Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dubfire interview for Cocoon Ibiza...

Every week for the whole summer we will publish an interview with a Cocoon Ibiza DJ. This week, Cocoon got together with Dubfire who talks about what Ibiza's Special magic means to him.....

Dubfire is renowned for his seamless DJ sets, groundbreaking music, and his innovative label, SCI+TEC.With a catalog of timeless dance classics, a Grammy for the remix of Dido’s “Thank You,” and numerous international awards to their credit, Deep Dish revolutionised a sound that commenced with the 1995 remix of De'Lacy’s “Hideaway,” and went on to work with an eclectic array of names in pop, rock and electronica.

Cocoon is going for longer sets from DJs this year, so people can fully experience the journey of the DJ - what are your thoughts on this in terms of your creative expression and how it will be for people on the dance floor?
I come from an era where DJs playing long sets was the norm; in my case, most often it was open to close. It wasn't until I started traveling around the world and playing alongside other DJs that i noticed my set time getting shorter and shorter. These days the new crowds are conditioned to listen to a DJ play for about an hour on average which is a shame. Perhaps it's appropriate for certain types of "ADD" music but it is not DJing in it's true definition and it certainly isn't the way my style is meant to be played.

Cocoon is going back to its roots and will have a definite nature element to the decor this year, if you could hold a party anywhere in the world, in nature, where would it be?
I've been fortunate enough to have played in all kinds of "natural" environments, from Red Rocks in Denver and raves in the jungle to beaches and deserts under a full moon. And every time it casts a mystical spell over the entire event and everyone in it, including the DJs. I'm very excited that Cocoon have decided to embrace this feeling again because underneath all of the money, bling and glamour, Ibiza is such a beautiful, magical, pure and natural environment.

Best Ibiza dancefloor moment?
I first played Ibiza in 1996 as Deep Dish at Pacha. I had read everything there was out there about this special place but spending those initial two weeks on the island was indescribable. I think that we managed to pay a visit to every legendary club that we had only dreamed of going to only a year or two before, with many of the island's DJs and crowds welcoming us and our new sound with open arms. I'll never forget that and in many ways return to that feeling every time I step foot on the island.

Music, Energy, Freedom, Dance...  Anything else you would like to add for what Ibiza's special magic means to you?
Community and inspiration can definitely be added to that list! Through the years I've met so many amazing new friends and artists who've inspired my life and music in profound ways. That's one of the many reasons I keep coming back.

Perfect Ibiza sunrise track?
I love and collect ambient music so there are so many! I'd say Global Communication "12:18", Vangelis "Blad Runner Blues" or Jean-Michel Jarre "Equinoxe Pt.2".

Funniest / Most bizarre request you've ever had in the DJ Booth?
Wow I couldn't tell you; but they've involved people bribing me with money to play certain songs that I refused to play; DJs aren't a jukebox!

What does the word Cocoon mean to you?
An enclosed environment, celebrating the past, present and the future, where everyone is welcome to share in the experience of music, thought, experience and togetherness.

If you had your own private jungle, what would be in it?
My guitar, a grill, fire, salt, olive oil, meat, fish and my girlfriend. That's all I'd ever need:-)

What are your top three tracks of the moment?
Jupiter Jazz "Shake It Mama" Ellum
Carlo Lio "A Dusty Heart" SCI+TEC
Oliver Huntemann & Dubfire present Elements III: "Aire" Ideal

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