Thursday, February 24, 2011

Joe Strummer Tribute Concert DVD

Cast A Long Shadow
Joe Strummer Tribute Concert DVD
Released March 14th 2011

In 2007 a Joe Strummer tribute and benefit concert was held in Los Angeles, honouring the former great frontman for The Clash, and later The Pogues and The Mescaleros, who had passed away five years earlier.

The concert featured performances from US based artists on whom the influence of Strummer was immeasurable - Love & Rockets, Zander Schloss & The Wilderness years (featuring Flea, Martyn Lenoble, Dix Denney, Jonny Polonsky, Tim Aaron, Victor Indrizzo, Emiliano Almeida, Dermot Mulroney, Kieran Mulroney, Gus Seyffert, Charlie Wadhams, Craig Jackman, Stefan Lirakis and Pete Weiss), Hellride (featuring Mike Watt, Peter Distefano and Jane’s Addiction’s Stephen Perkins), David J (Bauhaus, Love And Rockets), La Plebe and Melodee Fernandez, with the event hosted by Chris Salewicz.

The artists involved performed a mixture of songs from Joe Strummer’s diverse musical career – including David J covering ‘Death Is A Star, a wonderful rendition of ‘Spanish Bombs’ by Melodee Fernadez, a blistering rendition of ‘Rudie Can’t Fail’ by La Plebe and Zander Schloss And The Wilderness Years - an all-star cast including Flea from The Red Hot Chilli Peppers - covering songs from after Strummer’s years as The Clash frontman… ‘The wilderness’ years.

A fantastic and poignant evening for all involved, the special night has now been made available on DVD with proceeds going to Strummerville – The Joe Strummer New Music Foundation.

“When in gotta ask yourself..what would Joe do? We still gotta get the "Bop Message" to the people." – Zander Schloss

Special thanks goes to Marc Malakie and Kevin Haskins for oraganising the event and producing the DVD.

Featured performances:

• Hellride - 1977
• Hellride - Hate And War
• Hellride - Career Opportunities
• David J. - Death Is A Star
• David J. - Sleepwalk
• La Plebe - Revolution Rock
• La Plebe - Washington Bullets
• La Plebe - Rudie Can't Fail
• Melodee Fernandez - Spanish Bombs
• Zander Schloss & The Wilderness Years - Filibustero
• Zander Schloss & The Wilderness Years - The Unknown Immortal
• Zander Schloss & The Wilderness Years - Tennessee Rain
• Zander Schloss & The Wilderness Years - Tropic Of No Return
• Zander Schloss & The Wilderness Years - Gangsterville
• Zander Schloss & The Wilderness Years - Trash City
• Love And Rockets - Should I Stay Or Should I Go

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