Monday, January 11, 2010

When A Banana Was Just A Banana Remixed and Peeled - THE Vinyl series ...

Six Vinyls altogether and only 500 of each copy will be be available... Artwork is designed by Parker Jacobs (Paul Frank and more). And will be released and look like this! collectors items! Get your nanas.


FEB 1 - OVM-9008-3
A: Josh Wink “Everybody To The Sun” (Slam Paragraph Mix)
B: Josh Wink “Minimum 23” (D’julz Remix)

FEB 1 - OVM-9008-4
A) Josh Wink “airplane electronique” (matthias tanzmann remix)
B) Josh Wink “Counter Clock 319” (Chateau Flight Remix)

FEB 8 - OVM-9008-5
A) Josh Wink “Stay Out All Night” (Radio Slave Remix)
B) Josh Wink “hypnoslave” (Nic Fanciulli Remix)

FEB 8 - OVM-9008-6
A) Josh Wink “Jus Right” (DJ Sneak Remix)
B) Josh Wink “Hypnoslave” (Remix by Pascal Feos and D. Diggler)

FEB 15 - OVM-9008-7
A) Josh Wink “Just Right” (Jimpster Remix)
B) Josh Wink “Dolphin Smack” (Martin Buttrich RMX Part 6)

FEB 15 - OVM-9008-8
A) Josh Wink “Minimum 23” (Agoria Remix)
B) Josh Wink “What Used To Be Called Used To Be” (Benny Rodrigues F.A.T.F. No Drama-Mix)

And if you buy all six they look like this:

Celebrating 15 Years of Ovum!

Josh Wink 'When A Banana Was Just A Banana remixed and Peeled (CD Version) is released Feb 8th on Ovum Recordings

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