Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tom Neville Feat Henry Bennett - new EP on Love Minus Zero

Tom Neville feat. Henry Bennett
Release: 14th Sept 09

Love Minus Zero head honcho Tom Neville and opera singer turned electronic-upstart Henry Bennett make a curious team, yet the results are a this very impressive two track EP. The duo first crossed paths in the musical maelstrom of Shoreditch in 2005, and a one-off jam session has spawned four years of on off experimentation.

“NWN” Sees Henry’s harmonized vocals sit alongside Tom’s techno creation that is splattered with haunting synths and a rolling groove. All the elements of this track come together to make stand out release that would rock rooms across the clubbing spectrum.

On the second track entitled “Ray Spalding” Henrys vocals take a support roll to Neville’s epic use of synths. Like most standout tracks simplicity is the key but nether the less this track has hands in the air written all over it!

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