Thursday, December 8, 2011

From Hypnosis To Rave... In Paradisum at La Gaite Lyrique, Paris - December 17th - The Field, Mondkopf, Sandwell District and more...

On December 17th, Paris' most exciting new venue, La Gaité Lyrique, will journey through extremes: from ambient/shoegaze experimentation to radical techno, using the soundsystem and screens of the venue's biggest room to full effect; from a concert setting to the rave.

From Hypnosis ...
Demdike Stare and The Field will showcase their new live show with a hallucinatory visual experience for the first time in Paris as a live band act. Mondkopf will then build the bridge to the second part of the night, slowly bringing more physical rhythms into one of his daring DJ mixes.

... To Rave
The rave according to Sandwell District, one of today's most vibrant techno collective, in direct legacy to the most legendary techno labels, where radical aesthetics and an uncompromising approach shape dark and merciless music. Regis & Function and the label's new signature Rrose will bring this intensity to the party.


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