Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Glastonbury rundown...

I got there on Wednesday and the happenings happened like this:

Wednesday: Settle like a petal, get my bearings and go to bed early.

Thursday: Worked from the press tent in the day to make people know about the campfire. Thursday night just hung round the campfire. We had only the Strummerville bands on - Nat Jenkins, Beans On Toast, Handshake and loads more. It was the busiest campfire sessions they had ever had. pretty mental. in bed at sunrise after I had my first glasto moment of 2010; watching a girl dance round the campfire in a lycra leopard print catsuit with ears. Also chatted to some hilarious drunk people and made new friends.

Friday: up early and down to the press tent again. Tonight was pretty big as we had the BBC coming down to film the campfire and Frank Turner played a special set for us. Randomly met some of the funny people from the night before and went to see Rolf Harris with them (Festivals are ALL about meeting amazing new friends). Rolf was Genius! He is like everyone's granny and granpops rolled into one. Went to see Snoopy Doggy Dog in the afternoon - which was very epic. He is a legend right there. Afterwards I took a stroll to the Park Stage to see The Big Pink. The Park is for sure my favourite area of Glasto... it's just that little bit further away from everything else and on a nice hill so i can see everything (i am very short). The Big Pink were ace. i love them - especially 'Velvet'... It has one of my favourite song lyrics ever (Found her in a dream looking for me). And THEN... well then was one of the best moments ever. Radiohead have always been on my to see before I die list. One of my favourite bands ever. Anyways, so after a massively long stage set up (with roadies and crew that you know only belong to a propA musical dream), Thom Yorke walks out with a sweat band on and sits at his piano. AMAZING. it was my best festival moment ever! And Jonny Greenwood came out half way through to make it Radiohead. Karma Police was the most magic moment...

set list was:

1. The Eraser
2. Harrowdown Hill
3. Black Swan
4. Cymbal Rush (with Jonny Greenwood)
5. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi (with Jonny Greenwood)
6. Pyramid Song (with Jonny Greenwood)
7. Idioteque (with Jonny Greenwood)
8. Karma Police (with Jonny Greenwood)
9. Street Spirit (Fade Out) (with Jonny Greenwood)

Due to this I missed The Mystery Jets, Gorillaz and the Flaming Lips, but really didn't care at that point. Had to miss the XX also as work beckoned at the Campfire... Campfire was even more mental than the previous night. BBC did a filming on the secret areas of Glasto and we were one of them! They filmed Frank Turner and Strummerville band The Supernovas do sessions. We also had in Lissie (great voice), Fionn Regan, Mariachi el bronx and I forget who else. Also had loads of the big bands hanging out round the campfire which was nice. Afterwards I took a stroll around as a bit overwhelmed... ended up in Horsemeat Disco, wearing a moustache and dancing with trannies... Great way to end off! Or was it? I stumbled back to the campfire and Ali Love and Beans on Toast ended up doing impromptu (and naughty - music was supposed to be off by then), geetar singalong sessions around the campfire. Stayed there until around 9am and went up to the stone circle to do balloons. then bed...

Saturday: Felt pretty retarded but not too bad. Minced around in the day, generally. Went to see Delphic on the John Peel stage , then The Cribs and then the Foals - the foals were wicked but the lead singer has got massive arms! like an action man out of toy story or something. missed Candi Staton but did see the XX this time. Was okay but i much prefer them in a small setting, they looked like they had been having fun also. Florence came out to sing you got the love whilst Candi was probably singing it on the park stage (gutted i missed that! - my fave version)... Then went up to the campfire (missing petshop boys - bummer again)... Campfire sessions were pretty epic tonight. the Drums did the first session and loads of journos came down to see them. i loved them in their little hut! much better than a bigger stage for me... then we had bands like i blame coco (very great), Bombay Bicycle Club and The Mystery Jets did a wicked little session for us (they had been hanging out at the campfire the past few nights and loved it)... they were my favourite i think!

Sunday: Day off! amazing day! spent it wandering around, exactly as you are supposed to. Went to see Grizzly Bear on the Other Stage whilst the rest of the world watched the footie. beautiful vibes in the sunshine... Pretty much hung out there and saw LCD and MGMT - to whom i shoulder surfed on the shoulders of my new favourite gay. After that saw a bit of Empire Of The Sun and then lazed around the back of the park stage with a moustache drawn on my face for hours and hours...

Top Five Glasto highlights:

1: Thom Yorke / Radiohead on The Park Stage
2: Mystery Jets around the Campfire
3: Dancing with Gays in Horsemeat Disco
4: Grizzly Bear on the Other Stage
5: illegal campfire sessions around the strummerville campfire at 8am with Ali Love, Beans on Toast and loads of my friends - old and new :)

NME newsy on the Drums playing Strummerville campfire at Glastonbury

The Drums played an intimate gig around the Strummerville campfire at Glastonbury on Saturday night. Around 500 people crammed around the campfire as The Drums performed on a makeshift stage... not their usual setting but they were amazing nonetheless (I think I kind of preferred them in a small thing)...

Afterwards the Mystery Jets (my fave campfire session of the weekend), I Blame Coco, Bombay Bicycle Club and loads more all did intimate campfire sessions...

It was all very magical in a corner at the back of the unfair ground under a silhouette of Joe Strummer.

Josh Wink Weekend Weapons on Beatportal

And the Wink has Essential New Tune on Pete Tong's BBC Radio 1 Show this week:

Joris Voorn mix on Pete Tong AND Josh Wink remix of the Gorilaz ESSENTIAL NEW TUNE

Shake It... tomorrow July 1st - with Richie Hawtin and Layo & Bushwacka!

it's not often that you and 899 others get to see Richie Hawtin in London Town. Get excited.

Time Out says this...

And TNT says this...

And Kultureflash says this:!

Facebook -

Twitter -

MySpace -

SoundCloud -

YouTube -

will be megatron!

We Love.... TV - WEEK 2 - THE PR EPISODE

EAR YOU GO! I'm on here giving my extensive PR knowledge along with others who probably know more than I do :)

We Love Ibiza 2010 Week 2 - The Public Relations Episode - Part 1 from We Love on Vimeo.

We Love Ibiza 2010 Week 2 - The Public Relations Episode - Part 2 from We Love on Vimeo.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

We Love... TV... Week One...

Interviews with the pairs! parts one and two for you.

We Love Ibiza 2010 Week 1 - The Work Episode - Part 1 from We Love on Vimeo.

We Love Ibiza 2010 Week 1 - The Work Episode - Part 2 from We Love on Vimeo.

NME newsy on the Drums, I Blame Coco and more st Strummerville campfire...

Strummerville at Glastonbury

Strummerville at Glasto! some amazing bands coming to do acoustic campfire sessions for us this year. get there from midnight every noche :) x

Strummerville Campfire at Glastonbury - June 24th / 25th / 26th / 27th

Strummerville will be kicking off this year's festival tour at their natural home, Glastonbury festival. They will be lighting the campfire (the biggest campfire at Glastonbury) Thursday night and keep it burning till Monday morning.

Situated in the Unfair Ground field in the exact same spot where Joe Strummer used to have his fire, the strummerville campfire sessions will start at midnight every night and will run until 3am. Confirmed acoustic performances from bands include a mixture of Strummerville supported bands and bands who are fans of Joe Strummer himself, such as: The Drums, I Blame Coco, Beans on Toast, Handshake, Sound of Rum, Ali Love, Lissie, Fionn Regan, Frank Turner, Depot, Nat Jenkins and many, many more (some who can't be announced!).

No times will be announced for any performance, the best way to find out is to swing by and say hi during the day to find out who's playing that night, rest your feet on our many sofas, grab a tea from the cafe or take part in our drumming workshops.

For Joe Strummer, the idea of a "campfire" - any loose assembly of people bonded by the rising flames and the advancing dawn - became an art form in itself.

"We're here to provide warmth, encourage conversation, listen to amazing music and generally spread the love. Everybody's welcome." - Strummerville

Strummerville 2010 Campfire dates include:
Glastonbury: 24th - 27th June
Lounge One The Farm: 9th - 11th July
Secret Garden: 22nd - 23rd July
Endorse It In Dorset - 6th -8th August

AVAILABLE NOW: The new Film about Strummerville, entitled Strummerville and directed by legend Don Letts - "In a cultural climate that feels like punk never happened Strummerville (the film) serves as a timely reminder of a way forward. It worked back then and it can work again - and man it needs to!" - Don Letts

'Strummerville' - Joe Strummer's political spirit of punk, transcending generations.

Watch the trailer and buy HERE

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Strummerville Documentry - directed by Don Letts

"In a cultural climate that feels like punk never happened Strummerville (the film) serves as a timely reminder of a way forward. It worked back then and it can work again - and man it needs to!" - Don Letts

Strummerville is the new film directed by legend Don Letts -

Strummerville a film by Don Letts from Strummerville on Vimeo.

Strummerville' - Joe Strummer's political spirit of punk, transcending generations.

The Aikiu feature in Trax Magazine France

11 Questions for Foamo from We Love...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mike Pickering

So I'm googling Mike Pickering (as he has signed Retro/Grade... more info coming soon) and did not realise he is behind this booty:

he also has a magic ear and signs lots of amazing bands.

summer vibez.

We Love... Week 2 - June 20th - Flyer! and free mix from Foamo

Groove Armada, Hercules and Love Affair, DJ Pierre, Foamo, Disco Bloodbath and many more!

and check here for a nice new mix from Foamo:

We Love... Week One TV...

We Love... Space, Sunday June 13th 2009 - The Opening from We Love on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

15 Years of Ovum feature on

And ovum label manager, Matt Brookman, gives his all time top 15! for full ovum 15 tour dates!

We Love... preview for the summer!

Looksie! looks amazing doesn't it. they put the flamingos on just for me.

We Love... Space 2010 Summer Preview from We Love on Vimeo.

Shake It... July 1st - Layo & Bushwacka plus special guest Richie Hawtin!

What: SHAKE IT! Canada Day Special
When: Thursday July 1st
10pm – 5.00am
Where: Village Underground 54 Holywell Lane EC2A 3PQ
Who: Line-up: Richie Hawtin, Layo&Bushwacka!

Two things are happening on Thursday July 1st : Canada day in London with a celebration of Canadian arts ands culture in Trafalgar square. Happy Birthday Canada! You don’t look 143. ( )

And more to the point…

Layo & Bushwacka’s SHAKE IT invites Very Special Guest and Canada’s most famous electronic export Richie Hawtin to come and celebrate at an intimate Warehouse in London. This is a rare opportunity to hear Richie in a small space of 800 people, with state of the art Funktion 1 sound.

One of dance music’s greatest innovators, Richie Hawtin, is all about pushing forwards. New sounds, new technologies, new boundaries. Though raised in Canada, Hawtin is originally associated with putting the Detroit Techno scene on the dance music map, he has subsequently created his own Minus empire, and a whole genre. The label has been responsible for some of the most sought after records in recent years and some of the most in demand parties on the planet. Under his Plastikman guise he is currently on a worldwide Live Tour (, from which he is taking a DJ break to come Shake It…

Shake It is the only place in London you can get to hear and experience Layo&Bushwacka! Shake It parties always bring you amazing music, atmosphere and the best crowd. The duo have created something very unique in London. Come share.

Book Early for this event.


Resident Advisor -

DATE: 01-07-2010
PROMOTION NAME Shake It! Canada Day Special
VENUE & ADDRESS: Village Underground 54 Holywell Lane EC2A 3PQ
LINE UP: Layo&Bushwacka!, Richie Hawtin
TIMES/PRICES: 22:00- 05:00
TICKETS: £15 Early Bird tickets/Ticketweb & Resident Advisor: £18 on the door


Check this short video about Deconstruction - the label who have signed Retro/Grade's debut! Official announcement coming spoon

As the Retro/Grade project is just about to begin and therefore explosion all over everyone. i thought i should blog what retrograde actually means.

check this link here!

and you can check the Retro/Grade (aka Serge Santiago and Tom Neville) myspace here!

and their facebook here:

Time to get cosmic people! or to get disco, depending on how you look at it.

Throbbing Gristle

so i just double dared Carl Craig to play Throbbing Gristle at We Love opening on Sunday... he said he would as I DOUBLE dared him (my negotiation procedure). Will he go the dancefloor route and play his own remixes - of 'Still Walking' and the below...

or will he play 'some straight up crazy shit', like this? :)

he is doing the last set in the discoteca so i think he should go mental. bOOOM!

Today is a good day

this song is apt because i now have one just for me! (a home) :) love what the dude is doing on the thingy.

Ovum at Sonar - Wednesday June 16th

Date: Wed 16th June
Venue: Boulevard (formerly Fellini), Ramblas 27, Barcelona, 08002

Opening/Closing Times: 11pm - 5am
Room 1
Josh Wink
Shlomi Aber
Davide Squillace
Luca Bacchetti
Room 2
Gregor Tresher

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

FM Belfast interview in reporte indigo Mexico

We Love... Opening this week!

Let's go! Summer is Here!

my favourite Ali Love will be performing for Black Rabbit in the El Salon :)

Glastonbury 2010!!

Strummerville is again holding the biggest campfire at Glasto... at the campfire we are going to have a mixture of strummerville supported bands - like Viv Albertine (ex The Slits), Supernovas, Beans On Toast and... some excellent BIG bands will be performing secret campfire sessions... I can't say who, but they will be amazing.

Come and hang with us and have good vibes at Glastonbury... It's a great hidden comfort zone with wicked music - The campfire is located near Joe Strummer's memory stone. Check here for where the campfire is based!

Alive Festival in Portugal

I'm going and it's going to be Mega! Not only is the Planet Turbo ( spectacular going to be there, but also live performances from The XX, Florence and the Machine, La Roux, Big Pink and Loooads more.

Mr G album newspiece on RA

Richard Norris / TASM mix for Fact