Sunday, September 25, 2011


A lovely soul checked out of planet earth last week.

I only met Mehdi a few times, but he was always full of fun, smiles and a lot of good wit. He lived music and experienced life fully to the end, and I think he would be proud of that.

Something like this makes you realise how fragile this life is; for someone so full of energy to go so suddenly and so soon... You never know what will happen tomorrow and should live your life as best you can, love the best you can and always do your best for yourself and others.

So many amazing tributes are coming from everywhere, which is testament to the amazing person Mehdi was and the joy and love he bought to his friends, family and fans... His love, soul and energy lives on through his music and the people whose lives he touched.

A bientot mehdi. have fun wherever you are. :)

K.I.M (Keep It Moving) xxx

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