Saturday, April 2, 2011

Favourite LCD Soundsystem songs in ode to last ever gig

It's LCD Soundsystem's last ever gig this weekend in New York (until 10-20 years down the line and they decide to reform ;))... I did see them play so I dont feel too bad (it was great - I loved James' suit and Gavin Russom just looked like a 70s prog legend)... anyway, it has got me thinking about what my most favourite LCD songs are. They have created so many musical moments for me, I was very fortunate to promote their first album in Ibiza in 2005 and have been a huge fan ever since. They are the modern day equivalent to Talking Heads in my eyes. Amazing again and again.

here they are (in no order)

Tribulations (from lcd soundsystem - 2005)

(also great Tiga remix)

Losing My Edge (from lcd soundsystem - 2005)

Daft Punk Is Playing at My House (from lcd soundsystem - 2005)

Disco Infiltrator (from lcd soundsystem - 2005)

Time To Get Away (from sound of silver - 2007)

Someone Great (from sound of silver - 2007)

All My Friends (from sound of silver - 2007)

Sound Of Silver (from sound of silver - 2007)

Also ace Carl Craig remix

You Wanted A Hit (from this is happening - 2010)

I Can Change (from this is happening - 2010)

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