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The Time And Space Machine - album March 2010

Proper Kosmische-Town artwork! wait til you hear the musics. :)

The Time And Space Machine
‘The Time And Space Machine’
Released March 2010

Colours swirl, patterns collide… it’s time to turn on The Time and Space Machine. Richard Norris would like to invite you inside...

“This is the first time I’ve made an album pretty much on my own. Apart from two days laying down drums with ace beatnik drum-lord Wildcat Will and a couple of vocal sessions, this record was pieced together solo over many months in a room beneath a castle in Lewes, Sussex, England. It’s a different dynamic making a record on your own, and allowed the record to grow in it’s own particular way.

After years collecting, releasing, writing and thinking about psychedelic music, I’ve finally put my formative influences onto a set of tunes. I’ve been in love with psychedelia and freakbeat ever since I worked at the UK psych label Bam Caruso as a teenager, and I’ve really tried to mesh that influence with modern techniques to create something new.”

About the album:

1. Time and Space. I wanted an opener that went from an atmospheric place to a real lift off into space.
2. Path Through The Cathedral. My favorite track at the moment, with ringing Cathedral organ, tremelo-ed fuzz tone and backwards guitars.
3. Set Phazer To Stun. The first hint of a Krautrock influence here, alongside some dirt cheap Farfisa organ and Will’s freakbeat drumming. And some Phazer.
4. You Are The One. Layed vocals singing in the round, with more fine beat freak moments from Will.
5. Children Of The Sun. Apparently, according to some blogs, this is ‘Chillwave’… maybe so, although I had no idea what Chillwave was when I made it. I just wanted to write a breezy, hazy, uplifting summer record with a hint of liquid sunshine.
6. Zeitghost. More motorik freakbeat, the kind of track I like djing with as it’s a right chugger.
7. Infinite. A twitchy guitar manta
8. More Cowbell. Probably the most obviously dancefloor track on the album, with fuzzed out bass and the sound of a cowbell that sounds like it’s still attached to the cow on some hill in Switzerland. Influenced by the famous Saturday Night Live ‘More Cowbell’ sketch with Christopher Walken.
9. Midsummer Night. The words came to me on midsummer night, the day before my birthday, at four in the morning looking into a glowing campfire in a field in the Sussex downs.
10. Mushroom Family. A more Balearic influence here with a hint of sitar and flute, plus Rachael Davies’ soaring harmonies.
11. After The Gold Rush. This Neil Young cover features Raissa from The Mummers on vocals, some Memphis Horns and a hint of balearia once again.

Richard Norris’s journey into psych began as a teenager when he worked for the legendary UK psych label Bam Caruso, who released dozens of psychedelic and freakbeat compilations alongside artist albums from the Seeds, the Left Banke, the Walker Brothers, John’s Children, July and many more. “It was like attending psychedelic university,” says Richard. He also co-editedStrange Things are Happening, a pop art magazine that pre-dated the likes of Mojo and other reissue magazines.

His first full-length album, 1987’s ‘Jack The Tab’, was co-produced by Genesis P.Orridge and was one of the first UK acid house albums. The accent was on acid rather than house however – samples from Tiny Tim, ‘The Trip’ and many other sixties cut-ups abound, alongside Peter Fonda’s “We want to get Loaded…. We want to have a good time”, a full year before Primal Scream.

The spirit of Jack the Tab is all over Richard’s re-edit12” mini albums as Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve, produced twenty years after his 1987 debut, in partnership with Erol Alkan. BTWS have gone on to remix the Chemical Brothers, Goldfrapp, Franz Ferdinand and more, and also are working on their debut album.

The Time And Space Machine presents ‘The Time And Space Machine’ is release March on Tirk.

“It's a hi fi sci-fi adventure... set phazer to stun...” – Richard Norris

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