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Kill For Love...

Chromatics are back!
love. love. love. love. love. love. love.

Close to everything

love this from mickey moonlight!


Going through all the Cassius classics i haven't listened to in a long while!
forgot how much amazing music they have given us!

The Sound Of Violence

La Mouche

and of course the DJ Falcon remix... (this was the backing track to my formative years 'raving'...


Feeling For You

and their latest classic I <3 U SO

Boys Noize

Drop The Lime

69 live

Steve Aoki mix on mixmag.net for I Love Techno


Boys Noize interview ahead of I Love Techno


Mondkopf LIVE - at XOYO - November 18th

MONDKOPF at XOYO - plus special guests
18th November 2011
XOYO, 32-37 Cowper St, Islington, Greater London. EC2A 4AW
Doors 7.30 // Curfew 10.30
£7.50 adv

French music protégée, Mondkopf, will perform the debut London live show of his album ‘Rising Doom’, at XOYO on 18th November.

Inspired by post-punk, black metal and with the music of Aphex Twin and Autechre always in his head, Mondkopf displays an energy du force like no other. Playing dark, almost Gothic, electronica intertwined with beautiful melodies and beats so heavy they pound deep into your soul; creating a sonic journey to the beautiful darkside.

From darkness to light, Mondkopf is heavily influenced by the cinematic experience. For his Live show he has merged sound and vision, collaborating with multimedia design agency, Trafik, to conceive a show for both the ears and eyes; black and white tension immerses, igniting the sensation of raves, exorcism and a mystical experience…

With a truly unique new album, his sensory defying live show, a sound that connects to electronica, indie, dub-step, rave and hip-hop sensibilities, Mondkopf ignites an ever growing fascination.

The tension rises… Rising Doom.

Select press for ‘Rising Doom’:


“Highly Recommended!” - Skream


To purchase tickets, go to:

Cassius mix I Love Techno 2011

I Love Techno 2011
- mixed by Cassius

Taking place on the 12th of November, this year’s I Love Techno is held at the Flanders Expo in Ghent and as ever is expected to attract some 35,000 people across 5 rooms making it Europe's leading indoor dance event. Cassius is one of the headliners this year, next to other hot acts such as Laurent Garnier, Boys Noize, Crookers, Paul Kalkbrenner, The Subs and many many more.

Cassius is the French duo behind this year's superhit "I <3 U SO", but everybody of course also still remembers their late nineties hits such as "1999", "La Mouche" and "Feeling For You". Cassius was one of the originators of the gigantic French touch movement, but they're still on top of the game, now on one of the hippest labels of the moment, Ed Banger.

After Steve Aoki's monstruous mix last year, we present you Cassius' debut (!) mix-cd: I LOVE TECHNO 2011 MIXED BY CASSIUS!

PRE ORDER FROM HERE: http://itunes.apple.com/be/preorder/i-love-techno-2011/id473275183


12 Nov. Flanders Expo, Gent


1. DJ Mehdi - Pocket Piano
2. Torb - Rubidrama
3. Joe Cocherell - Who Are You Where Do You Come From
4. Steve Rachmad - Fruit Of The Room
5. Sneaker - You Think You Think
6. Public Energy - Three O' Three
7. Cassius - The Sound Of Violence (Reggae Rock Dub)
8. Marcel Dettmann - Quicksand
9. Loosefingers - 303 Indigenous
10. Roots Panorama - Threee (Deetron Mix)
11. Steffi feat. Virginia - Yours
12. Function - Variance
13. Gerd & Elbee Bad - H.O.U.S.E. (Arttu Remix)
14. Zinc - Nexx
15. Head High - It's A Love Thing (Sigg Gonzales Island Mix)
16. Studio X - Join The Tribe
17. Mike Dehnert - MD
18. J.T.C. - Recall
19. Reese & Santonio - Bounce Your Body To The Box (Power Hit Mix)
20. Boys Noize & Erol Alkan feat. Jarvis Cocker - Avalanche (Terminal Velocity)
21. EQD - Equalized #002 A
22. Mickey Moonlight feat. George Lewis Jr. - Close To Everything (The Martin Brothers Remix)
23. Mondo - Work Me Baby (Rootstrax Version)
24. Cassius - I <3 U SO


When Stefaan "Dr. Lektroluv" called us to ask if we would be up to mix the next "I Love Techno" cd we have to admit that we were super proud and very happy...
We've played "I Love Techno" two times in the past and loved it each time...
Also to be truly honest we both really love techno music.
After numerous hickups due to our hectic and messy way of working, way of mixing, and some mono vs stereo problems, we finally recorded this mix in Ibiza in a straight old-school "live and direct" mode.
Boombass hitting his faithful MPC sampler and myself in front of our beloved "3 turntables and a mixer" setup.
This mix is direct, it’s a no-brainer, there’s no strategy, it’s nothing but us digging in our record crate without preparation, to keep the ultimate risky improvisation feeling that we always preferred above everything.
Basically it was recorded in one take, that we only had to edit to take some time off, as we're so old-school we don't even have a watch.
We dedicate this mix to our brother DJ Mehdi, the sun child who left us for another world.
We love you bro and we miss you so much."
Philippe and Hubert aka Zdar and Boombass aka Cassius


Cassius in 2011 is the same Cassius as the one of 1999 when the hit single "Cassius 99" took the world by storm in the defining year of the introduction of french electronic music to the planet.
Cassius' Zdar & Boombass, two best friends from Paris have never stopped. Taking time to deliver high risk albums & singles, and more than anything, never falling into the comfort zone.
They gave us a short but great list of singles and albums until coming back in 2011 with the special hit for girls, "I <3 U So", taken from their The Rawkers E.P. out on Ed Banger Records.
Since "Cassius 99" we could dance, think, talk, travel, make love, swim, drive, live, grow old, eat, take showers, wake up, jump up, smoke, sleep or drink to tracks like :
" ROCK #1 "
And numerous adventurous songs dispatched on their three albums : 1999, Au Rêve, and 15 Again.

During all this time they did not fail to keep on playing all over the world their raunchy, dirty, sweaty super sexy House music or killing their appetite for djing just by being rare, choosing good gigs and playing at small clubs as well as big festivals.
They love to keep it simple, always preferring to live their high life of great dinners, super friendships, tasty wines and family entertainment in their beloved city of Paris or traveling to dream destinations like their sacred spot in the North of Ibiza, a secret island in the sun or an Alps ski resort where they go fast up to down on whatever slip on snow.
They also keep it real by helping bands to make their records as Zdar has become a mixer and a producer "extraordinaire" for lots of bands around the world. Above everything always choosing projects carefully, to give 100% of what he has. Since his studio (the already famous "Motorbass Recording Studio" ) was refurbished two years ago he has won a Grammy for the production of the super successful fourth album of Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, he also finished producing the up to come in September fantastic new album of The Rapture, as well as the one of the super great French band, Housse de Racket. The next one to come is an album by a new English artist going by the name of Kindness, who should please people and change the way music is sometimes un-respected. In the meantime, he has also mixed a lot of songs for the likes of Chromeo, Bumblebeez, Kele, and lately, some secret big American artists. Finishing with his dream becoming reality, he was called by his all time heros, The Beastie Boys, to help them finish their already n#1 iTunes / n#2 US Billboard new album - The Hot Sauce Community Part 2.
Boombass has kept on doing remixes and beats, playing records and becoming a better beat maker and DJ everyday. He's kept the Cassius' team ready to roll while staying super hot, ready for June where they get reunited together in the studio to give a follow up of those adventures of two French kids who have become men without ever loosing either their friendship, their sense of humour or their taste for sweat, without compromising any second.
Cassius in the house !


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isn't this just beautiful..

Carl Craig 'Just Another Day' - remastered

Carl Craig
Just Another Day - Remastered
1. Twilight (Original mix)
2. Darkness (Original mix)
3. Sandstorms (Original mix)
4. Experimento (Original mix)
5. Sandstorms (C2 2011 Version)

Out now on Planet-E (Digital only)

Carl Craig’s ‘Just Another Day' EP was originally released in 2004, with ‘Twilight’, ‘Sandstorms’ and ‘Darkness’ all going to become instant classics.

This re-mastered version contains a new version of ‘Sandstorms’, in
addition to the original.

“To me, one interesting and sadly ironic thing about the release is that the cut 'Sandstorms' is about the second Gulf War. I say ironic because seven years later, we're still at war in the region with no true end in sight. Also, if you look closely at the cover artwork, you'll notice it also follows the theme of warfare. Each track sets a very distinct emotional tone. It starts out very high and even hopeful with ‘Twilight’, then descends into deeper, more morose feelings with ‘Sandstorms’ and ‘Darkness’, until it ends in sheer insanity/chaos with ‘Experimento’. You could say it mirrors the history of this country or even the city of Detroit. I'm not sure if that's what Carl intended but as a listener, this is how I interpret it.” – Monty Luke (Planet-E label manager)

Available digital only, to purchase the release, go to:

for more carl craig info go to www.carlcraig.net
for more planet-e info, go to www.planet-e.net

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