Friday, June 3, 2016

Cocoon News


Monday 30th May – Extended Grand Opening

Terrace: Sven Väth, Dixon
Club: Ilario Alicante, Gaiser Live, Slam

Cocoon Opening Party 2016 is upon us, and they have some breaking news for this Monday the 30th May.

Amnesia will be closing at 6.00am so Cocoon will be swapping sunrise for sunset to ensure that you get the full and legendary Cocoon opening experience

Doors will now open at 9pm which means you can join the team for a classic golden hour on the terrace and some very special in club offers to make sure you get the best out of a shiny early start. Not only that but Dorian Paic is here to welcome you to the season, the wonderful Dixon is going to be delivering an extended set and Sven will take over and rush us to the finishing line as only he can.

The Club Room will be open from 12 as usual and who better than Ilario Alicante, Slam and Gaiser to treat you to  night of unforgettable techno.

Monday 6th June 2016

Terrace: Sven Väth, DJ Koze
Club: Mano Le Tough, Roman Flügel, Einzelkind

Sven and DJ Koze are back together for a beautiful night on the Terrace again. Last years date was a night of pure magic. Not to be missed.

In the Club Room we have a heavyweight night of techno brught to you by Mano Le Tough, Roman Flügal and Cocoon Recordings staple Einzelkind.

Monday 13th June 2016

Terrace: Ilario Alicante, tINI, Dana Ruh.
Club: Scuba, Skream, Butch

Cocoon heavyweights Ilario Alicante and Dana Ruh unite with tINI as she makes her return to Cocoon Ibiza. Three Cocoon favourites hold down the Terrace tonight.

In the Club Room, Hotflush Recordings label boss Scuba is joined by UK favourite Skream, and Butch also makes his welcomed return for one Cocoon Ibiza date only.

Monday 20th June 2016

Club: Sven Väth, Mano Le Tough
Terrace: Ricardo Villalobos, Sonja Moonear

Week three and Papa Sven makes his season debut in the club room, inviting Mano Le Tough back for a second time June. 

The moment we all love and wait patiently for, Ricardo's Cocoon Ibiza debut date on the Terrace. This will be the first of six dates for Ricardo, and who better to join than 2015 season favourite Sonja Moonear.

Monday 27th June 2016 

Terrace: Sven Väth, tINI, Âme Live
Club: Adam Beyer, Joris Voorn, wAFF

After a two week break Sven is back on the terrace, and tINI returns for her second date of the summer. Åme will also join them for a live set. 

Adam Beyer is one of Cocoon's finest, his debut date for the summer is not to be missed. Joining Adam will be Cocoon first timer, wAFF and Joris Voorn is also back for one date only. A huge night in the Club Room to close the month of June.

The latest Profound Sounds episode was recorded live at Industria in Porto. Listen below and enjoy the journey in sound!

The latest Profound Sounds episode was recorded live at Industria in Porto. Listen below and enjoy the journey in sound!

Josh Wink launches a monthly Profound Sounds podcast series
Recorded Live from DJ sets around the globe
In 1999, Josh Wink began an underground compilation series of music that moved body and mind with Profound Sounds Volume 1. He followed with Volume 2 in 2003, and in 2006 released the third and final in the CD compilation series, Profound Sounds Volume 3. Mixing music that transcends time, Wink's taste is hypnotic, sometimes cerebral, sometimes laced with acid, sometimes deep, sometimes high and the CDs still sound fresh today. The series evolved into a weekly radio show on Sirius XM in 2010, with each show recorded 100% live from DJs sets around the world. 

As a gift to the internet, Wink is making Profound Sounds in to a monthly podcast series, released the last Friday of every month. The mixes will be 100% recorded live from Wink’s DJ sets around planet earth.

"Profound Sounds is a continuation of my mix series which blossomed into my weekly mix show on SiriusXM.  I try to keep an open mind when heading into my sets, so you can expect a diverse mix of sounds from techno to house and more. Once a month I will choose a set that I have selected from my various live performances around the world and and present to you as a ProfoundSound podcast. Come along with me on the journey.”  - Josh Wink 

The first show was recorded live from Euphoria PDX: Listen HERE

Released the last Friday of every month, the next podcast will be available on Friday 24th June. Follow HERE