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Mondkopf 'Rising Doom' - released October on In Paradisum

Check below for the full press release info for Mondkopf's new album 'Rising Doom'.

You can go HERE to download free track 'The Song Of Shadows' from the album and get news on Mondkopf's tour dates - including supporting Aphex Twin at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Paris.

The album has already gained amazing feedback in France - check the bottom of his to see who says what.

Mondkopf - ‘Rising Doom’
CD / Digital
Fool House
Released 3rd October 2011

French electronic-music protégé, Mondkopf, releases his second album ‘Rising Doom’.

Inspired by post-punk, black metal and with the music of Aphex Twin and Autechre always in his head, ‘Rising Doom’ displays an energy du force like no other. Dark, almost Gothic, electronica intertwines with beautiful melodies and beats so heavy they pound deep into your soul; creating a sonic journey to the beautiful darkside.

Defying tradition, in 2009 Mondkopf - originally from Toulouse but now living in Paris - imposed himself as a French electronic revelation with his debut album ‘Galaxy Of Nowhere’. Critical acclaim included a comparison to Brian Eno by Les Inrocks, as well as artistic parallels to Apparat and Modeselektor. He remixed Caribou, The Teenagers, Black Devil Disco Club, Golden Filter, Johnny Cash and picked up the ears of DJs including Busy P, Boys Noize and James Zabiela in the process... His ‘Galaxy of Nowhere’ Live show also began to tour... voted in the top five Live shows of 2010 by Tsugi Magazine in France.

In 2011, and at still only 24, Mondkopf returns with his second album, ‘Rising Doom’, an opus-complete that flows in the true sense of how an album should. ‘Rising Doom’ is an exploration to the depths of Mondkopf’s soul, a connection to his ever-present inner sacred feeling, something he is not afraid to explore and draw creation from. From darkness to light...

Also heavily influenced by the cinematic experience, Mondkopf has merged sound and vision, collaborating with multimedia design agency, Trafik, to conceive a Live show for both the ears and eyes; black and white tension immerses, igniting the sensation of raves, exorcism and a mystical experience... A preview show was held at La Gaite Lyrique in Paris in April:

With a truly unique album, his sensory defying live show, a sound - both in his production and DJ sets - that connects to electronica, indie, dub-step, ‘rave’ and hip-hop sensibilities, Mondkopf ignites and ever growing fascination. ‘Rising Doom’ is album so rich in atmospheric complexity, akin only to the artist himself.

The tension rises... Rising Doom.


Rising Doom, a dark, raw and fascinating album confirms it: Mondkopf is definitely one of the masters of French electro (Les Inrockuptibles. France)

An odyssey with mystical elevations, to which we become tied with an ever-growing fascination. (Magic, France)

An album that will take you by the guts and won't let you go away (Tsugi, France - Mondkopf cover)

"I like it, it's wild" - Boys Noize

"Very accomplished album, I feel a strong coherence which makes it really interesting. All songs are groundbreaking and melodic at the same time. I like very much ‘Deadwood’, ‘Moon's Throat’ & ‘Beyond The Golden Valleys’ but ‘Girls Don't Cry Part II’ is my favorite!" - Brodinski

“This amazing album will probably make it to my top of the year chart“ - Busy P

“Deadwood' is amazing. Can't wait to destroy some rooms with this. Gnarly.” - James Zabiela

“Highly Recommended!” - Skream

Mondkopf ‘Rising Doom’ (Fool House) tracklisting:
1. Intro
2. Deadwood
3. Day Of Anger
4. The Song Of Shadows
5. Moon’s Throat
6. Beyond The Golden Valleys
7. Sweet Memories
8. Girls Don’t Cry Part II
9. Where The Gods Fall
10. My Heart Is Yours
11. Fossil Lights


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