Thursday, October 7, 2010

Zombie Nation 'Overshoot' / Squeek' - UKW Records

Press Release
Zombie Nation
Overshoot / Squeek
Released November
UKW Records

Since 1999, Zombie Nation, AKA Florian Senfter, has been melting brains, aided by the sounds of a variety of vintage machines and analog toys, from obscure 70s broadcast mixing desks to re-amped 60s valve radios.

His two long-players – ‘Black Toys’ and ‘Zombielicious’, released in 2006 and 2009 respectively - display the Zombie Nation signature sound to perfection - dirty, funk-fuelled analogue grooves laden with ingenious melodies and other-worldly production techniques, delivered via a plethora of the most aurally orgasmic outboard toys (he likes to play:…

Alongside concocting dynamite sticks in the studio with Tiga – with a new ZZT single forthcoming (already hailed by some as the single of the year), this year he also encouraged facebook fans to send in any sample and sound they chose, from which he created a free track – entitled ‘Minds Of Many’. A collaboration of sorts, the finished version can be found free here: .

Now, Zombie Nation is set to release his first solo effort of 2010. Lead track, Overshoot, mashes up styles and decades: it jacks like Old School Chicago in 1994, but is recorded with technical equipment from 1975. The lyrics sound like a 1983 freestyle record, but most importantly, Overshoot bangs the dancefloor like it’s 2010. And on to b-side, Squeek, which gets rough and tumble but always comes back to the overriding groove. Always in control, sometimes a bit off kilter, energetic but never hysteric - Mr. Zombie keeps us awesomely entertained.

Already supported by Erol Alkan, Boys Noize, A Trak, Annie Mac and Fake Blood to name a few, there are also remixes from DJ Mehdi and Bart B More forthcoming.

As well as DJing the world over, the Zombie Nation Live show is taken to full force - Zombie Nation live is an orchestra of vintage synths and controllers grinding and hollering with a frenetic yet magical touch.

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