Friday, November 28, 2008


Cash On Acid
Jaguar (download only)
Released: 25th January (worldwide digital release)
Gigolo Recordings
Distributed by: NEWS

Jochen Heib started as a singer in a band but in 1993 swapped rock for rave when he acquired his first set of turntables and some black plastic called vinyl.

His first production came in 2002 on Kompact sub-label Auftrieb, from here further releases arrived on Kompact Extra, Senior Solution Manager, DNS and Kompact itself.

Now Heib brings his premier release to Hell’s Gigolo with the three-track ‘Jackpot’ EP - an analogue journey into the worlds of the 303 and 808.

‘Jackpot’ embodies Chicago house and electronic elements with a voco-vocale telling you how to jack until you hit the ‘jackpot’… Pure. Dancefloor.

‘Cash On Acid’ builds and builds to a stabbing/ hand-clap acid frenzy… And what comes up must come down.

‘Jaguar’ (digital only release) brings more old skool flavours into the room with a keyed high-end sound effect balanced against a warm and simple rolling bottom groove.