Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Peter Kruder 'Hard To Find' (Gigolo)

Press Release
Peter Kruder
1. Hard To Find
2. 25 West 38th St.

Released: November 2009
Gigolo Recordings
Distributed by: NEWS

Peter Kruder returns to the Gigolo Mega-Church to present two new tracks from his recent arsenal of Techno and House dance-floor bombs. Needless to say 2009 has been a good year for Gigolo and Hell with the high times being shared by Peter Kruder. Beginning back in March when we released Peter’s Kruders first 12” in 7 years as part of the CD Eleven release. Followed swiftly by the release of DJ Hells acclaimed ‘Teufelswerk’ album, recorded and produced largely in Peter Kruders Vienna based studio. So as we approach the end of 2009 it gives us great pleasure to announce the latest EP ‘Hard To Find.’

On the a-side you find the title track, which takes in influences from Detroit techno circa the age of UR to North African hooks. The filter sweep towards the end, which serves as the drop/break, is a master-class in restrained modulation that is bound to ignite any dance floor. On the B-side we find ’25 West 38th St.’ a slightly more reserved affair opening with the sound of the ocean air, then swiftly diving into a bass driven groove, which features lush string’s and a piano-led top line creating a track that is as atmospheric as it is rhythmic. The EP itself takes influence from the B-side on two levels, the most immediate being the title of the track, which is the address of the old Nu Groove Records offices. This is Peter Kruder’s homage to a time when dance music served as a momentary escape, an opportunity to make those around happy. It also brings Peter’s relationship with Gigolo Records full circle, having begun in 2004 with his ‘Nu Groove’ remix of Hells ‘Listen to the Hiss.’

Resident Advisor recently alluded to the idea that Peter Kruders finest solo work is coming exclusively through Gigolo Records. It is certainly not beyond the realms of possibility as this latest record goes a long way to proving. With such a statement in mind we invite you to listen to the latest release from Peter Kruder.

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