Monday, February 15, 2010

favourite techno records ever

inspired by seeing carl craig on Freeday, i've put together a list of my favourite techno records... i know i've forgotten loads but here you go (in no particular order)..

Octave One 'Blackwater'

Theo Parrish 'Falling Up' (Carl Craig remix)

Paperclip People 'The Climax'

51 Days 'Paper Moon'

Underground Resistance 'Transition'

Laurent Garnier 'Crispy Bacon'

Underworld 'Rez'

Paul Jackson 'The Push'

Daft Punk 'Alive'

Josh Wink 'Don't Laugh'

Slam 'Lifetimes'

Plastikman 'Spastic'

Green Velvet 'Flash'- mental

Tomaz v filterhads 'Sunshine'

Laurent Garnier 'Panoramix'

Tobias 'Street Knowledge'

Chemical Brothers 'Battle Weapon 7'

Audion 'Mouth To Mouth'

Pier Bucci 'Hay Consuelo'

Louderbach ' Anxiety'

Heartthrob 'Nasty Girl'

Jeff Mills 'Bells'

Junior Boys 'Like A Child' (Carl Craig remix)

DJ Hell 'Electronic Germany'

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