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In Flagranti 'Worse For Wear' (Codek Records)

Press Release
In Flagranti ‘Worse For Wear’
Codek Records
Released 2nd May 2011

Predictably jacked to the brim full of their signature no-gristle, no-glory aesthetic, In Flagranti introduce their new album ‘Worse for Wear’.

Succeeding 2006’s ‘Wronger Than Anyone Else’ and 2009’s ‘Brash & Vulgar’, In Flagranti’s Sasa Crnobrnja and Alex Gloor have left behind their vintage porn-chic sensibilities and instead turn to yesterday’s trashed goods for inspiration.

“Flea markets and recycling parts of our production are really at the center of this album,” said the now London-based Crnobrnja. “I like things to be old and run-down,” added Alex Gloor, who still resides in Basel. “So I let myself be inspired by one of my favorite places to spend time: 1970s/80s New York City.”

Using experiences from Gloor’s past trips to the Forty Deuce, ‘Worse For Wear’ conjures up ghosts from the finest of adult playgrounds past. “Hallow Discourses” swaggers in on a gritty bassline, revealing excess in its degenerative electro finest, and “Prelude to Chaos” reminisces the days where the finest of 69-cent wines glistened in the gutters outside the arcade.

But standing at a right angle from In Flagranti’s better-known, dirty disco sound are tracks with a peculiar sense of calm. Tracks like “The End of the Road” and “On the Fringe” leave a bit of the sleaze at the massage parlor door, opening up a new chapter of sound for the band. More outer space dump diving than straight-up vulgar, Crnobrnja also added that the album “Works with old recordings that we have not used yet, such as vocals recorded years ago that I didn’t like at the time.” Bringing back the past has meant a softer edge for the duo, who still work from different countries. The only time they come together is for music.


Trash essentialists In Flagranti encapsulate all aspects of throw-away culture from the 70s, with both the music and visuals that made it a must. Both Sasa Crnobrnja and Alex Gloor are the nucleus of In Flagranti. Formed in 2002, they are never in the same room or the same location, but as long as there is a computer terminal near by, Gloor would send sample rips from records he found during shopping trips to New York which Crnobrnja would piece together into what could be best described as a sonic collage of twisted sounds from an era that no-one should ever forget, with a mild hint of disco and punk.

Today as it stands, their name is synonymous in the DJing circles with much of their music played out by the likes of Towa Tei, James Murphy, Erol Alkan and 2manyDJs, all the while maintaining a cult following and mystique. And yes they still live in different time zones with Alex still in Switzerland and Sasha having relocated to London.

‘Worse For Wear’ Album release – May 2nd

‘Worse For Wear’ Single release April 25th – incl. remixes from Punks Jump Up and Mixhell

Promo Video for the album:


1: Worse For Wear
2: Prelude To Chaos
3: Hallow Discourse
4: Latter-Day Methods
5: On The Fringe
6: Three-Piece Suit
7: Peculiar Protagonist
8: The End Of The Road
9: Anglo-Saxon Pragmatism
10: Knock Out Logic

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