Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tiga's Planet Turbo - World Tour starting April 29th

All my projects seem to be space related over the next months. Ace work.


Press Release
Tiga’s Planet Turbo
World Tour – beginning April 29th

Beginning on April 29 and continuing through August, Turbo will present a new series of worldwide events, headlined by Tiga. The Planet Turbo shows will feature an incredible array of performers, including Boys Noize, Erol Alkan, 2ManyDJs, Zombie Nation, Ivan Smagghe, PROXY, Sei A, Jori Hulkkonen and Thomas Von Party.

“We dreamt up the concept by the ecologically sustainable fireplace at Turbo Headquarters, located deep in the Mountains of Montreal,” says Tiga, calling from a mobile payphone. “The tour is something of a Victory Lap celebrating its own inevitable triumph. We’ve run the numbers, and we’ve talked to people from Main Street to Sweat Boulevard. We know what our party people want, and they’re going to get it - so good.”

The “Planet Turbo” tour will be mirrored by the release of exclusive content, including remixes of Turbo and Tiga classics, plus new material from a veritable who’s-hooray of the biggest names in dance music. There will also be a wealth of bonus Web features, as Turbo artists and friends share their unbelievably unique perspectives on the countries visited.

“The tour will take us to the U.S., Canada, Holland, the UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia, Belgium, Portugal and Sweden. I did plenty of research beforehand, to make sure these places fit our definition of ‘planet’. We wanted to concentrate on the Earth’s surface, meaning we had to turn down a couple of dates at Magmafest and Crust Sensations,” says Tiga

“What we’re doing is like planting trees all over the world, but far more important. When you sow a funky idea in the soul of a young person, the sky ain’t no kind of limit. And I intend to reap, creep.” - Tiga

Swedish director Andreas Nilsson has been working closely with Tiga and will provide themed stage production for the Planet Turbo Tour. Details are kept under wraps until the tour starts, but Nilsson’s previous stage work includes The Knife and Fever Ray and he has also directed videos for artists including Peter Bjorn& John, Royksopp, The Knife, MGMT and more, check:

At the Tour’s end, Turbo will release a special Planet Turbo compilation, including the best material from throughout the tour.

Full tour dates, exclusive music, information, interviews along the tour and more, can be found at:
(*Please keep checking back throughout the tour to get exclusives).

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