Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Zombie Nation 'Chickflick' (UKW)

Press Release
Zombie Nation ‘Chickflick’
Including Siriusmo and Boris Dlugosch remixes
Released 21 March
UKW Records

Sliding in directly after his Overshoot /Squeek double A-side release at the end of 2010 and his latest ZZT collaboration with Tiga (ZZafrika), Zombie Nation is back with his new single, ‘Chickflick’.

Erol Alkan already gave the track a mighty fine big-up on his BBC 6Music show, calling it "phenomenally brilliant," so we're off to a good start then... An orchestra of bleeps and synths, ‘Chickflick’ is frenetic with a partial kickdrum. Siriusmo´s dramatic remix has already gained rapturous feedback when it was previewed in Zombie Nation´s February live broadcast, whilst Boris Dlugosch´s remix completes the package and is guaranteed to cause cracks on the floor.

News for the Zombie Nation:

In January 2011, Zombie Nation invited people from around the world to tune in via the web and collaborate, live, on the creation of a track. The ‘Day Of Many’ experiment allowed fans insight and input into the creative process in Zombie Nation’s studio – you can check the two hours here:

In April and May Zombie Nation will be hitting USA, dates to be announced soon. He is also preparing a blinding lighting setup to synch with his live show. Keep your eyes open while you can!

Zombie Nation is also working with Tiga on a full-length ZZT album. In true ZZT style, details will be released when they are ready for you to know about it…


Since 1999, Zombie Nation, AKA Florian Senfter, has been melting brains, aided by the sounds of a variety of vintage machines and analog toys, from obscure 70s broadcast mixing desks to re-amped 60s valve radios.

His two latest long-players – ‘Black Toys’ and ‘Zombielicious’, released in 2006 and 2009 respectively - display the Zombie Nation signature sound to perfection - dirty, funk-fuelled analogue grooves laden with ingenious melodies and other-worldly production techniques, delivered via a plethora of the most aurally orgasmic outboard toys (he likes to play:

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