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Release date September 16, 2011.
01 Connaissance
02 Connaissance (Black Strobe remix)
03 Connaissance (Sahara remix)
04 Connaissance (Naum Gabo remix)
Record Makers

After A & B, the French pyschedelia virtuoso Turzi has gone solo, back to his original roots, as on his debut album 'Made under authority'.

He recorded his new album 'Education' (to be released Sept 26 2011 on Record Makers) alone in his studio, just after discovering the Yamaha Tenori-On, which allowed him to control as many synths as he had fingers on each hand. This small-scaled digital revolution in the palette of a musician often described as an analog conservative would not stop there. He then encountered a cheap Yamaha DX-27 in a street fair, and started becoming enticed by digital sounds and by MIDI technology, a weapon of mass construction that had so far been prohibited from his arsenal.
Little by little, Yamaha had replaced Roland in his heart!
Turzi felt at ease, and started to sing very intimate lyrics about his upbringing on his newly composed instrumentals.

Then the infamous Pilooski, expert in editing songs, was asked to co-produce the album. Pilooski moved the cursor from layers of arrangements to the core of the songs, and provided them with the directness that will allow them to speak to the body as well as the mind.

The first single taken from the album is 'Connaissance', a track in which Turzi raps deep into his education years on a neo-kraftwerkian type of atmosphere. Versailles is where he grew up, between religious schools and boyscouts brawls.

First to remix was Arnaud Rebotini under his Black Strobe moniker. Him and Turzi share a Kraftwerk obession. Whereas Turzi praises 'Computer world', Rebotini shows respect on his remix to the more recent recordings of the German maestros with a clean vocoded voice reminiscent of 'Aerodynamik'. Add his unique heavybeat touch and you have a killer remix.

Sahara is Turzi remixing himself with the help of Ait Abou. Listening the original version gave Turzi an idea: create a new version which would build a musical bridge between Belgium's New beat and Northern Africa. Ait Abou (a northern saharian tribe's name) sings Turzi's lyrics translated into the Berber language.

Naum Gabo are the scottish remixers known for their anthemic versions of acts such as Hot Chip, MGMT, Franz Ferdinand or Simian Mobile Disco. Their trancey remix develops some sublime hooks that add to the original magic of the tune. Arms up!

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