers of the synth

Friday, March 26, 2010

Ibiza in the 80s...

Originally a promo video for Ku... check some amazing outfits from the era... and the end for some cosmic action... can't wait for the sunsets this summer :)

Look De Ibiza (Ku Club Tourist Promo Video) from Paul Byrne on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Love this... Bit of Cheryl, leek

If i was 14 this would be on repeat repeat. bit o pop. Pet.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Robert Babicz ALBUM OF THE MONTH in DJ Broadcast NL

It's all Dutch to me! (sorry) - the album is very good though... check especially the dark flower remix..

The Time And Space Machine Album Launch - April 16th at Camp

Keep It Cosmic...

Tiga Takes Turbo on Tour....

the full info on tour is coming tres bientot... here is the exclusive with RA... going to be Massive!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

it's all about...

this programme! cosmic planet action! and hosted by the nicest man ever, i think - Brian Cox - he makes me go awwww when i watch him :)

bbc i player i salute you with my right hand.

James Teej - 'Evening Harvest' - debut album on Rekids

Press Release
James Teej
‘Evening Harvest’
Released May 2010

Canadian James Teej releases his solo album on Radio Slave’s Rekids imprint – ‘Evening Harvest’ – a deep debut.

‘Evening Harvest’ is a selection Press of material that Teej wrote over a six-month period in the first half of 2009. With an emphasis on deep techno and house, the album is a journey through an array of different musical sounds and moods, with Teej also adding his own soulful vocals to the music. The tracks were written to be deep listening pieces, whilst also being DJ friendly. ‘Evening Harvest’ is the culmination of 14 years spent listening to, DJing, writing and producing electronic music, and represents the diversity of sounds he is deeply passionate about.

Teej began his electronic obsession in 1995 in Canmore Alberta, Canada. Already a classically trained musician, studying Piano, Guitar, Bass instruments and Latin and Jazz drums, a friend gave him a cassette mix-tape of the first House Music he had ever heard. Instantly moved, he knew he had found his calling. The purchase of Technic 1200’s followed, as did the creation of his own studio and Teej locking himself away for two years to perfect the art of production and mixing.

In 1997 he released his first EP on his self-created label Reflection Records, under the name James T. From here he began DJing at afterhour parties, warehouse raves and festivals, everywhere from his hometown to the Rocky Mountains. In 2005, Teej made the move to Canada’s main stage, Toronto, where he set up studio with long time friend Nitin. Remixes for Trentemoller, Tobey Tobias and Solee followed, as did releases on Rebirth, My Favourite Robot and Connect Four Records – the latter being how he hooked up with Radio Slave and signed to Rekids for an album deal.

“I first came across James’ work a few years ago and was immediately taken by his emotive soundscapes and bumping rhythms, and knew I had to find out more. From our first meetings through to his outstanding performances at the Panorama Bar, it’s plain to see that James is carving his own individual path, in what is a very crowded scene. His vocal style and delivery has a blue-eyed soul vibe, reminiscent of lost soul heroes from the past. Yet his futuristic instrumentation comes from all directions and continents. The musical environments he paints are really something very unique.
So sit back or stand up and enjoy the world of James Teej…” – Radio Slave

Evening Harvest will be released May 2010. Here is a track-by-track breakdown:

1. B4 SPRING - This track introduces the emotional undertone of this album perfectly. Easing you in with moody tones and an air of expectancy as the track progresses; layering with chimes and percussion. There is a hollow feel to it until all the sounds roll together with soft and soothing beats. This allows you to delve in to deep listening mode and enjoy the intricate way this album has been put together.

2. MONACO VILLA - Instantly bouncy and upbeat with a simple structure and catchy vocal. The percussion resonates throughout with an original tech-house sound.

3. LATE BLOOMING - A slightly more moody introduction with a noticeably subdued undertone. The echoing piano and shaky percussion adds an almost jazzy/blues feel to the track.

4. GREENBACK ft. dOP* - Beginning with shuffling percussion and then instantly moving into an uplifting tone, set by the euphoric synthesized sounds and calming vocals. Again the clicking percussion is true to a deeper tech house style.

5. WE COLLIDE – A provocative rhythm and a funky percussion, with deep house resonating throughout. The track eases in and out of a harder more techno percussive sound.

6. LEFT BELIEVING - An earthy tribal beat attached to an almost spooky vocal running through. The clean kick drums lighten the tone and add a funky atmosphere over the top, while the general tone is expectant and hopeful.

7. SEVEN DAY MEND** - Deep listening at its best – with an evocative vocal, moody bass line and an undefined drop leaving smoothness throughout. With small hints of softer instruments the track has a slightly sad undertone.

8. THE RAIN AWAITING - Introduced with a dark, marching build up leaving an air of excitement and expectation. As it chugs systematically through the layers, adding deep bass and low melody, the atmosphere builds. There is a vast spectrum of sounds, from strings and shakers to dark bass drums, leaving a highly volumous sound.

9.SICKEN - This track plays with the boundaries of deep tribal beats and electronic synthesizer sounds, merging the two to create an earthy yet strongly electronic sound. The mood is strong and harsh until the contrast of a softer melody is introduced.

10.ALL WE HAVE IS TIME - This track begins with an unmistakably blues sound, with a hint of jazz in the piano and a soulful vocal. It could be seen as a wind down track, or a time to reflect. It is the perfect finale to an album intended to take its listeners on a journey through the spectrum of human emotions.

James Teej DJ Dates:

March 23rd - Made To Play vs. Rekids @ White Room / Miami
March 24th - Rebirth Showcase @ Shelborne / Shine Basement / Miami
March 27th - w/ Radio Slave, Simon Baker @ Nocturnal / Miami
April 2nd - Petrol / Antwerp
April 3rd – Mirano / Brussels
April 4th - Rex Club / Paris
April 9th - Trouw / Amsterdam
April 10th - Le Zoo / Geneva
April 11th - East Village / London

Dazed Digital March playlist

ace again! keeping abreast.

Time Out DFA Round-up

Hard Ton feature in MAX Italy

Richard Norris / The Time And Space Machine art of noise feature on line of best fit

Link below... the best one they ever got, apparently.

House of House RA Podcast

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hard Ton COVER on BOYZ

View the full interview in the online version of the magazine here:
Stay Sexy.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beautiful sexy Hard Ton in Mixmag Podcast

I always seem to accidently write Hard Ron instead of Hard Ton for some reason. Hard Ron he is not because he is Italian and I'm pretty sure the name Ron isn't normal in Italy... anyways, Hard Ton's Forever No More features on the new Mixmag podcast:

FM Belfast review in Shangay Express Spain

Josh WInk remixed and Peeled review on Tonspion Germany


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tear The Club Up


Cassius La Mouche

This was the height of my Erick Morillo phase.

woooow cosmic connection

unrelated, but i keep seeing 111 or 1111 everywhere... totally cosmic meaning!


Robert Babicz interview in Computer Music

geek out!

Planet Turbo.... Tour and music coming soon

Tiga is taking Turbo on Tour... Starting April 29th in Rotterdam... More info coming soon but for now look at this nice artwork.


if you haven't yet been introduced to chatroulette, then your life is not complete..generally loads of cocks and some funny stuff. i recommend two of you going on together, one dressed as a banana and one as a golden gimp. or you can play a musical instrument like this...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Todd Terje

Just got his re-edit back cat... he is amazing from a to z.

some highlights...

and so many more that aren't on youtube. AND he used to have a tache... Champion.

Happy Together

my favourite song of the moment! and just look how beautiful the band members are.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Fader giveaway Ray Mang

Dummymag interview with Gavin Russum AKA Crystal Ark

DFA release schedule for this year so far...

i think people should know this...

Jan. 25th: Ray Mang – Bullet Proof (Featuring Lady Miss Kier) (single)
Feb. 9th: YACHT – iTunes Sessions EP
Feb. 16th: Michoacan – In The Dark Of The Night (single)
March 1st: Black Van – Yearning (single)
March 8th: Friendly Fires Vs Holy Ghost! (single)
March 9th: Free Energy – Stuck On Nothing (album)
March 9th: Shit Robot – I Got A Feeling (single)
March 16th: The Crystal Ark – The City Never Sleeps (single)
March 22nd: YACHT – The Afterlife (single)
April 16th: LCD Soundsystem – Pow Pow (single)
April 27th: Peter Gordon & The Love Of Life Orchestra – Another Heartbreak / Don’t Don’t Redux (single)

ultimate sexy time

heard this ages ago and it made me laugh... now you can get it for free! genius.

Michoacan 'In The Dark Of The Night Video up on NME.COM - go to videos...

Grab here:

Shazam track of the Day for Michoacan

Shazam. Love saying that:

Attitude UK feature on Hard Ton

I Love Hard Ton.. I want to take him home and play dress up with him. Attitude Magazine UK feature on the Italian Disco Queen below...

and in case you missed this....

DFA artists recommend on Dazed Digital

they get their beards out!

Apollo Magazine (BE) Time And Space Machine album review

Monday, March 8, 2010

Retro Stefson - My new Favourite Band

These guys are amazing. So young and fresh and talented. Live they are next level; they bring the energy of kids-making-music-in-a-garage, right into your hearts. They take in all influences (from calypso to funk, to carnival, to rave, and beyond), play all instruments and leave you pretty much amazed. and very happy. They are from Iceland. Expect much more soon.

Richard Norris' work from The Grid... remember these?

richard norris is so cosmic town. this is his early days work as the grid... since the grid he is of course one half of beyond the wizards sleeve with senoir erol alkan and soon will release his debut solo album under the nom The Time And Space Machine - with 'Set Phazer To Stun' - on Tirk... which is another trip into the psychedelic... cosmic lord! bet he sees everything in kaleidoscope colours.

and this...

and this...

Spoonfed review of FM Belfast in London town

FM Belfast are back in London in May MAy MaY mAy maY may MAY... Doing smash n grab and more... don't miss them!

Josh Wink Banana remixed review in Clash

Thursday, March 4, 2010

FM Belfast at Hoxton Bar and Grill (02/03/10) in pictures

This is what you missed... was totally amazing! icelandic sex symbols in bow ties, falsettos soo good they make a castrato jealous... A tight, fun, crazy performance and the most amount of Joy you can get in a box :)

They are coming back to the UK in May. Stay Tuned!

Hard Ton 'Earthquake' VIDEO