Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Radio Slave (Rekids) May Chart

1. guy gerber - hate love feat dawn / lost in you like a chinese cookie - supplement facts
This guy... is on fire and I'm sure these tracks won't leave my box all summer. Timeless electronic dance music...just add sunshine !

2. james holden - triangle folds inside out - cdr
Wow ! A new one from the windmill and what a trip. Beautiful yet tough and disturbing. One for those mdma afternoons.

3. luna city express - time & space - martinez remix - moon harbour
All the remixes on this package are sick but I think this wins it for me. Stripped down modern house with funk...

4. unknown - dirty blonde - lazaro casanova rhodes mix - cdr
Sneaky transfer from my good friend Ramon in Miami. Deep sultry house for the ladies. Thank you !

5. luciano - behind my soul - tedd patterson edit - cdr
The magic sessions man got on this real quick and he doesn't disappoint. The original was HUGE for me on my Japan tour as was the rest of Lucien's e.p which is probably the best record I've heard all year !

6. adam marshall - burn it down - new kanada
My favourite canadian producer is back with this killer synth jam ! + all the other tracks on this e.p are dope so don't miss out !

7. frank roger - same old game - desolat
Again, probably the best record I've heard from Mr Rogers. Deep yet powerful with a nod to Candido. I love it !

8. bubba - drugs thugs and hugs - bearweasel remix - cdr
You only need one word to describe this hotter than hot remix "Berghain" !

9. radio slave - tantakatan - mr g remix - rekids
Had to put in something from our man Colin Mcbean who rocked Japan without a laptop in sight ! Just an mpc and mixing desk and he killed em every night ! Lookout for this unreleased remix and Colin's long player "I'm still here" coming very soon...

10. alexkid - i want it all - cdr
Me too !

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