Saturday, February 28, 2009

some weekend warmers

these are the top 10 most played on my itunes and deservedly so:

David Bowie 'Let's Dance' (he is number 1 and rightly so)

imagination 'Illusion' (what an outfit in this here video)

Love Unlimited Orchestra 'welcome aboard' (wwwooow, got this from the Joakim Colette mix - a classic!)


Beatles 'Here Comes The Sun' (second best beatles song, next to Walrus)

Shocking Blue 'Love Buzz'(This should really be number one)

The Cure 'Close To Me' (i was very lucky and saw them rehearse about five years ago, didnt even know who they were at the time, but this blew me away! can't imbed it :( )

then it is prince contrversy. but cant find it..

Boney M 'Ma Baker (purely via Nathan Gregory Wilkins... suuuch a happy song!)

Hall & oates 'I Can't go for that' (can't imbed it, bummer)

Modern Talking 'You're My Heart..' (amazing! German music how it should be)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Kris Menace 'Idiosyncrasies' (Compuphonic / Newstate)


Label: Compuphonic / New State Music // Release: 20th April 2009

Pete Tong, Erol Alkan and Laurent Garnier are all massive fans. Primal Scream cohort and ex Sabre Jagz Kooner wants to work with him. His remixography includes LCD Soundsystem, Moby, Underworld, Air, Metronomoy and Robbie Williams. Welcome to the world of Kris Menace, a man who is fast becoming known as one of the most respected producers and remixers on the planet.

Famed for his Italo disco-inspired tracks, Menace’s debut single Discopolis became one of the biggest dance tunes of 2005, a bona fide Ibiza anthem that got picked up by Defected Records and helped lay the groundwork for Kris to become one of the hottest names in the scene.

Kris launched the label Compuphonic as a vehicle for his own productions and with this Menace’s popularity continued to grow with tracks such as Voyage, Fairlight, Steamroller and Jupiter - the latter becoming one of Beatport’s biggest downloads in 2006. He also began DJing with friend and legendary producer in his own right Alan Braxe, leading to the collaboration single Lumberjack released on Vulture Music in June 2007 (featured on this release). Kris is also the label owner of house label Work It Baby where he has nurtured the careers of Fred Falke, Patrick Alavi, Lifelike and Serge Santiago.

2009 looks set to be Menace’s biggest year to date, starting with the release of his debut album, Idiosyncrasies. A triple disc collection of classic tracks interspersed with fresh new productions, collaborations and remixes; this release single-handedly proves a capsule-like answer why Menace has made such a big impact in the electronic scene to date.

CD1 opens up with the iconic Discopolis (with Lifelike) and features brand new tracks including Idiosyncrasy and next single Metropolis that clearly show Menace’s ability to produce sharp, modern records that are flavoured with retro synth riffs and drum patterns. Classic back-catalogue tracks Jupiter and Voyage show off a spacey, tech-funk vibe while collaborations come from the likes of Hexstatic for the frantic re-edit of Invaders, house legend Felix Da Housecat for Artificial and Kris takes on a classic from dance pioneers Spooky and the results are the sublime Stereophonic. The first disc finishes with the current club destroyer Scaler that has everyone from Soulwax and Erol Alkan through to Style Of Eye and A-Trak saying claiming it’s one of their biggest tunes.

CD2 eases in with the chilled Sensuality and follows with more atmospheric slices of electronica including Micropacer and Borderline that both share a blissful, warm ambience. Affinity and Lightning pick up the tempo for some more retro tech vibes and collaborations come from Douze for the sultry Challenger and Fred Falke joins Menace for Enamoured and Electricity.

CD3 showcases why Kris Menace is one of the most in-demand remixer’s today, including re-rubs for DFA kings LCD Soundsystem, Everything But The Girl famed Tracey Thorn, Roisin Murphy, French electronica act Air, Metronomy and Robbie Williams.

So there you have it. Three CDs, thirty-seven titles and over three hours of music showcasing Kris Menaces’ musical career to date and justifying the hype behind this fantastic artist.

Kris Menace – Idiosyncrasies -

Disc 1
01: Discopolis (w/ Lifelike)
02: Fairlight pt.1 & pt.2 (w/Fred Falke)
03: Jupiter
04: Lumberjack (w/ Alan Braxe)
05: Artificial (w/ Felix Da Housecat)
06: Stereophonic (w/ Spooky)
07: Voyage
08: Metropolis
09: Invaders (w/ Hexstatic)
10: Idiosyncrasy
11: Steamroller
12: Snapshot
13: Scaler

Disc 2:
01: Sensuality
02: Micropacer
03: Borderline
04: Affinity
05: Poesie
06: Lightning
07: Challenger (w/ Douze)
08: Midnight
09: Dreamsequence
10: Enamoured (w / Fred Falke)
11: Cybernatic
12: Vanity
13: Electricity (w/ Fred Falke)

Disc 3:
01: LCD Soundsystem – North American Scum Remix
02: Tracey Thorn – It’s All True Remix
03: Roisin Murphy – Overpowered Remix
04: Air – Mer Du Japon Remix
05: Winona – Without You Remix
06: The Presets – My People Remix
07: Robbie Williams – She’s Madonna Remix
08: Felix Da Housecat – Something 4 Porno Remix
09: Metronomy – Heartbreaker Remix
10: Moby – Oh Yeah Remix
11: Underworld – Ring Road Remix

Kris Menace World Tour Dates:

6th March Razmatazz, Barcelona
12th March Wonka @ Amnesia, Milan
13th March Gravity, Vilnus
14th March Exit, Kaunas
20th March Social, Paris
21st March Ditch It All, London
26th March Snowside Festival, Austria
4th April Moonbootica, Hamburg
10th April Trailer Trash album launch party, London
10th April Inhale, London
18th April Pacha, Munich
24th April Houserocker, Breman
25th April Digital, Brighton
7th May Japan tour date
8th May Japan tour date
9th May Japan tour date
14th May Canada tour date
15th May Canada tour date
16th May Canada tour date
29th May Gorod, Moscow
30th May Irma, Moscow

Josh Wink tour updates

Antwerp and London up next

- includes a little insight to the box of le wink

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

josh Wink video interview on datatransmission

you are what you eat!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Serge Santiago Top 20 Italo Records ever in on Fact Magazine

check it to reck it:

Chelonis R. Jones 'Chatterton' - album breakdown!

in the words of the dislocated Genius..

"CHATTERTON for Beginners" By Chelonis R. Jones

After the completion/release of my debut, "DISLOCATED GENIUS" in 2005, I had a single leftover track, which didn't fit in that collection: "ON THE RUN". This started the layout for my follow-up longplayer, "CHATTERTON".

After 23(!) versions -nearly 4 years at the drawingboard -label rejections -breakups
-nervous breakdowns and family deaths... "CHATTERTON" was finally finished.

I CAME TO THE CONCLUSION NOT TO RELEASE "CHATTERTON"; many labels considered the release too risky/provocative/and downright commercial suicide, when compared to the current "safe" trends overflooding the market today. ... That is, until SYSTEMATIC supremo MARC ROMBOY got a hold of a copy.

"BAREFOOT THROUGH HELL" is the oldest track, going back to the early demos of
my (GPM) "I DON'T KNOW?" release! I had a few co-producers touch-up the track,
but not to my satisfaction... until EDWIN JAMES filled in the dots; brought the track to life! I still remember the goosebumps when I listened to the final result!

"TORNOGRAPHY" is my most painful song, and 100% autobiographical, which was even more arduous to document for me, let alone SING! It took 2 months alone for me to perfect the bass and snare drum sounds(!) --the psycho-asian flair is another different ballgame altogether. Strangely, this track is a favorite amongst my circle of folk.

"REHABILITATION" was initially intended/written for STEVE LAWLER, but I felt it
dreadfully told more of MY story, so I decided it's home was on "CHATTERTON".
ROMBOY & 45 ROCKS brought the F in FREUDIAN, dare i say it, CONFESSION?! Yes.

"THE COCKPIT" was/is my favorite. It took 3 years to layer&complete! I was obsessed with the coldness of it's lunatic wall of sound. I wrote the song, of coarse, on an airplane... finishing it up on a dock in Ibiza (I still have the photograph of me writing the lyrics to this day). Many listeners have stated it's the most darkly insane soundtrack ever contributed to electropop! I'll leave that up to the listeners. Airplane-aisle (passageway) music never sounded so sufficient! Many didn't feel comfortable with the track's pro-fatalistic lyrics... but I wanted to document what would happen if the life-raft/life-jacket, and rescue team was vehemently rejected! A totally different way to go against all those ludicrous "HERO lyrics"!

"UNDERDOG ANOMALY" was my time-traveller/indie/galactica 80's moment.
Dark. Maybe even Fun. Self obsessed. A blatant continuation of "MIDDLE-FINGER MUSIC" (from my debut). The lyrics, on the otherhand, dealt with rape, rebellion and disease! Maybe not so fun, after all... But then here we are.

"POMPADOUR" was one of my favorite rocksongs (from my rockgroup COON).
A good find is such a terrible thing to waste! EDWIN JAMES once more to the rescue. Adding a bit of cinema gloss to the audio desperation, thus adding a new dimension to the track. Please notice eleoctopop's 1st usage of the (derogatory) words : "FAG" and "FECES" -Groundbreaking stuff, kiddies. ("... Good grief, Chelonis is such a pretentious jerk!") -hee hee.

"ON THE RUN" had many lives until ROMBOY & 45 rocks gave it the seal of approval. Luring the track to a more electro-modern crossover appeal. Fleetwood Mac goes electroberlin!

"FOR THE LAST TIME/PSYCHO AUDIO COUTURE" is an nyc diva/divo/ kiss my a--anthem! Yes... I've certainly had my share of such moments! Great, undiluted urban love-life dissing! - "I DONT NEED NO CYMBOLS, AND I DON'T NEED NO MELODY!" Pure diva! HYSTERICAL! Ha ha ha hee hee hee.

"INSECTS" takes off where "VULTURES" (from my debut) left off. "WHAT DID I BRING TO MY ROOM LAST NIGHT?!?" must be the scariest, most provocatively promiscuous lyric-start of all time! Yes, my sneezing at the start is 100% genuine!... This track was written long before the current european bollywood boom! No bragging... merely a fact.

"BATHROOM MIRROR LEGEND" also went through many lives. I settled on an early 80's cali / roller-rink / asteroid-bassfunk sound. This track took years to complete, because I didn't feel it was "BLACK ENOUGH" (racially&emotionally). I wanted the track to come with air freshener spray! I wanted it that "FUNKY"!

"POMPADOUR (pre mutation)" was my original COON (group) track, which i re-produced & arranged until it was100% perfect for "CHATTERTON".

"SKY IS SEA" is strangely another insider favorite. I cannot really say why. It isn't
so commercial. It's strange. COLDLY poetic. Mysterious... but nothing hit suspicious! Simply a peculiar/emotional ending, to an even more emotionally peculiar album.

///C h e l o n i s R . J o n e s

DJ Hell 'The Angst' video

Taken from DJ Hell's forthcoming artist album 'Teufelswerk'

Thursday, February 19, 2009

DJ Hell 'Teufelswerk' - DOUBLE CD artist album coming on Gigolo

DJ Hell Biog.
‘Teufelswerk’ release date April 27th
Gigolo Recordings, distributed by NEWS

Teufelswerk – the German for “Devil’s Work” – is Hell’s masterpiece. Across 16 exquisite tracks divided into two themes, “Night” and “Day”, Hell weaves an intoxicating spell. The nocturnal side offers a contemporary interpretation of Chicago house and Detroit techno. Its sunnier sister disc finds Hell embracing the rich cosmic groove of his roots. A lush, narcotic odyssey, the album sounds unlike anything he’s produced in the past. But at the same time, Hell has drawn on his wealth of experience and put everything he knows into Teufelswerk.

“The album is very personal,” he says. “All my knowledge is there. I went back really far to the early-’70s. I don’t think I can make a better record.”

Coming from Hell, whose life mirrors his art, that’s saying something. A cultural chameleon with an encyclopaedic musical knowledge and a bold sense of style, Hell has carved a reputation as the Warhol – or should that be War-hell? – of our generation.

“Andy Warhol was a people's champion. He ruled the world in his way,” says Hell, who recently dressed as the pop artist for a photo shoot. “The Factory was pushing art, music, films and whatever you can think about every day. He was a rule breaker. He knew how to play and how to motivate people.”

When Hell launched his International Deejay Gigolos Empire in 1996, his rebellious creative streak gave the label a punk DIY aesthetic. An open-ended techno imprint with a natural pop sensibility, Gigolo immediately stood out and attracted like-minded artists such as Fischerspooner, Vitalic, Miss Kittin & the Hacker, Tiga, even the Pet Shop Boys, Jeff Mills and Dopplereffekt. Today, Gigolo in Berlin is to Hell what the Factory in New York was to Warhol. Like Warhol, Hell is the man with the vision, whose enthusiasm and inspiration to this day is fuelled by, and rubs off on, the close-knit family of musicians, fashion designers, photographers, film makers, visual artists, actors and writers who surround him. Fans of the label will remember the short-lived collaboration with Amanda La Pore, who can often be found in the Gigolo logo. There are many examples of Gigolo and Hell blurring the lines between music and art, a popular aesthetic in Hell’s arsenal and one that was celebrated in two gallery exhibitions; one in London, and one in Berlin, both in 2007, the latter going by the name of ‘Sympathy for the Devil.’

Hell – once, a long time ago, Helmut Geier – is 46 years old and has DJed for more than half those. In 1985, he was one of the first in Germany to DJ house music, back when Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley made the first Chicago house tracks. Later, through Gigolo, he put out lost classics by Chicago house legends Bobby Konders and DJ Pierre. He also re-released what’s considered the first Detroit techno song, “Sharevari” by A Number of Names, and rekindled the career of new-wave heroes Tuxedomoon. One of Gigolo’s key releases is Hell’s compilation of early-’80s German post-punk, New Deutsch.

In 1992, Hell’s haunting debut single, “My Definition of House Music” became a dancefloor hymn, selling 50,000 copies. Three years later, Hell recorded a live BBC John Peel Session in Munich, which came out as the “Original Street Techno” EP. As a producer, Hell has covered a lot of ground. He’s one of the pioneers of German house and techno, and today, as Teufelswerk attests, he’s in the finest form of his life.

Perhaps because he is so successful and does whatever he pleases, cutting a glamorous swathe through electronic music, the media tend to be kind to him. In the early days, they called Hell “das gute gewiessen des deutschen techno”, which means “the good soul of German techno”. No stranger to receiving awards for his prowess in the music business, in 2002, he was crowned Man of the Year by GQ magazine.

Those familiar with Hell’s earlier albums, 1998’s Munich Machine and 2004’s NY Muscle, will recognise the “Night” half of this double-album. A raw mix of Chicago and Detroit influences combined with Hell’s swashbuckling approach to electronics, this portion is for the dancefloor. Ten-minute jams such as “Wonderland” and “Electronic Germany” zoom and thrust with menacing intent. “The Disaster”, the single produced by Hell and longstanding collaborators Mijk van Dijk and &Me, is the kind of labyrinthine techno trip that will disorientate any dancefloor.

“The “Night” album is what people expect from a guy like me,” says Hell, who spins three of four times most weekends around the world. “I choose a lot of producers in different studios with different sounds and put my flavour there. It is from a DJ for the other DJs”

“Bodyfarm”, a sinister cut co-produced by Frankfurt’s Antony Rother, was inspired by the unsettling images of Taryn Simon, an American photographer and fine artist specialising in uncovering rarely seen sites from the domains of science and government (do visit For “Night”, Hell hooked up once more with hip-hop superstar P. Diddy for freestyle jack-track and future single, “The DJ”. The pair had worked before on “Let’s Get Ill” and “Check This”.

The most pleasant, eyebrow-raising moment here is the collaboration with Bryan Ferry, “U Can Dance”. This serpentine disco burner, a smouldering highlight of Teufelswerk, finally unites two of modern pop’s suavest outsiders.

“I am very proud to work with Bryan Ferry, of course,” says Hell, who encountered the singer in London when he was asked to remix Roxy Music a couple of years ago. Hell pruned "U Can Dance" in Vienna with his old friend Peter Kruder, of Kruder and Dorfmeister fame. Here, in Kruder's G-Stone studio, assisted by noted multi-instrumentalists Christian Prommer and Roberto Di Gioia, Hell and Kruder wrote and produced the "Day" half of Teufelswerk. This is Hell's enchanting interpretation of Kosmische Musik music, that style of '70s psychedelic experimental boogie played by Can and Neu! This is the music that inspired the beginning of Hell's career.

“I have done Kosmische Musik musik in a new way,” he says. “This is where I come from, I grew up with the early German electronic pioneers of music, and this is why I went in this direction. Often it is called German electronic avant-garde, or psychedelic music. I went back to the ’70s and tried to do it in my own way

Listen to “The Angst”, the lead single from Teufelswerk, and you’ll appreciate the direction Hell is taking with Peter Kruder at the controls. Celestial vocals cascade around an acoustic guitar figure as a motorik rhythm propels it ever skywards, sharing space, spiritually at least, with Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk and Can.

On “Day”, “Germania”, “Hell’s Kitchen” and “I Prefer Women to Men Anyway” unravel with sinuous grace, culminating in a cosmic reading of Hawkwind’s “Silver Machine”. Hell is no stranger to covers, having tackled Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana,” Throbbing Gristles “Hot On The Heel’s” and German No-Wave band No More’s “Suicide Commando” on Munich Machine. Although Hell was born in 1962, he was too young to fully appreciate the likes of Tangerine Dream and Amon Duul in their mid-’70s prime. He was more into Slade and the Sweet. “Pop and glam-rock was more appealing to me because these bands looked great and were all over the TV.” By the time Hell was old enough to dig Kosmische Musik, punk had arrived and he was into the Damned, who sounded new, fresh and powerful.

For Hell, then, Teufelswerk rounds up his life’s work so far – and he has already led a remarkable life. It is dramatic, beautiful, dark and soulful, a milestone in German electronic music. “Teufelswerk represents the music in the best way: it’s the work of the devil,” he says, “and it’s the work of me, the work of Hell.”

Prepare to be moved, deeply.
Piers Martin

Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve - Re-Animations Volume 1

Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve
Re-Animations Vol.1
Released April
New State Music
UK & Eire = EMI
USA, Canada, Mexico = EMI
Europe & ROW = via NEWS / Local Partners

‘Beyond The Wizards Sleeve’ is the warped-Balearic-psychedelic-brotherhood of Erol Alkan and The Grid’s Richard Norris. Created in 2007, part folk astronauts, part electronic neo-romancers, they do not remix, they Re-Animate. Adding cosmic perfection to artists including The Chemical Brothers, Franz Ferdinand, Goldfrapp, Late Of The Pier, Simian Mobile Disco, Peter Bjorn and John and more.

Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Re-Animations Vol.1 brings together the duos select Re-Animations for the first time… Listen and let the beautiful, searing moments of euphoric bliss create magic for your ears and your soul.

For Erol Alkan info, go here:

For Richard Norris info, go here:

Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve interview for UK site:

‘Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Re-Animations Volume 1’ brings together all of their Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Re-Animation's on one album as individual tracks + includes an iPod ready mp3 DJ mix of all the tracks, ably blended by Erol Alkan.

Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve
Re-Animations Vol.1

1. The Chemical Brothers - Battle Scars (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Re-Animation)
2. Franz Ferdinand – Ulysses (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Re-Animation)
3. Late Of The Pier - The Bears Are Coming (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Re-Animation)
4. Peter, Bjorn And John (Ft. Victoria Bergsman) - Young Folks (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Re-Animation)
5. Tracey Thorn - Raise The Roof (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Re-Animation)
6. Badly Drawn Boy - Promises (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Re-Animation)
7. Goldfrapp - Happiness (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Re-Animation)
8. Midlake - Roscoe (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Re-Animation)
9. Dust Galaxy - Come Hear The Trumpets (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve
10. Real Ones - Outlaw (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Re-Animation)
11. Simian Mobile Disco - Love (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Re-Animation)
12. Findlay Brown - Losing The Will To Survive (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve

For more press information contact: Kim Booth
T: +44(0)7912 248 676

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Josh Wink Beatportal Tour blog part 3 and 4


and Ghent! I had actually no idea that Josh was on the cover of Night Code in Belgium also, but here you go (that would be seven international covers for the Wink ;))

Josh Wink Four Page feature in De:Bug (Germany)

Four pages of German Joy.

Rekids / Radio Slave feature in De:Bug

for the Rekids Revolution compilation release - coming May!

Serge Santiago Italo feature in DE:BUG Germany

ja! go disco.

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Josh Wink Resident Advisor podcast!

getting some love for the Wink

getting some love for the Wink

Rekids on Electronic Beats

for those that speak Polish

Rekids / Spencer Parker in the new Move Out Magazine, Poland

Serge Santiago on Electronic Beats Radio

- and he just did NME Radio and will be doing Joe Ransom's Kiss show this week.

DJ Broadcast

download the feb issue for Josh Wink interview and reviews of Gigolo and Rekids. You do have to speak the lingo of the people of the Netherlands, though.

issue 32!

nightcode belgium reviews

Gigolo ELEVEN album of the month and great reviews for Rekids and Josh Wink!

Trax (France) Rekids Revolution compilation of the month review

Mr G Rekids review on Resident Advisor

Radio Slave nominated for Best Underground Dance at Miami IDMA 2009 awards

Radio Slave nominated for Best Underground Dance at Miami IDMA awards

for grindhouse! get voting:

The online voting ballot is currently posted at:

Nominees are currently posted on the WMC website at:

Voting ends February 27, 2009

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Josh Wink Beatportal Tour blog

Touring Europe for his album release 'When A Banana Was Just A Banana'... Winky Dinky is getting busy and will be blogging his tour for Spain and Italy already down, with more to come.

check his first blogs here:

and check his dates here: /

more coming!

Serge Santiago interview on Mixmag Podcast

Getting Italo on your arse...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cube February Line-ups




Tabernacle Basement, 55-61 Tabernacle Street, Shoreditch, London, EC2A
9pm – 2am
Free / fRee / frEe / FreE = £0


Sat Feb 7th
Luca Cazal, Jack of all Clubs

Sat Feb 14th
Dan Spinney and Dan Avery

Sat Feb 21st
Dave Oscroft and friends

Thurs Feb 26th - David Bowie Party
Very special guests playing msuic inspired by David Bowie

Sat Feb 28th - ARCOBALENO
Serge Santiago, Damon Martin, Sophie Lloyd


The finest collection of femme DJs that London has to offer will be in and out each Friday.


Crispin Dior and Ben Rymer, the pair behind legendary London party Druzzis, reunite to launch a Saturday night with the finest Disco and leftfield dance DJs that London and the world have to offer.

Tabernacle basement
55-61 Tabernacle Street
Tel 0207 253 5555
Thursday – Saturday
9pm till 2am
Always Free Entry

Rekids in Tsugi Magazine France

Top review!

Rekids NME review

8 points from the might NME! wicked review

Chelonis R. Jones 'Chatterton' - album coming April on Systematic

Artist: Chelonis R. Jones
Title: Chatterton
Cat.: SYST0008-2
Label: Systematic Recordings
Released: 24.04.2009

An American artist left his home of New York for the shores of Europe, in order to pursue a blossoming career in the world of arts.

Armed with his paintbrushes, unpublished manuscripts, songs and poems, he decided to commit himself fully to the vitriolic world of the struggling artist and their sometimes fruitful plight.

Working as a songwriter and playing vocalist in more than twenty rock/pop groups and pulling a handful of small artshows for his paintings were hardly usual.

Struggles were many, penury, usual and homelessness - obvious but, hey, didn´t Frank Sinatra say "If I can make it there, I´ll make it anywhere"? But someone else said "Reward yourself, your self holds rewards, so be yourself".

2001 he was introduced and signed to Get Physical Music from the start! His first 2002 release 'One & One', a collaboration with M.A.N.D.Y. and Booka Shade, started the ball rolling. 2003 followed "I don´t know" which topped the Belgium Dance Charts twice and put the artist on the map, with thousands of broken hearts to respond and relate. At the end both singles became unforgettable house classics.

2005 ignited the self produced, controversial, lo-fi masterpiece "Disclocated genius" which also dons an original canvas work cover and until 2008 he worked with many giants of electronic music like Röyksopp to Oliver Huntemann and Corrugated Tunnel to Marc Romboy and many more, wow!

After countless shows, featurings, dramas and mountain's to climb, 2009 is to be the moment for the long awaited new long player entitled "Chatterton"!

Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only...Chelonis R. Jones!!!


1.) Barefoot through hell
2.) Tornography
3.) Rehabilitation
4.) The cockpit
5.) Underdog anomaly
6.) Pompadour
7.) On the run
8.) For the last time/Psycho Audio Couture
9.) Insects
10.) Bathroom mirror legend
11.) Pompadour/Pre mutation
12.) Sky is sea

Systematic Colours Volume 2 - mixed by Marc Romboy

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Systematic Colours Vol. 2 - mixed by Marc Romboy
Cat.: SYST0009-2
Label: Systematic Recordings
Release date: 17.04.2008

After the successful first edition of "Systematic Colours Vol.1" which was compiled and mixed by Stephan Bodzin, it´s now time for the label boss himself, Marc Romboy.

Systematic Recordings was founded almost five years ago with its first release "Everyday in my life" by Marc Romboy in collaboration with Booka Shade. More than 50 releases by a lot of well known electric activists like John Dahlback, Blake Baxter, Phonique, Dusty Kid, Robert Babicz and Gui Boratto followed so that Systematic Recordings became one of the worldwide most reviewed and respected electronic label imprint from Germany.

Plenty of interesting album releases from arists like John Dahlback, Robert Babicz and Chelonis R. Jones followed alongside Marc´s two self produced albums "Gemini" and "Contrast".

Now it´s definitely time to celebrate this all and therefore Marc has created a representative potpourrie of sixteen special Systematic songs in exactly 80 minutes. Cheers!


1.) Marc Romboy V Chelonis R. Jones -Helen Cornell (Stefan Goldmann Version)
2.) Ante Perry Vs. Babylon Robots - 3 a.m.
3.) Audio Soul Project - Taking shape (Version 2)
4.) Dimitri Andreas - Run and hide (Afrilounge Remix)
5.) Stephan Bodzin Vs. Marc Romboy - Callisto
6.) Stephan Bodzin Vs. Marc Romboy - Telesto
7.) Ante Perry Vs. Babylon Robots - Der Urknall
8.) Marc Romboy Vs. Blake Baxter - The club (Version 1)
9.) Hugo & Daniele Papini - Softuer
10.) Robert Babicz - Sin (Gui Boratto Remix)
11.) John Dahlbäck - Now it´s not summer (Stephan Bodzin Remix)
12.) Spirit Catcher - High control
13.) Marc Romboy Vs. Gui Boratto - Eurasia (Marc´s Mix)
14.) Dusty Kid - Milk
15.) D-Nox & Beckers - Alphavella
16.) Marc Romboy - Karambolage (Oxia Remix)

Rekids dj mag review

ace review and label profile coming soon!

Clash Magazine Rekids label profile

a behind the scenes interview in the February issue of Clash magazine. Expect a Rekids podcast coming soon to

rekids revolution Mixmag review

four stars of joy.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This is amazing

i wish all songs were this good.