Thursday, December 1, 2011

Luca C and Brigante 'Invisible Cities' (Southern Fried)

Luca C & Brigante present...Invisible Cities
Label: Southern Fried Released: January 2012
Distribution: PIAS Cat no: ECB283

Fresh from their smash club record ‘Different Morals':

Luca C & Brigante are back on Southern Fried Records to present ‘Invisible Cities’, a mesmerizing tide of Balearic disco pop that nestles somewhere between the shoreline and the cosmos.

Comprising six original tracks with collaborations and glowing vocal appearances from partner in crime Ali Love, Zeben Jameson from A Mountain Of One and Findlay Brown, ‘Invisible Cities’ took shape in a haze of romanticism and analog paraphernalia. Recorded while marooned on the White Isle last summer, the collection perfectly embodies the art of undulating psychedelia and the dreamy Balearic sound - soothing soundscapes of drifting island grooves, bathed in melancholia, scattered with cosmic dust and unfolding tales of strays in love.

Versatile Italian (London-based) duo Luca Cazal and Sebastiano Properzi aka Luca C & Brigante are on their way to owning this sound. From echoes of breaking waves, ‘The Beach’ builds into a Fleetwood Mac-esque love song full of expansive melodies, laid-back grooves and the ever-intoxicating voice of Mr. Ali Love. ‘On A Star’, where Ali also features, continues in the vein of a romantic’s oblivion with a soft-focus folk sensibility. The fluid strumming motion of ‘Time’, featuring the retro-pop singer Findlay Brown, is delightful in its simplicity and the tropical ‘Sunrise’ works as a fuzzy, scenic soundtrack to an island at dawn.

‘Morning Sun’ features the vocals of Zeben Jameson, who infuses the sparkling instrumentals with his burning tale of loss and renewal. Luca C himself sings final track ‘Space Lullaby’ - a floating odyssey of dream-like atmospheres, oscillating synths, rising strings and melodies that rock beside a beating heart.

1. The Beach
2. On A Star
3. Time
4. Sunrise
5. Morning Sun
6. Space Lullaby

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