Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shit Robot 'I Got A Feeling' (DFA 2245)

Shit Robot
I Got A Feeling
(DFA 2245)
1. I Got A Feeling
2. Norfolk Nights

Shit Robot isn't the sort of name you hear every day and, as a result, Marcus Lambkin's DJ/producer alias isn't one that's easy to forget. But it's Lambkin's music that has truly left an indelible impression on dance music lovers' minds, and his newest release is no exception. On the heels of 2009's "Simple Things (Work it Out)" -- itself the follow-up to 2006's epic successes "Chasm" and "Wrong Galaxy" -- Lambkin has delivered two new tracks that seem to effortlessly set just the right mood for the dance floor.

Side A, "I Got a Feeling," plays like a song in two complimentary acts. In the first half, Lambkin builds slowly from minimal beginnings; in the second, he ups the ante with nods to house and a pleasant easing of prior restraint. In fact, it isn't until almost the exact midway point of the song that vocals -- provided, notably, by Saheer Umar, one half of New York City dance duo House of House -- first appear. From here onward, things really get going, with electro-handclaps, bassy synths, spontaneous buzzings, a driving beat and Umar's echoing vocals all heaped upon each other -- blending enough to give the track depth and weight, but distinct enough that any reveler can appreciate the precise, purposeful placement of each element.

Side B, "Norfolk Nights," quickly lays down a foundation of old-school beats, then gets to work building slow, space-y synths atop. Lambkin resists expectations by dropping the beat and letting things get eerily -- and unexpectedly -- quiet before he starts from scratch and builds from the bottom up all over again, one cosmic synth pattern at a time.

Lambkin grew up in Ireland and spent several years DJ’ing in New York City -- where he met friends and cohorts James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy of DFA -- before moving to his current home of Stuttgart, Germany. This impressive new 12" was recorded in his home studio between constant gigs and endless tours DJ’ing around the world.


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