Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Zombie Nation - The Day Of Many - Wednesday 26th January

The day of many - Wednesday 26th January 2011

Facebook event HERE:

In early 2010, Zombie Nation conducted the experiment to make an interactive Song with his fans using Facebook and Twitter. The Mind of Many resulted in a Song that was made of 40 sounds that people sent and countless voters. It was a great success and brought joy to everybody involved.

Now it is time to continue and head for new frontiers. The idea is the same, this is the evolution: The "day of many" will be condensed into 90 minutes TV broadcast from the Zombie Studio in munich. A song will be made live from scratch purely from sounds people send during the show. In the chat you will be able to comment and influence decisions and directions. and This has never been done before and there is no test run - expect chaos and sweat to rule the Zombie Studio!

During the session you will also be the first to get a sneak peak of Zombie Nation´s new single "Chickflick" and the Remixes by Boris Dlugosch and Sirius Mo - and you will get to download a free edit of Zombie Nation´s Squeek!

Event: The day of many
Date: Wednesday 26th January 2011
Place: http://tv.zombienation.com/

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