Tuesday, December 10, 2013

OUT NOW: Whyt Noyz - Back To The Future EP (minus)

Press Release
Whyt Noyz – ‘Back To The Future’ EP

1) Dope She
2) Night Night
3) Khing
4) Glandular
5) Meh Meh

Release: 09/12/13
Label: minus

“WHYT NOYZ have been continually in my DJ crate now for the past two years helping to destroy dance floors around the world. In fact some of their songs have been so popular at ENTER.Ibiza that I refer to them now as ENTER.Classics!!! So it's my pleasure to finally release a full collection of some of their newest and strongest tracks on MINUS!!!” - Richie Hawtin

For more information contact Joe Reddick: rebel@rebelbutterfly.co.uk

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