Friday, January 29, 2010

Feeling inspired...

Watched the Brian Eno docu on the BBCiplayer last night... He is such a legend.. a creative, mental genius, always searching for another way to make music with his mind... and he's worked with my other two favourite men in music: Bowie and Byrne. Menage a trois. Not sure about U2 and Coldplay though, still can't appreciate them... Although i can see why he did it.

Also love this that he did for Devo (no idea he worked with Devo) - Check 1.45 break for a moment that has inspired so many techno producers (Daft Punk)...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Layo & Bushwacka! present Shake It - Feb 13th

Layo & Bushwacka! Presents SHAKE IT
Saturday February 13th
10pm – 6.30am
Village Underground - London
Line-up: Layo & Bushwacka!, Omri H

Layo & Bushwacka! Return from their two-month tour of Brazil – where they did a regular blog for beatportal -
- tanned and ready for their first SHAKE IT party of 2010.

This time the duo hit the fantastic Village Underground in London’s EC2 and are joined by Omri H – resident at Tel Aviv’s Haoman17 club and now warm-up DJ for Layo and Bushwacka’s SHAKE IT parties.

Last year saw them play in various venues around London, with guests including Laurent Garnier and a tent at SW4 featuring Richie Hawtin, Dubfire and guests.

Layo & Bushwacka! are also set to release their next EP on Olmeto in February, entitled ‘The Longest Day’.

DATE: 13-02-2010
VENUE & ADDRESS Village Underground, 54 Honeywell Lane, London EC2A 3PQ
LINE UP: Layo & Bushwacka! , Omri H
MUSIC STYLE/SELLING POINTS: The sound Of Olmeto, following on last years brilliant parties: Beautiful space, dancing into Valentines Day....
TIMES/PRICES: 22:00- 06:30 £ 10 Early Bird tickets, £13 Adv Tickets from
Ticketweb £15 on the door

Fact on The Time And Space Machine

giving a few extras

Hell v Bryan Ferry review in Clash

FM Belfast review in Raveline Germany

FM Belfast review in Musikmarkt Germany

House of House on Ministry B List

Monday, January 25, 2010

Kris Menace interview on

The Time And Space Machine - album March 2010

Proper Kosmische-Town artwork! wait til you hear the musics. :)

The Time And Space Machine
‘The Time And Space Machine’
Released March 2010

Colours swirl, patterns collide… it’s time to turn on The Time and Space Machine. Richard Norris would like to invite you inside...

“This is the first time I’ve made an album pretty much on my own. Apart from two days laying down drums with ace beatnik drum-lord Wildcat Will and a couple of vocal sessions, this record was pieced together solo over many months in a room beneath a castle in Lewes, Sussex, England. It’s a different dynamic making a record on your own, and allowed the record to grow in it’s own particular way.

After years collecting, releasing, writing and thinking about psychedelic music, I’ve finally put my formative influences onto a set of tunes. I’ve been in love with psychedelia and freakbeat ever since I worked at the UK psych label Bam Caruso as a teenager, and I’ve really tried to mesh that influence with modern techniques to create something new.”

About the album:

1. Time and Space. I wanted an opener that went from an atmospheric place to a real lift off into space.
2. Path Through The Cathedral. My favorite track at the moment, with ringing Cathedral organ, tremelo-ed fuzz tone and backwards guitars.
3. Set Phazer To Stun. The first hint of a Krautrock influence here, alongside some dirt cheap Farfisa organ and Will’s freakbeat drumming. And some Phazer.
4. You Are The One. Layed vocals singing in the round, with more fine beat freak moments from Will.
5. Children Of The Sun. Apparently, according to some blogs, this is ‘Chillwave’… maybe so, although I had no idea what Chillwave was when I made it. I just wanted to write a breezy, hazy, uplifting summer record with a hint of liquid sunshine.
6. Zeitghost. More motorik freakbeat, the kind of track I like djing with as it’s a right chugger.
7. Infinite. A twitchy guitar manta
8. More Cowbell. Probably the most obviously dancefloor track on the album, with fuzzed out bass and the sound of a cowbell that sounds like it’s still attached to the cow on some hill in Switzerland. Influenced by the famous Saturday Night Live ‘More Cowbell’ sketch with Christopher Walken.
9. Midsummer Night. The words came to me on midsummer night, the day before my birthday, at four in the morning looking into a glowing campfire in a field in the Sussex downs.
10. Mushroom Family. A more Balearic influence here with a hint of sitar and flute, plus Rachael Davies’ soaring harmonies.
11. After The Gold Rush. This Neil Young cover features Raissa from The Mummers on vocals, some Memphis Horns and a hint of balearia once again.

Richard Norris’s journey into psych began as a teenager when he worked for the legendary UK psych label Bam Caruso, who released dozens of psychedelic and freakbeat compilations alongside artist albums from the Seeds, the Left Banke, the Walker Brothers, John’s Children, July and many more. “It was like attending psychedelic university,” says Richard. He also co-editedStrange Things are Happening, a pop art magazine that pre-dated the likes of Mojo and other reissue magazines.

His first full-length album, 1987’s ‘Jack The Tab’, was co-produced by Genesis P.Orridge and was one of the first UK acid house albums. The accent was on acid rather than house however – samples from Tiny Tim, ‘The Trip’ and many other sixties cut-ups abound, alongside Peter Fonda’s “We want to get Loaded…. We want to have a good time”, a full year before Primal Scream.

The spirit of Jack the Tab is all over Richard’s re-edit12” mini albums as Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve, produced twenty years after his 1987 debut, in partnership with Erol Alkan. BTWS have gone on to remix the Chemical Brothers, Goldfrapp, Franz Ferdinand and more, and also are working on their debut album.

The Time And Space Machine presents ‘The Time And Space Machine’ is release March on Tirk.

“It's a hi fi sci-fi adventure... set phazer to stun...” – Richard Norris

Greco-Roman page on pulse

Kris Menace mix on

Ben Rymer Tag of the Day on Shazam

Rave (Oz) review of Greco Roman box-set and Joe Goddard


Ben Rymer Back To Mine on DMC update

Can't stop listening to this - matthew dear doin' the xx

FM Belfast feature in Rolling Stone Italy

no idea what it say, but they loved 'em...

This is what Rolling Stone USA said...

MusicOMH review of FM Belfast


Two Josh Winks and a Hell play on Pete Tong

Jimpster remix of Jus Right and Radio Slave remix of Stay Out All Night (former ENT for Pete)

and the Carl Craig remix of Hell!

Psychonauts podcast for resident advisor!

Nice one Mogger

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dr Strangelove 'Photograph' (Gung Ho)

Lottie's new track on Gung-Ho. Ace track, ace label, ace film, ace director, ace lady :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

FM Belfast video from Eurosonic

they played on Friday and had an amazing gig! check this short video from when the performed Par Avion...

FM Belfast review on drowned in sound

8/10! nice land.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Listen to some ace mixes on Samurai FM from the Rebel Butterfly roster!

FM Belfast Electro album of the month in Mixmag and... band of the day on CMU Daily

check cmu daily feature here:

Ben Rymer ep review in mixmag

Robert Babicz 'Immortal Changes' - artist album on systematic

Robert Babicz
‘Immortal Changes’
March 2010

Polish born, but now based in Cologne, Robert Babicz (Producer/Live Act) releases his second Artist album on Marc Romboy’s Systematic Recordings. Following from ‘A Cheerful Temper’, released in 2007, ‘Immortal Changes’ shows a warmer side to Babicz’s production skills. Bringing in warm melodies, deep and deeper grooves, blissed atmospheres, live strings, live sax, analogue bass - sometimes jacking, but mostly tripping; his journey takes you wherever you choose to let your mind go.

“Immortal Changes’ is about the only thing that never changes: everything will change throughout your life.

My idea behind the album was that I wanted a representation of my inner feelings, things that happened last year, and overall a very personal view on electronic music. Through all the traveling around the world as a Live Act, I meet great people, I see so many fantastic places, and so on. So my music reflects that a lot: I am building rooms, and sometimes galaxies, were your mind can go and look around, sit down, listen and enjoy…

… Also I asked some friends to play some real instruments on my album, as wanted an even more handmade and soulful sound. On most of the tracks there are real atmosphere recordings, which I recorded on my travels... So it’s like a world tour when you listen to the album.” – Robert Babicz

A track-by-track breakdown from Babicz:

Morning Kiss: “My intro and also the feeling when a beautiful day starts.

Tbilisi: “One of the most emotional gigs I’ve had in the last years been in Tbilisi. I was very impressed by the very crazy and warm people in the city. A very unique feeling is in this city in Georgia.”

Dark Flower: “One of my biggest records so far, so I had to do a new version so I don’t need to play the old one all the time. Also I wanted a different view on the theme. A fairytale about a dark flower...”

Merak: “This is about a feeling that I get in airports sometimes.”

Chordy: “An industrial western city, warm and big, hi-tek.”

Come Closer: “I always enjoy it when people let themselves go on the dancefloor; closing their eyes and just dancing... When you feel all the colors that going through your body.”

Meet The Blue Elephant: “This song is a psychedelic view in the sky, text is about animals that are in the clouds having a tea party, talking about the other animals.”

Tbilisi Reprise: “My idea was how I would sound 200 years ago, with just a string trio. So I rewrote the original with a friend so it could be played by real musicians.
It was very important that I just use a stereo microphone on the selling in the room, and the rest is just the real live... No overdubs or anything, just pure.”

Astor: “A golden city called Astor, a mystical place full of elves and ghosts...”

Mind Looping Technology: “A soundtrack to explore your own mind, look around inside yourself…”

Out Of Order: “Coming back after a long night, it’s still dark you drive down long roads... And party music slowly morphs to an alien funk band…”

Thank You For Traveling: “Trip is coming to a end... :-)”

1: Morning Kiss
2: Tbilisi
3: Dark Flower (Fever Mix)
5: Chordy
6: Come Closer
7: Meet The Blue Elephant
8: Tbilisi Reprise
9: Astor
10: Mind Looping Technology
11: OutofOrder
12: Thank you For Traveling (Out Of Order youtube clip
(Morning Kiss youtube clip)

Monday, January 11, 2010

When A Banana Was Just A Banana Remixed and Peeled - THE Vinyl series ...

Six Vinyls altogether and only 500 of each copy will be be available... Artwork is designed by Parker Jacobs (Paul Frank and more). And will be released and look like this! collectors items! Get your nanas.


FEB 1 - OVM-9008-3
A: Josh Wink “Everybody To The Sun” (Slam Paragraph Mix)
B: Josh Wink “Minimum 23” (D’julz Remix)

FEB 1 - OVM-9008-4
A) Josh Wink “airplane electronique” (matthias tanzmann remix)
B) Josh Wink “Counter Clock 319” (Chateau Flight Remix)

FEB 8 - OVM-9008-5
A) Josh Wink “Stay Out All Night” (Radio Slave Remix)
B) Josh Wink “hypnoslave” (Nic Fanciulli Remix)

FEB 8 - OVM-9008-6
A) Josh Wink “Jus Right” (DJ Sneak Remix)
B) Josh Wink “Hypnoslave” (Remix by Pascal Feos and D. Diggler)

FEB 15 - OVM-9008-7
A) Josh Wink “Just Right” (Jimpster Remix)
B) Josh Wink “Dolphin Smack” (Martin Buttrich RMX Part 6)

FEB 15 - OVM-9008-8
A) Josh Wink “Minimum 23” (Agoria Remix)
B) Josh Wink “What Used To Be Called Used To Be” (Benny Rodrigues F.A.T.F. No Drama-Mix)

And if you buy all six they look like this:

Celebrating 15 Years of Ovum!

Josh Wink 'When A Banana Was Just A Banana remixed and Peeled (CD Version) is released Feb 8th on Ovum Recordings

Layo & Bushwacka! DJ Mag Brasil feature

for their current tour in the brasilia... in portugese of course.

FM BELFAST IN Clash Ones To Watch for 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010



DJ Hell and House of House play on Pete Tong

Work It Baby youtube channel


and a new myspaz page:

FM Belfast at Eurosonic 2010

FM Belfast will debut at Eurosonic this year, one of Europe's most important live music festivals, renowned for showcasing extraordinary new talent before the rest do...

FM Belfast are playing Friday 15th (going into Saturday 16th) at 00.30 at Shadrak Main

They also have an off venue show at small gallery (Owsum) downtown Groningen on the 16th at 16:00.

Links to Live reviews:

went to this

worth a look:

their album is my fave of 2009 by far..

Monday, January 4, 2010

Josh Wink 'When A Banana Was Just A Banana' - REMIXED AND PEELED

Josh Wink
"When A Banana Was Just A Banana Remixed and Peeled"
Released February 2010
Ovum Recordings

Josh Wink’s fourth artist album ‘When A Banana Was Just A Banana’ was one of the most talked about and played electronic albums of 2009. Now, in 2010 - and with a little help from his friends - ‘When A Banana Was Just A Banana’ gets Remixed and Peeled by some of Wink’s most esteemed producer friends, who each personally chose the track they wanted to remix.

1) Jus Right (Jimpster Remix)
2) Everybody To The Sun (Slam Paragraph Mix)
3) Stay Out All Night (Radio Slave Remix)
4) Counter Clock 319 (Chateau Flight Remix)
5) Hypnoslave (Nic Fanciulli Remix)
6) Airplane Electronique (Matthias Tanzmann remix)
7) Minimum 23 (Agoria Remix)
8) Dolphin Smack (Martin Buttrich RMX Part 6)
9) What Used To Be Called Used To Be (Benny Rodrigues F.A.T.F. No Drama-Mix)

“This album started coming together when some of Josh's peers inquired about remixing certain tracks that they liked. Josh then asked other producers whom he liked and respected to pick a track also. After a few months of collecting the remixes, ‘When A Banana Was Just A Banana Remixed and Peeled’ is ready for release. It was an honor to have so many talented producers interested in putting their spin on what were already great tracks - and very exciting as the mixes came in and we were blown away one time after another. The styles are very diverse, but all put together make a comprehensive album that shines like the original. From the deep tech of Martin Buttrich, Pascal Feos, and Chateau Flight, to the house grooves of Nic Fanciulli, DJ Sneak, D'Julz and Jimpster, to the full on floor fillers from Agoria, Slam, Radio Slave, and Benny Rodrigues.” - Ovum

The release of the album also coincides with the ‘15 Years Of Ovum’ Tour. Running throughout 2010. Dates coming soon!

The album will be available as a single CD, Digitally with exclusive tracks by DJ Sneak, D'Julz, Martin Buttrich, and Pascal Feos, and as a limited edition vinyl collection of 6 separate twelve inches.

The twelve-inch versions are collector’s items – when you put them altogether they make up OVUM 15. Parker Jacobs (behind the Paul Frank designs and more) again designed all the artwork for the album: ABOUT PARKER: Parker Jacobs is an Emmy nominated character designer and animation art director for the hit Nick Jr. TV program, Yo Gabba Gabba! Prior to his current status, he was a senior design director for Paul Frank Industries from 2000 through 2007. Specialized in branding, unique packaging, collaborations and overall graphic design, he also had close involvement in the Paul Frank personal art gallery exhibitions. In addition, Parker is the author/ illustrator of the first Paul Frank children's book entitled, "Only In Dreams: A Bedtime Story" published in 2008 by Chronicle Books. Parker is also well known for his involvement with the super-hero rock band, The Aquabats!

Work It Baby - 10th Anniversary

Work it Baby - 10th Anniversary
The Compilation
Released February

Kris Menace’s Work It Baby gets ten.

Work it Baby is one of the last remaining and most famous French House Labels around.
It was founded in 2000 by world-renowned Producer and DJ, Kris Menace, who initially started the label to release tracks for his friends. He has since also started the hugely successful Compuphonic label.

Kris Menace has risen to become one of the most in demand remixers around and is known for huge releases like “Discopolis", "Scaler", "Jupiter" and many more.

Over the last 10 Years Work it Baby has built up a strong reputation after nurturing artists like Fred Falke, Patrick Alavi, Lifelike, Charlie Fanclub, Serge Santiago’s Trilogyyy and Jaunt. Most of these artists releases have became worldwide club anthems and have been snapped up for re-release by labels like Azuli (Patrick Alavi “Power”) and Alan Braxes Vulture label (Kris Menace Stars On 33 Project).

The 10th Anniversary Label Compilation features 35 Tracks on 2 CDs which
includes all previous Work It Baby releases, alongside unreleased exclusive tracks from Fred Falke, Kris Menace, Jaunt and Charlie Fanclub and a guest vocal performance from Princess Superstar.

Tracks from Love On Laserdisc and Savage will be released as singles taken from the compilation.


1. Kris Menace & Fred Falke – Enamoured
2. Savage & Fred Falke - I´m in LUV
3. Xinobi - Day Off*
4. Patrick Alavi - Power - Menace & Adam Remix*
5. Savage & Kris Menace - Lets shower together*
6. Menace & Adam - Could Heaven ever gonna be like this*
7. Trilogyyy feat. Princess Superstar - Apocalypse Rock*
8. Patrick Alavi - Back 2 F*
9. Kris Menace - Maybelline
10. Jaunt – Evolver*
11. Charlie Fanclub - Cream Soda*
12. Moonbootica - Men of the Future (Kris Menace Remix)*
13. Vincent Fries – JimJam*
14. IV & Kris Menace - Alaska
15. Charlie Fanclub - The Rise of the Colleseus*
16. Kris Menace & Fred Falke - Electricity

1. Menace & Adam pres. Relight - Operator
2. Stars on 33 - I feel Music in your Heart
3. Montana - The One 4 Me
4. Menace & Adam pres. The Heartbreakers - Heartbreaker
5. Patrick Alavi - Power
6. Menace & Adam - Missile Test (Fred Falke Remix)
7. Lifelike - Running Out
8. Menace & Adam - Rock Dat Shit
9. Patrick Alavi - Come 2 Me
10. Fred Falke - Omega Man
11. Jaunt - Traveller
12. EVA - Builder (Kris Menace Re.edit)
13. Trilogyyy - Apocalypse Rock
14. Fred Falke - Love Theme
15. Charlie Fanclub - Nightbreed Pt.1
16. Jaunt - Lipstick
17. Donovan feat. G.Ziro - Breakin´
18. Moonbootica - Strobelight
19. Fred Falke feat. Teff Ballmert – Chicago

* = exclusive track to compilation