Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Chelonis R. Jones 'Chatterton' - album coming April on Systematic

Artist: Chelonis R. Jones
Title: Chatterton
Cat.: SYST0008-2
Label: Systematic Recordings
Released: 24.04.2009

An American artist left his home of New York for the shores of Europe, in order to pursue a blossoming career in the world of arts.

Armed with his paintbrushes, unpublished manuscripts, songs and poems, he decided to commit himself fully to the vitriolic world of the struggling artist and their sometimes fruitful plight.

Working as a songwriter and playing vocalist in more than twenty rock/pop groups and pulling a handful of small artshows for his paintings were hardly usual.

Struggles were many, penury, usual and homelessness - obvious but, hey, didn´t Frank Sinatra say "If I can make it there, I´ll make it anywhere"? But someone else said "Reward yourself, your self holds rewards, so be yourself".

2001 he was introduced and signed to Get Physical Music from the start! His first 2002 release 'One & One', a collaboration with M.A.N.D.Y. and Booka Shade, started the ball rolling. 2003 followed "I don´t know" which topped the Belgium Dance Charts twice and put the artist on the map, with thousands of broken hearts to respond and relate. At the end both singles became unforgettable house classics.

2005 ignited the self produced, controversial, lo-fi masterpiece "Disclocated genius" which also dons an original canvas work cover and until 2008 he worked with many giants of electronic music like Röyksopp to Oliver Huntemann and Corrugated Tunnel to Marc Romboy and many more, wow!

After countless shows, featurings, dramas and mountain's to climb, 2009 is to be the moment for the long awaited new long player entitled "Chatterton"!

Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only...Chelonis R. Jones!!!


1.) Barefoot through hell
2.) Tornography
3.) Rehabilitation
4.) The cockpit
5.) Underdog anomaly
6.) Pompadour
7.) On the run
8.) For the last time/Psycho Audio Couture
9.) Insects
10.) Bathroom mirror legend
11.) Pompadour/Pre mutation
12.) Sky is sea