Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Topper from The Clash Donating his Mini Cooper to the Strummerville New Music Foundation

Legendary Clash drummer TOPPER HEADON has donated his Mini Cooper to be raffled for Strummerville.

Starting May 30th


Topper’s Red customized Mini Cooper is going up for raffle on May the 30th, with all proceeds going to the charity Strummerville – Joe Strummer’s New Music Foundation.

Strummerville is a registered charity that aims to create new opportunities for aspiring musicians.

Set up by the friends and family of Joe Strummer in the year after his death, the charity seeks to reflect Joe's unique contribution to the music world by offering support, resources and performance opportunities to artists who would not normally have access to them.

“This car has been my pride and joy. I had it two tone customized and it was the first car I drove when I got clean, so you can imagine I've been attached to it and have loved it a lot. But, I so love the great work that Strummerville are doing so am delighted to donate the car to be raffled and I hope it will make a fortune for the charity. Giving kids a chance is such a good cause.” Love Topper

If you would like to win the legendary Clash drummer’s near perfect condition Mini, you can enter via the strummerville (www.strummerville.com) website from May 30th, with the raffle running for six weeks. Tickets are priced at £10.

* Strummerville will again be hosting the biggest campfire at Glastonbury this year, continuing the legacy of Joe Strummer, who loved a Glastonbury Campfire. As is fitting around a Glastonbury campfire, expect lots of love, warmth and some great acoustic sessions.


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