Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hypnolove 'Holiday Reverie' (Record Makers)

Hypnolove : Holiday Reverie / Midnight Cruising

A1/ Holiday Reverie
A2/ Holiday Reverie (Mickey Moonlight Dub)
B1/ Midnight Cruising
B2/ Midnight Cruising (Mickey Moonlight Dub)
Released June 2011
Record Makers

Hypnolove are a cult band from Toulouse, in the southwest France. Their first album “Eurolove” included the French pop song 'Mademoiselle' which featured across French National radio stations, a Kiss cover, a Feist featuring (but sshh, no one is allowed to mention her real name, she became famous just after recording it) and even a punk track!

The album was going places. Nothing short of brilliant, but alas, audiences had a hard time understanding the logic of it, which of course was simply the songs, the taste, the musicality and the TALENT!

Hypnolove are truly European in their roots, as one can guess through the first album's name Eurolove. Henning Specht (keyboards) is German, Chiquinho (vocals and percussions) is Portuguese, and Nicolas Sentenac (guitars & bass) is French. They all like Eurodance, Italian basslines and Italian singers, German and American electronic music, but also classic R&B or more lately artists such as Connan Mockasin.

During the last few years, they recorded amazing remixes for Sebastien Tellier (the Rondo Venziano tribute remix of his anthem 'Fingers of Steel'), Findlay Brown, Go Go Charlton or Siobanh Donaghy. Whilst simultaneously composing and recording their new album penned for release fall 2011 on Record Makers. Mickey Moonlight, of Ed Banger fame, produces whose uncompromising vision is strong enough to find the backbone of their sound.

Logic again dictates the first single, which comes with Mickey Moonlight's dubs, old-school style. No other remixes will be available; simply the original tracks and their dub versions, released on limited edition yellow 12" vinyl, with cover art by Manu Cossu (who created Sebastien Tellier's 'Sexuality' cover).

Holiday Reverie :
The real season tune, one that you want to listen to while it's hot and sunny. The Hypnolove recipe is in full effect: synths / bass / afro guitars / arpeggios / funky percussions and high vocal, a truly original song in its essence.

Midnight Cruising :
Italo-disco bassline, real harp, a pedal-steel guitar and a fat beat with heart breaking falsetto vocals. The song is about a man's cruise for sexual satisfaction - a disturbing theme for such a delicate composition. Without realizing, Hypnolove take the same 'nu brit sound' as Metronomy or Kindness.

A perfect sample of an album destined to enlighten 2011!

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