Monday, February 22, 2010

Ray Mang 'Bullet Proof (DFA 2211)

Ray Mang
Bullet Proof
(DFA 2211)

Ray Mang has never met a great dance beat he hasn't loved or -- thankfully -- eagerly shared. This charitable compulsion has driven Mang -- alter ego of engineer, writer and producer Raj Gupta -- to unselfishly "create, release and spin…disco-centric party music for collectors, dancers, enthusiasts and jocks alike." More than a decade after the release of his first and now highly coveted EP "No. 1," Mang has paired with DFA to deliver a new dancefloor essential.

That single, "Bullet Proof," is a rethinking of George Clinton's original. Club legend, former Dee-Lite frontwoman and heralded solo artist Lady Miss Kier is the hefty, soulful voice at the center of this relentlessly energetic track. Mang has recrafted the song and, instead of stripping it of its funk roots, transformed it -- with finger-in-a-socket electro-funk bursts and deep synth basslines that make the '80s original sound subdued. In procession with Lady Miss Kier's vocals, Mang's production hastens the speed of the Clinton version. The result is a song that's less an invitation to dance than a command.

On the flipside is "Look Into My Eyes," a fluid Mang composition of handclaps, a singularly-minded beat, swirling synths and melodic keys. The track offers hints of familiarity, while simultaneously proffering a newly created, distinct whole.

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