Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chelonis R. Jones 'Chatterton' - album breakdown!

in the words of the dislocated Genius..

"CHATTERTON for Beginners" By Chelonis R. Jones

After the completion/release of my debut, "DISLOCATED GENIUS" in 2005, I had a single leftover track, which didn't fit in that collection: "ON THE RUN". This started the layout for my follow-up longplayer, "CHATTERTON".

After 23(!) versions -nearly 4 years at the drawingboard -label rejections -breakups
-nervous breakdowns and family deaths... "CHATTERTON" was finally finished.

I CAME TO THE CONCLUSION NOT TO RELEASE "CHATTERTON"; many labels considered the release too risky/provocative/and downright commercial suicide, when compared to the current "safe" trends overflooding the market today. ... That is, until SYSTEMATIC supremo MARC ROMBOY got a hold of a copy.

"BAREFOOT THROUGH HELL" is the oldest track, going back to the early demos of
my (GPM) "I DON'T KNOW?" release! I had a few co-producers touch-up the track,
but not to my satisfaction... until EDWIN JAMES filled in the dots; brought the track to life! I still remember the goosebumps when I listened to the final result!

"TORNOGRAPHY" is my most painful song, and 100% autobiographical, which was even more arduous to document for me, let alone SING! It took 2 months alone for me to perfect the bass and snare drum sounds(!) --the psycho-asian flair is another different ballgame altogether. Strangely, this track is a favorite amongst my circle of folk.

"REHABILITATION" was initially intended/written for STEVE LAWLER, but I felt it
dreadfully told more of MY story, so I decided it's home was on "CHATTERTON".
ROMBOY & 45 ROCKS brought the F in FREUDIAN, dare i say it, CONFESSION?! Yes.

"THE COCKPIT" was/is my favorite. It took 3 years to layer&complete! I was obsessed with the coldness of it's lunatic wall of sound. I wrote the song, of coarse, on an airplane... finishing it up on a dock in Ibiza (I still have the photograph of me writing the lyrics to this day). Many listeners have stated it's the most darkly insane soundtrack ever contributed to electropop! I'll leave that up to the listeners. Airplane-aisle (passageway) music never sounded so sufficient! Many didn't feel comfortable with the track's pro-fatalistic lyrics... but I wanted to document what would happen if the life-raft/life-jacket, and rescue team was vehemently rejected! A totally different way to go against all those ludicrous "HERO lyrics"!

"UNDERDOG ANOMALY" was my time-traveller/indie/galactica 80's moment.
Dark. Maybe even Fun. Self obsessed. A blatant continuation of "MIDDLE-FINGER MUSIC" (from my debut). The lyrics, on the otherhand, dealt with rape, rebellion and disease! Maybe not so fun, after all... But then here we are.

"POMPADOUR" was one of my favorite rocksongs (from my rockgroup COON).
A good find is such a terrible thing to waste! EDWIN JAMES once more to the rescue. Adding a bit of cinema gloss to the audio desperation, thus adding a new dimension to the track. Please notice eleoctopop's 1st usage of the (derogatory) words : "FAG" and "FECES" -Groundbreaking stuff, kiddies. ("... Good grief, Chelonis is such a pretentious jerk!") -hee hee.

"ON THE RUN" had many lives until ROMBOY & 45 rocks gave it the seal of approval. Luring the track to a more electro-modern crossover appeal. Fleetwood Mac goes electroberlin!

"FOR THE LAST TIME/PSYCHO AUDIO COUTURE" is an nyc diva/divo/ kiss my a--anthem! Yes... I've certainly had my share of such moments! Great, undiluted urban love-life dissing! - "I DONT NEED NO CYMBOLS, AND I DON'T NEED NO MELODY!" Pure diva! HYSTERICAL! Ha ha ha hee hee hee.

"INSECTS" takes off where "VULTURES" (from my debut) left off. "WHAT DID I BRING TO MY ROOM LAST NIGHT?!?" must be the scariest, most provocatively promiscuous lyric-start of all time! Yes, my sneezing at the start is 100% genuine!... This track was written long before the current european bollywood boom! No bragging... merely a fact.

"BATHROOM MIRROR LEGEND" also went through many lives. I settled on an early 80's cali / roller-rink / asteroid-bassfunk sound. This track took years to complete, because I didn't feel it was "BLACK ENOUGH" (racially&emotionally). I wanted the track to come with air freshener spray! I wanted it that "FUNKY"!

"POMPADOUR (pre mutation)" was my original COON (group) track, which i re-produced & arranged until it was100% perfect for "CHATTERTON".

"SKY IS SEA" is strangely another insider favorite. I cannot really say why. It isn't
so commercial. It's strange. COLDLY poetic. Mysterious... but nothing hit suspicious! Simply a peculiar/emotional ending, to an even more emotionally peculiar album.

///C h e l o n i s R . J o n e s

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