Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ABRACADA - new label - launch artists include: Brodinski, Yuksek, Poni Hoax and more...

New label, based in Paris, founded by Manu Barron (behind the Social Club in Paris and the manager of Das Pop and more) and Dirk De Ruyck (formerly of Eskimo Recordings and manager of Aeroplane and more), with releases already slated from Brodinski and Yuksek (as The Krays), Poni Hoax, Villa, MikIX The Cat and The Aikiu... Check below for full infos!

It's a kinda magic...

This is an era where Lady Gaga is the most outrageously avant-garde live performer since Björk. A time when the savage punkrockers of Yeah Yeah Yeahs top the singles chart - with a little help from a former tour DJ of Kanye West. Glitzy R&B diva's assign dubstep producers for a healthy dose of otherworldly beats, and forgotten chart-busters by Olivia Newton John or Paul Simon are tweaked into cosmic space dust by disco connoisseurs. The thin line between good and bad taste has never been so blurred. Be it Hot Chip namedropping R. Kelly, Tiga's tongue-in-cheek routine or Bollywood going global, 'cutting edge' artists have never been so comfortable with revealing their 'pop' side.

Forget the carefully moulded and harmless androids manufactured at Disney headquarters, the real future dominators of pop music you'll find right at the edge. That's where the creators of ABRACADA are looking. Find the edge - and tiptoe right over it - it's like Winston Churchill once said: 'attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.'

All you need to step into the game is a well trained ear and muscled instinct, but the founders of this spellbinding enterprise are no rookies. Manu Barron and Dirk De Ruyck both carry their share of credentials with aplomb.

ABRACADA is their joined mission on the frontier of pushing groundbreaking new artists into the music arena. No hocus pocus, no hidden cards or tricks up their sleeve, just honest, fresh and intoxicating tunes for modern times. That you can dance to. Or not, it's up to you!

Manu's stint as a concert- and party promoter at the l'Aeronef venue went far from unnoticed well beyond the limits of its home town Lille. He was also closely involved in transforming Dour Festival from a provincial alternative festival to an international renowned gathering of musical tribes. Manu took his expertise to the next level when he started managing artists such as Das Pop, Brodinksi and The Aikiu. On weekends, you'll find him at Social Club in Paris, where he's chief of A&R.

For years, when Ghent nightlife had something exciting on offer, chances were Dirk had his finger in it. From the legendary Eskimo and Belmondo parties to Culture Club, this self-made entrepreneur was involved. Later he successfully launched Eskimo Recordings, releasing albums, twelve inches and compilations from Lindström & Prins Thomas, Optimo, The Glimmers, Peter Visti, Aeroplane and Low Motion Disco, amongst many others.

The first two ABRACADA releases are coming from The Krays (Brodinski and Yuksek) Feat. Ebony Bones with 'We're Ready When You Are' - featuring remixes from DJ Mehdi and Clashes

And Poni Hoax with 'We Are The Bankers' - featuring remixes from Renaissance Man, Mustang and The Living Islands.

Other releases already scheduled in include Villa, MikIX The Cat and The Aikiu...

Full Abracada catalogue available here :

and more infos on the label:

*Abracada logo and artworks by Milk&Cookies

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